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Cloak & Dagger Festival - Mexico City Cloak & Dagger Festival - Mexico City 2019
Venue: Frontón México (Mexico City, Mexico) Find tickets
Cloak & Dagger Festival CDMX Cloak & Dagger Festival CDMX 2019
Venue: Frontón México (Mexico City, Mexico) Find tickets
Tamaryn with Flavio Etcheto and Dj Lisa Cerati at Bar Loreto (March 14, 2019)
Venue: Bar Loreto (Santiago, Chile) Find tickets
Tamaryn with Tomates en Verano and Dj Romina Lee at TEATRIZ (March 15, 2019)
Venue: TEATRIZ (Mar del Plata, Argentina) Find tickets
Tamaryn with Tomates en Verano and Dj Ceci Amenábar at La Tangente (March 16, 2019)
Venue: La Tangente (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Find tickets
Tamaryn with Tomates en Verano and RØKR at Breve (March 19, 2019)
Venue: Breve (São Paulo, Brazil) Find tickets
Venue: Nébula Club (Miraflores, Peru) Find tickets
Tamaryn with Flavio Etcheto and Abstract Deity at La Pascasia (March 23, 2019)
Venue: La Pascasia (Medellín, Colombia) Find tickets
Tamaryn with Jorge Elbrecht, Fossil Arms, and Orchin at Echoplex (April 26, 2019)
Venue: Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Tamaryn Feb 23, 2019
Monday night in Mexico City with Lust For Youth
Tamaryn Feb 21, 2019
MEXICO CITY! This coming Monday with the mighty Lust For Youth. If you purchased tickets to Cloak & Dagger Fest they will be honored 🇲🇽🌹
Tamaryn Feb 14, 2019
The 'Angels of Sweat' music video that I directed, edited and styled is up now! This is the second piece in my 'Archetype Drama' series. Video 2 of 9. The song will be on all streaming sites later today (some sort of glitch) but it is available on the 'Dreaming The Dark' pre-order site now <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Feb 13, 2019
New single 'Angels of Sweat' and another video I directed, styled, edited etc. tomorrow 10 am est! <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Feb 06, 2019
's cover photo
Tamaryn Jan 31, 2019
Tamaryn Jan 30, 2019
Hi! did you see the 'Fits of Rage' video that I directed? I haven't been able t do promotions on it because my friends and I have bodies... Please share and btw I added CD's to the pre-order in addition to the clear sky blue vinyl. Your support matters and helps me be able to keep making stuff like this! Love you all <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Jan 28, 2019
Official 'Fits of Rage' music video directed by me! This is part one of my 'Dreaming The Dark' archetype drama video series. Pre-order the first press sky blue LP and CD here: <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Jan 18, 2019
My new single 'Fits of Rage' in the New York Times playlist today! Dreaming The Dark LP out March 22nd. Pre-order the first press sky clear vinyl here:
Tamaryn Jan 17, 2019
Hi all! DREAMING THE DARK shirt up for sale NOW. Limited edition design by the incred @brodiekaman. Thanks for all the love and support! <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Jan 15, 2019
FITS OF RAGE single #1 of 9 Now available for pre-order @deroarcade
Tamaryn Jan 15, 2019
DREAMING THE DARK LP 3.22 Dedicated to Matt Irwin Pre-order available now
Tamaryn Jan 14, 2019
San Diego tomorrow night! This is my only Southern California show until end of April. Come on dowwnnn 🌴
Tamaryn Jan 12, 2019
Tamaryn Jan 08, 2019
New single Monday. That is all.
Tamaryn Jan 07, 2019
Mexico City 2.23 🖤 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Dec 22, 2018
Tamaryn Nov 26, 2018
A nice quiet evening in the wine country... <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Nov 20, 2018
Couple photos from Cloak and Dagger fest earlier this month. More shows to come <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Oct 16, 2018
The new LP is finished! I'm putting together the artwork and then you can expect singles soon... Thanks always and forever to all of you who have listened and supported me over the years. Can not wait to share this one with you <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Sep 25, 2018
's cover photo
Tamaryn Aug 23, 2018
Thanks to everyone who attend the Asia tour! It was wild. I have a really small amount of shirts left over from tour up in my Big Cartel. Probably like 15 left so grab one before they go! Thanks for the support <3 T
Tamaryn Jul 17, 2018
Calling all twirlers...
Tamaryn Jun 26, 2018
Ok! First shows in nearly two years will be China and Taiwan. Updated venue info from previous post. North and South American dates and new music coming really soon. Love you all <3 Tamaryn
Tamaryn Jan 26, 2018
First music of the year. Keep an eye peeled for all that's to come! <3 Tamaryn