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Eatbrain: 2018 (Compilation)
Nightmare Street
Killer Squad EP
Hyperspeed EP
Big Blow EP
Teddy Massacre EP
Wilkinson (DJ Set), Spor, Sub Focus Dj Set, Modestep Dj Set, and 37 more… at Maassilo (May 3, 2019)
Venue: Maassilo (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Teddy Killerz Apr 23, 2019
Teddy Killerz
Teddy Killerz Apr 23, 2019
Neuropunk Records is hosting it's own bus party on Let It Roll 2019 featuring us & our friends Gydra
Teddy Killerz Apr 17, 2019
Excited to be back to Fabric this week!
Teddy Killerz Apr 10, 2019
Out now on Spotify & Beatport
Teddy Killerz Apr 10, 2019
This Friday we are playing special b2b set with our mates Gydra on Let It Roll On Tour in Ostrava. Who's coming?
Teddy Killerz Apr 05, 2019
Our brand new release on Playaz - "Supah Dupah" is out exclusively on Spotify & Beatport
Teddy Killerz Apr 04, 2019
Neuropunk Records
Teddy Killerz Apr 03, 2019
Next one is coming reaaaaaaally soon!
Teddy Killerz Mar 30, 2019
Neuropunk is on air now!
Teddy Killerz Mar 29, 2019
Excited to say that we have our first release on Playaz Recordings coming out in April with our mate Nais DabroMusic
Teddy Killerz Mar 20, 2019
Crissy Criss x Teddy Killerz - War on Silence
Teddy Killerz Mar 18, 2019
Crissy Criss
Teddy Killerz Mar 15, 2019
Confirmed releases. Spring '19: War On Silence /// Playaz Recordings /// Blackout Summer '19: Eatbrain /// RAM Records
Teddy Killerz Mar 12, 2019
If you are curious about next big act coming from Russia - check out Mr. Nais DabroMusic
Teddy Killerz Mar 08, 2019
Our first release on Disciple Round Table is out now! How do you feel about some neuro-dubstep madness? Buy/Stream LINK in comments:)
Teddy Killerz Mar 05, 2019
@Teddy Killerz - On Lock & Icarus ft. Armanni Reign / Out this Friday 3.8 / Presave link below!
Teddy Killerz Mar 04, 2019
Literally couple of days ago I found out that my little sister never heard of The Prodigy & I was showing her Firestarter, Breath, Voodoo People, Smack My Bitch Up and many others. We spent good hour on listening / watching music videos. She was really into it... The Prodigy made music for generations. This morning left all of us heartbroken. RIP Keith. You are the only Firestarter & true legend. We grew up with The Prodigy's music & you were one of the biggest influences for us. We started to produce music inspired by your tunes. Thanks a lot for everything you have done.
Teddy Killerz Feb 28, 2019
We are super excited to present the remix we did for The Prodigy! It's a great honour for us & we tried our best to make a proper D&B dancefloor banger.
Teddy Killerz Feb 23, 2019
OUT NOW - Teddy Killerz & Gydra - Miles High
Teddy Killerz Feb 21, 2019
OUT NOW: Teddy Killerz vs Gydra - Miles High
Teddy Killerz Feb 20, 2019
We are proud to say that first release of Neuropunk Records is out now! Teddy Killerz x Gydra - Miles High EP is out on all major platforms!
Teddy Killerz Feb 19, 2019
Neuropunk Records
Teddy Killerz Feb 13, 2019
Neuropunk Records
Teddy Killerz Feb 12, 2019
Neuropunk Records