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Teddy Killerz Aug 23, 2019
With a great regret, we have to say that we will not be performing on Purge Weekender in Romania tonight. Our booking agency has advised us (and all other artists from the agency) that the promoter has not been meeting their expected obligations. We would assume there have been serious issues. We are not sure what exactly has happened behind the scenes, but we have to follow our agent's advise. We feel really sorry for all everyone who wanted to party with us tonight & hope to come back to Timisoara soon. TK.
Teddy Killerz Aug 16, 2019
Our brother Nais DabroMusic is joining Neuropunk Records Squad & dropping his debut EP on 30th of August. For those who are into mental heavy neuro - it is must to listen!
Teddy Killerz Aug 13, 2019
Next NAIS EP on Neuropunk will be 🔥🔥🔥
Teddy Killerz Aug 11, 2019
Neuropunk Records
Teddy Killerz Aug 11, 2019
Let It Roll was sick! Thanks for staying with us till the very last minute! Eatbrain League x Jade x Teddy Killerz x Fourward x MC Coppa
Teddy Killerz Aug 09, 2019
Teddy Killerz Aug 07, 2019
Our brand new tune with Nuklear is out now on Eatbrain!
Teddy Killerz Jul 30, 2019
This monster by Fatloaf is coming next on Neuropunk Records' Forge Series.
Teddy Killerz Jul 22, 2019
Neuropunk Records launches new "Forge" series to showcase new & upcoming talents selected by legend of Russian D&B scene Евгений Бесман
Teddy Killerz Jul 22, 2019
If you love Neurofunk, you can't miss this one. IMO, one of the best neuro releases of 2019. Go and check Beatport, Spotify or Soundcloud & show some love to Nais DabroMusic / NAIS
Teddy Killerz Jul 20, 2019
Out now on RAM Records! Show us your best party moves - add photos & gifs to comments:)
Teddy Killerz Jul 19, 2019
Out now on RAM Records! Buy / Stream:
Teddy Killerz Jul 18, 2019
Congratulations to our brother Nais DabroMusic with his debut EP coming out on Eatbrain very soon! Proud to be part of it & working on this tune.
Teddy Killerz Jul 18, 2019
Our boy Alex Mizo dropped his massive debut single on Neuropunk Records! Check it out
Teddy Killerz Jul 17, 2019
Teddy Killerz Jul 15, 2019
Our brand new EP is out now on RAM Records featuring Nais & Raiser
Teddy Killerz Jul 15, 2019
Teddy Killerz's cover photo
Teddy Killerz Jul 14, 2019
Our brand new EP on RAM is out tomorrow!
Teddy Killerz Jul 10, 2019
Next one on Neuropunk Records - absolute madness
Teddy Killerz Jul 04, 2019
Eatbrain League x Geometric Aftermovie
Teddy Killerz Jul 02, 2019
Out soon on RAM Records
Teddy Killerz Jun 30, 2019
This July ^^ Nais DabroMusic Raiser
Teddy Killerz Jun 29, 2019
Neuropunk Records
Teddy Killerz Jun 26, 2019
Vibe is out now on Eatbrain
Teddy Killerz Jun 24, 2019
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