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SwizZz Nov 02, 2018
"The time gave me what's needed to embrace the plunge." #OutOfMyHands
SwizZz Oct 19, 2018
Holy...Holy...Holy...Holy...#Holy. 👼
SwizZz Oct 08, 2018
SwizZz Apr 30, 2018
"The remedy for an absence is a presence." #TheShift
SwizZz Apr 02, 2018
Unshakable faith. #zZz
SwizZz Aug 14, 2017
New music droppin soon.
SwizZz Jul 21, 2017
"All roads lead to home."
SwizZz Apr 21, 2017
The foundation is solid. Download: ...zZz...
SwizZz Apr 17, 2017
As long as it takes...#Switch.
SwizZz Apr 14, 2017
New track droppin on Monday.
SwizZz Feb 07, 2017
"I do not fit the description." Download: ...zZz...
SwizZz Feb 03, 2017
It's been too long.
SwizZz Jan 30, 2017
New track droppin on Friday. ...zZz...
SwizZz Dec 08, 2016
Mass Consumerism. Climate Change. Media Corruption. Religious Dogma. War. Water Pollution. Food Contamination. Social Media Addiction. Big Pharma. Ego Identification. #TBT
SwizZz Dec 02, 2016
More music droppin soon - I'm headed back to my roots. ...zZz...
SwizZz Nov 15, 2016
In case you missed it - "Take Me Away" feat. Irv Da Phenom Download: ...zZz...
SwizZz Nov 11, 2016
Find comfort in being vulnerable - I'm comin from all angles. Irv Da Phenom on the vocals.
SwizZz Nov 11, 2016
Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. Criminal or reality TV star. These were our options in the most critical presidential race in U.S. history? Regardless of the result, we ALL lost, and we ALL are getting ravaged by a system ran by the corporate class. Millennials have some serious work to do.
SwizZz Nov 09, 2016
New music - #TakeMeAway featuring Irv Da Phenom. You will get to know me.
SwizZz Nov 07, 2016
No matter the outcome of this disastrous election, REAL change will come from the bottom up. #99%
SwizZz Nov 04, 2016
I'm droppin another track with Irv Da Phenom next week. ...zZz...
SwizZz Nov 03, 2016
In case you missed it - "Running" feat. Irv Da Phenom Download: ...zZz...
SwizZz Nov 01, 2016
SwizZz Oct 31, 2016
What instrumental should I use for one of my next tracks? #FRT
SwizZz Oct 28, 2016
Linked up with Irv Da Phenom for somethin a little more laid back - #Running.