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The Best of Shashamane Reggae Dubplates (Tarrus Riley Anthems)
Love Situation
Reggae Masterpiece: Tarrus Riley 10
Listen2TheCall (Acoustic Mix)
Tarrus Riley Apr 16, 2019
Let's Live Clothing deh yah!!!
Tarrus Riley Apr 14, 2019
To get your hands on these limited edition Tarrus Riley “#SimpleBlessings” and #LetLive” merchandise email now. Products are limited. Let’s live positive and express it to the world.
Tarrus Riley Apr 13, 2019
Global Gratitude check: What were your #simpleblessings this week? #simpletingsayuhblessings
Tarrus Riley Apr 13, 2019
Beware of the words you use. Selassie I. #T4000
Tarrus Riley Apr 11, 2019
Salute Nipsey
Tarrus Riley Apr 06, 2019
You asked for it and now you can get it. Sneak peak of some fresh from the warehouse Tarrus Riley “Simple Blessings” Merch. 👕 🧢 👚 🇪🇹 🇯🇲 🌍
Tarrus Riley Apr 05, 2019
Tell me your top five Tarrus Riley songs. 🙂 go!
Tarrus Riley Apr 03, 2019
Tarrus Riley Apr 01, 2019
🇪🇷 🇪🇹
Tarrus Riley Apr 01, 2019
Such a young youth! I feel it. Real Shaka Zulu Pickney with a warrior spirit inside . Jah guide!!! Rastafari 🇪🇷 🇪🇹
Tarrus Riley Mar 31, 2019
Which song you can’t get out of your head right now? 🎶
Tarrus Riley Mar 31, 2019
Tarrus Riley Mar 30, 2019
Oh Lord have mercy on begging you please #Powerful
Tarrus Riley Mar 29, 2019
Storm Saulter the director of my music video Shaka Zulu Pickney has a new film coming out “Sprinter”.
Tarrus Riley Mar 26, 2019
Drop a 🥁 🔥 and your country flag if you are ready for this collab. Stonebwoy x Tarrus Riley
Tarrus Riley Mar 26, 2019
Subscribe now. New music and new videos on the way.
Tarrus Riley Mar 26, 2019
Between the Scenes
Tarrus Riley Mar 23, 2019
Martin James Norman Riley, better known as Jimmy Riley, was a Jamaican singer who in addition to recording solo was also a member of the Sensations and The Uniques and is the father of Tarrus Riley. Born: May 22, 1947, Kingston Died: March 23, 2016, New York City, New York, United States Long Live Jimmy!!! Rastafari!!
Tarrus Riley Mar 20, 2019
Let’s play a game called “finish the lyrics” : Gimme Likkle One Drop____________....
Tarrus Riley Mar 19, 2019
Old Pirate
Tarrus Riley Mar 19, 2019
Hail all ones and ones. Tell me what’s on your mind today?
Tarrus Riley Mar 17, 2019
Iconz of music
Tarrus Riley Mar 15, 2019
Greetings to all the righteous people across the world. Let’s get to work.
Tarrus Riley Mar 14, 2019
In this crazy crazy world 🌎 Big up R. City
Tarrus Riley Mar 12, 2019
Big up to China 🇨🇳! Reggae is Global