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Paradise Lost
Symphony X (Special Edition)
The Damnation Game (Special Edition)
Twilight in Olympus (Special Edition)
The Divine Wings of Tragedy (Special Edition)
The Odyssey
Live on the Edge of Forever
V: The New Mythology Suite
Symphony X Aug 08, 2019
Thank you so much Chile! The show was amazing! The Local Promoters and crew were total pros! Great job everyone! The fans were insane!! Thank you guys. A night to remember! 🤘🏼🏴‍☠️🤘🏼
Symphony X Aug 14, 2019
Symphony X Aug 14, 2019
Sao Paulo, it was a pleasure!
Symphony X Jul 24, 2019
Can't wait to hit Latin America!! Thank you Conexion Rock Radio !!
Symphony X Jul 10, 2019
Symphony X Jun 26, 2019
Truly can’t wait to head to Latin America!!
Symphony X Jun 13, 2019
La Paz!! The Odyssey through the underworld is coming for you! Get your tickets now! #symphonyxofficial #symphonyxband #toplinkmusic #symphonyx #odysseythroughtheunderworld
Symphony X Jun 11, 2019
We are very sorry to hear about the passing of Andre Matos. The metal world has lost a true giant of the industry.
Symphony X Jun 10, 2019
London twas a great night!!
Symphony X Jun 09, 2019
Martin Power Photography
Symphony X Jun 06, 2019
Martin Power Photography
Symphony X Jun 04, 2019
Power Of » Symphony X @ Symphony X European Tour 2019
Symphony X May 31, 2019
Lima, Peru! See you all July 28th! Get your tickets now! #symphonyxofficial #symphonyxband #toplinkmusic #symphonyx #odysseythroughtheunderworld
Symphony X May 30, 2019
MEXICO CITY!! JULY 27th 2019 Join us on our "Odyssey through the Underworld"!! Get your tickets JUne 5th - #symphonyx #toplinkmusic #symphonyxofficial #symphonyxband
Symphony X May 28, 2019
Argentina!! We will see you soon! Get your Tickets NOW! Top Link Music
Symphony X May 28, 2019
Brazil we can't wait to see you all! Get your tickets now! Top Link Music
Symphony X May 17, 2019
Chile! We are coming for you!! get your tix now --> Top Link Music
Symphony X May 17, 2019
The Odyssey Project
Symphony X May 16, 2019
Symphony X return to Latin America with "Odyssey through the Underworld" - Latin America Tour, in partnership with Top Link Music. Dates will be soon announced. Stay tuned!!
Symphony X Mar 27, 2019
13 years old and killing it!
Symphony X Mar 19, 2019
A brief history of why artists are no longer making a living making music
Symphony X Mar 09, 2019
Symphony X Jan 11, 2019
SYMPHONY X - Announce European tour in May/June 2019!