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Tama Sumo Dec 11, 2018
The wonderful Amoeba Music in LA invited Lakuti and myself for their „What’s In My Bag“ segment. Enjoy ;-)!
Tama Sumo Dec 07, 2018
Let’s start the weekend with a bang ;-) Lakuti did an amazing podacst for DJ Mag - showcasing different musical angles and bringing it together to a magical mixture. So proud of her. Enjoy <3 <3 <3
Tama Sumo Dec 03, 2018
Such beautiful times in Tbilisi yet again. Sadly my lovely, Lakuti, caught a heavy flu and therefor could not make it. Thanks a lot Horoom / Bassiani, all the wonderful people from Tbilisi who came out and Zurkin, who always delivers the musical goodies, for making it all again a night to remember. Much love <3 <3
Tama Sumo Nov 26, 2018
Big Thank You to all that came to Panorama Bar on saturday night for a wonderful time. Seeing your smiling faces means the world to me. Still buzzing 💞💞
Tama Sumo Nov 24, 2018
Dear friends in Berlin, doing the opening at Panorama Bar tonight. Would be great to see you later 💖💥. Find the whole programm here
Tama Sumo Nov 20, 2018
Vielen Dank Roxy / Köln. Schön war's mal wieder!
Tama Sumo Nov 12, 2018
Beautiful times at C12 in Brussels. Thanks a lot 😍!
Tama Sumo Oct 29, 2018
Grazie mille Rebel Rebel at Goa Club in Rome. My first time in this club and it was a great experience 🌟
Tama Sumo Oct 23, 2018
Thanks a lot Panorama Bar! It was fun again ;-) <3
Tama Sumo Oct 20, 2018
Good times at Claire in Amsterdam yesterday. Thanks a lot for the good vibes. Back home again and doing last preps for my closing set at Panorama Bar tomorrow night. Dear friends in Berlin - would be lovely to dance into the new week with you <3 <3 See the full line up and timetable here:
Tama Sumo Oct 16, 2018
Your Love will be back soon and for the first time at Moth Club in London. Get your dance moves ready and join the fun <3
Tama Sumo Sep 30, 2018
thank you to those who came out on friday to Pbar and coming with an open mind and for creating such a beautiful night . we had such a magical night with you all and we would like to thank each and one of you for supporting these nights and indulging us . Thanks to Awesome Tapes from Africa & Cordell Johnson for bringing such great music and being so great to be around . see you in 2019 and before that we have something cooking for Bring down the walls for the beginning of December . more news coming on that . thanks again <3
Tama Sumo Sep 28, 2018
Did a little podcast and interview for Groove magazine. Hope you like it ;-)
Tama Sumo Sep 25, 2018
Pure bliss yet again from Spiral Deluxe
Tama Sumo Sep 24, 2018
Always lovely to be back in Valencia. Dias De Parque was good fun. Thanks a lot!
Tama Sumo Sep 10, 2018
Helsinki was so much fun again. Thanks a lot 😍
Tama Sumo Sep 05, 2018
Lakuti and i did a little interview for the September edition of the Berghain flyer about the launch of „Bring Down The Walls“ with Larry Heard on 19th September and the upcoming Finest Friday, that we were given the opportunity to curate, on 28th September with Awesome Tapes From Africa & Cordell Johnson. Enjoy ;-)!
Tama Sumo Sep 03, 2018
Lisb_On Festival is one for the books. Had such a wonderful time playing and enjoying music there. Thanks a lot 💜💜!!! The magic was happening in a beautiful park in the middle of the city, crowd and the crew were so lovely. The cherry on the cupcake was Larry Heard’s live set yesterday - could not have wished for a better soundtrack for a beautiful sunday evening. Feeling spoiled!
Tama Sumo Aug 29, 2018
Happy anniversary Sound Signature! Great feature about Theo Parrish’s wonderful Sound Signature label on Resident Advisor for the label’s 20th anniversary. Lakuti, Volcov, Pirahnahead , Waajeed, Ge-Ology, Specter and some more artists and label owners were asked about their favourite Sound Signature records. Here is what they had to say. Enjoy!
Tama Sumo Aug 27, 2018
Suma Beach / Istanbul - thanks a lot for a wonderful time! Was great to be back and to finally see and hug some lovely friends again. Miss you all already. Have a happy week!
Tama Sumo Aug 14, 2018
Thanks a lot Berghain / Panorama Bar and all the lovely people that came out for a boogie this weekend. Had a wonderful time with you! Much love and have a great week everybody <3 <3
Tama Sumo Aug 11, 2018
Great times at Houghton Festival yesterday. Thank you! And now it’s time to get ready for Ostgut Ton Nacht! Hope to see you!
Tama Sumo Aug 06, 2018
Those gigs when you can’t stop smiling while getting back home … Still buzzing from the great vibes at Energy stage at Lovefest in Vrnjacka Banja. Wonderful music, beautiful people and a magical space. Thanks a lot for letting me be part of this. <3 <3
Tama Sumo Aug 04, 2018
Back at the beautiful Energy Stage @ Lovefest @ Vrnjacka Banja tonight. Have great memories from the last time i played there and very excited to share the decks tonight alongside some of Chicago’s finest - Specter & Glenn Underground - plus some talents from the region.
Tama Sumo Aug 02, 2018
Vielen Dank Zürich. Hat Spaß gemacht bei euch!