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Everything You Feel
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To Live Again
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For the Glory of Nothing
To Live Forever
The Spell of Iron
Shining Black: The Best of Tarot 1986-2003
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The Spell of Iron MMXI
Tarot Aug 18, 2019
Vinyl lovers, here's something special! On November 29th, Blastic Heaven Records will release Tarot's first two albums as LP. Neither of these albums - The Spell Of Iron (1986) and Follow Me Into Madness (1988) - has been available as a vinyl LP after its original release. The albums are packed in gatefold sleeves, printed inner bags and the audio masters have been tuned for the vinyl release by band's keyboardist Janne Tolsa in his studio. Both are also made in color vinyl, which is exclusively available at Levykauppa Äx (Record Shop X). Along with the vinyl releases, the long sold out re-mastered and expanded CD edition of 2006 will be available again: Order remastered The Spell of Iron LP (Bloody red vinyl option, limited to 500 pcs) here: Order remastered Follow Me Into Madness LP (Bloody red vinyl option, limited to 500 pcs) here: ---- Blastic Heaven Records julkaisee 29. marraskuuta Tarotin kaksi ensimmäistä albumia LP-levynä. Kumpaakaan näistä levyistä - The Spell Of Iron (1986) ja Follow Me Into Madness (1988) - ei ole ollut alkuperäisjulkaisunsa jälkeen saatavana vinyylinä. Levyt on pakattu avattaviin kansiin, painettuihin sisäpusseihin ja masterit on käsitellyt studiollaan vinyylille sopiviksi bändin kosketinsoittaja Janne Tolsa. Molemmista valmistetaan myös värivinyylille puristettu versio, joka on yksinoikeudella myynnissä Levykauppa Äxässä. Samanaikaisesti vinyylijulkaisujen kanssa tulee jälleen saataville myös pitkään loppuunmyytynä olleet uudelleenmasteroidut ja laajennetut CD-versiot vuodelta 2006.
Tarot Nov 22, 2018
BLACK FRIDAY SALE Gravity Of Light is on special now at the Nuclear Blast store! Visit SHIPS WORLDWIDE
Tarot Apr 10, 2017
Marco Hietala biography book (in Finnish) out October 2017! Pre-orders:
Tarot Sep 15, 2016
Komppipari, jolta raskas poljento lähti niin kevyesti – Pecu Cinnari ja Marco Hietala, Tarot | Riffi
Tarot Sep 11, 2016
We're devastated to inform that our dear drummer Pecu Cinnari has passed away last night due to a long-term illness.
Tarot Jan 14, 2016
Happy 50th birthday Marco Hietala!
Tarot Dec 26, 2015
Get 25% OFF 'Gravity of Light' at NB USA. Use coupon code ‘UWOIBT4SKX’ to receive an additional 10% off your purchase!
Tarot Nov 04, 2015
Something about the current status: Many fans have been asking us when Tarot will play again or record new stuff. We have to say that "There's a serious illness with one of our band mates. Until we know better, the band's on an indefinite hold." We've done new demos for Tarot and when the situation's gonna be clear, we will come back! Stronger, willing and with raised fists, as we always do!
Tarot Aug 28, 2015
Have a good Friday! Ashes To The Stars, Crows Fly Black (2006)
Tarot Feb 15, 2015
Here's a special post-Valentine's Day treat for you. The full Nosturi '03 gig from the Suffer Our Pleasures era. Enjoy! Edited & compiled by Jarkko Lunnas for
Tarot Jul 09, 2014
Just reached 7,500 Trackers! - Track Tarot
Tarot May 11, 2014
Over 60k likes! Thank you! Respect your mothers!
Tarot Jan 12, 2014
Pecu Cinnari joins the Kumu drums family! From now on Pecu will be playing with the following Pecu Cinnari custom Kumu drumset: Kumu 2x24x20 bass drums, 13x13 & 14x14 front toms, 16x16 & 18x16 floor toms, 14x10 snare drum coloured city camo Finnish birch shells
Tarot Dec 03, 2013
#CyberMonday sale on "Gravity Of Light" at the Nuclear Blast web shop: Ships worldwide!
Tarot Dec 01, 2013
'Gravity of Light' is ON SALE at the NB web shop: Ships worldwide!
Tarot Oct 04, 2013
How many of you guys have this classic Tarot album in your cd shelves? What's your favorite track on it?
Tarot Aug 23, 2013
'Gravity of Light' is on sale at the NB shop! In case you don't have a copy, now's your chance to grab it for a great deal:
Tarot Jul 02, 2013
It's 50k dudes! Thank you for the support!
Tarot Jun 07, 2013
Zac's instrumental guitar project A2Z 's debut "Parasites of Paradise" in stores today! Order the album (Shipping world wide): Pre-listen the album:
Tarot May 31, 2013
It's also ten years to date since the Wings of Darkness - The Official Tarot Website was launched! How many of you remember visiting the first version of the site in 2003? Wings of Darkness - The Official Tarot Website
Tarot May 27, 2013
It's ten years since "Suffer Our Pleasures" was released. Give its single "Undead Son" a spin it deserves!
Tarot Apr 29, 2013
Check out Zac's new instrumental project A2Z and their upcoming release "Parasites of Paradise" (featuring also Marco and Janne as guest musicians)! Head to and show your support! Pre-order the album (shipping world wide):
Tarot Mar 15, 2013
While Tarot's been on a little hiatus for a while, the members have not! Check out Pecu's, Janne's and Tuple's band Lazy Bonez! Prelisten their debut "Vol.1" now at (Pre-listening available 15th - 22nd of March 2013) Pre-order the album: Official website: Merch store: Subscribe & follow their facebook at In addition of actual members of the band, there are very interesting feat. artists in VOL.1 - for example Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot), Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ex-ACCEPT), Stefan Schwarzmann (ACCEPT), MC Raaka Pee (Turmion Kätilöt), and many more... 13 feat. artists all together!! Seek out Lazy bones digi-singles available already now from: iTunes, 24-7 Entertainment, 7digital, Amazon MP3, Aspiro, Audible Magic,, Basepoint Media, BBM Music, Bell Mobility Full Track, Beyond Oblivion, BigPond / Telstra,, Deezer, eMusic, Google Music, Gracenote, Guvera, JB Hi-Fi,, Library Ideas / Freegal, LiveWire / Groove Mobile, MediaNet Digital, Music Unlimited, Muve Music / Cricket, MySpace Music, Napster, Omnifone, Rara, Rdio, Rhapsody, Shazam, Simfy, Spotify, Sprint, Starzik, Urfilez Full-Track, XBox Music (Zune), Yandex
Tarot Oct 15, 2012
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