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Mothers (Deluxe)
Where the Heaven Are We
Swim Deep at Boileroom (February 1, 2019)
Venue: Boileroom (Guildford, UK) Find tickets
SWIM DEEP Nov 15, 2018
For Independent Venue Week we’ll be performing a special gig at a venue that i’ve been going to since i was 13 years old... always support your local music scene!! Probs have everyone back to me mum’s or Ozzy’s dad’s afterwards for a house party as well. See you at Boileroom Guildford on Feb 1 - James xxx
SWIM DEEP Nov 05, 2018
Despite the expression on Mr Grumble’s face here we had a wicked time playing a gig in a shoe shop in a shopping centre yesterday lol. Thanks everyone who came to Dr Martens in Brum to see it 💘
SWIM DEEP Nov 03, 2018
Pretty buzzin to announce that we'll be back at Live at Leeds in 2019, always an absolute blast. Someone wanna let the Cribs know we'll be aboot?
SWIM DEEP Oct 25, 2018
Buzzin that Dr. Marten himself has asked us to play a gig in the Brum store on Sunday nov 4th. Meet you at the bull xx Follow this link to claim a ticket ->
SWIM DEEP Oct 15, 2018
Thanks v much Lauren McDermott and Gigwise for the wicked wicked pics, and thanks everyone who came to the Manchester show last week at Neighbourhood Festival! This show was a big deal for us and we had an absolute riot playing new and old songs on a big stage in our beloved Manchester... Can't wait to get on the road proper in 2019 and show the rest of ya <3 James
SWIM DEEP Sep 12, 2018
SWIM DEEP Sep 10, 2018
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SWIM DEEP Sep 06, 2018
SWIM DEEP Sep 04, 2018
Jakarta Indonesia 2018. 🛰🛰🛰 By Savira Ivanka
SWIM DEEP Sep 02, 2018
That was a night we’ll remember for a long time. Thanks for having us Indonesia 🙌🏼
SWIM DEEP Aug 31, 2018
Just landed in Jakarta for what will be our first show in nearly 2 years. First time in Indonesia, marking the occasion by playing 2 new tracks for the first time EVA tomorrow night at Hodgepodge fest xxxxx
SWIM DEEP Jul 19, 2018
We done it! Swim Deep LP3 recording COMPLETE 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
SWIM DEEP Jul 18, 2018
Looks like we're going to Indonesia to debut the new live show then lol buzzing we've just been announced for Hodgepodge Superfest 2018 in Jakarta on Sept 1st. First time visit for us / first time playing some of the new songs 🤩 Photo by Ash Kingston
SWIM DEEP Jul 18, 2018
's cover photo
SWIM DEEP Jul 18, 2018
SWIM DEEP Jul 08, 2018
Day 7 in the studio. Still trying to nail Three Lions but may move on to the new songs if we still haven’t got it down by the end of tomorrow.
SWIM DEEP Jul 04, 2018
SWIM DEEP Jul 02, 2018
≈ BREAKIN NEWS ≈ We just got to a studio by the sea to finally finish the album we’ve been dreaming of our whole lives and we’re so ready to share it with you. Some of you might know by now that Higgy and Zack both called it quits last summer at a time when we were finding it difficult to get the best out of ourselves, but since then we’ve had a new lease of life and ended up making some of the best music we’ve ever done. Zack and Higgy will always be a part of Swim Deep, but it’s been a great change, and we’ve been making waves with some incredible new friends who you’ll meet soon ;) We know we got the best fans in the world and hope you’re ready for round 3. It’s happening! ≈
SWIM DEEP May 21, 2018
HEY YOU GUYSZZZ we've got so much to tell you about where we're at right now, but we'll explain all that a bit later, for now just know that this is our first official show back and we'll be 100% playin new music from our third album :)))). Never been so excited to play tbf, so glad it's in our beloved manchester too. What do you wanna hear us play? FUCKIN BUZZZZZZZINNNN ≈
SWIM DEEP Jun 27, 2017
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SWIM DEEP Jun 19, 2017
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SWIM DEEP Jun 17, 2017
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SWIM DEEP Jun 04, 2017
and don't worry when I'm not writing essay status's we're in the studio making that sweet sweet music. planning on putting something out this year, and we will resume praising the sun. It sounds very swim deep
SWIM DEEP Jun 04, 2017
Hello friends. I'm writing this status as a plee and a nod to doing what i think is the right thing to do. I wanna help my friends, family, hometown, new town, and world, to be a better and more fair place, because if we don't get behind what we truly believe in with wild horses, then what are we even doing? I believe that i should talk a bit about why i think the torys are the worst decision for our beautiful country. Growing up working class (you can't beat it), you know a lot of decent hard working people, that are being brainwashed by rags like the sun, which unfairly litters building sites and greasy spoons where they casually spread hate into the good normal folk. This is heartbreaking on many levels because these marvellously vibrant and inspiring multi cultural areas, are torn apart by certain nasty bastards using dirty lies and tactics for political gain, and worst of all when they use such heinous terror attacks as fuel on the fire of hate. 1 reason. Once the torys have lied to us and told us they are for the normal working human, and gained our trusty vote, they will fuck us over, they will fuck the disabled over, they will fuck the innocent over, and create a very unfair system where the rich stay rich, and the poor stay poor etc etc. And the 7 days a week builder form wolverhampton is yet again no better off, in fact much worse, because now he feels he cannot trust another government and believes his voice is not heard... And his pension is disappearing. The benefits system is very grim as it is, i've been on the dole and everyone i know who has will agree, it feels demoralising, embarrassing, hopeless. (if you haven't watched 'i, daniel blake', please do) The torys don't appear to be doing anything to help the people trying to work. They just dodge it by saying it's the immigrants taking our jobs, which i hope we all know by now is utter bullshite. The disability benefits are being cut by the torys, extremely heartbreaking! The amount of working class graduates is falling because of high tuition fees and pending debt. i dunno, i mean when was the last time you saw a working class actor in a hollywood film? The tories want to re direct the funding away from normal schools to state schools, and slashing free school meals for infants. Fucking monsters. I was lucky enough to have a decent packed lunch (ta parents), but i knew a lot of mates who relied on them free meals. 50th reason. It's all in the manifestos anyway, they explain it better, just the torys put 'for a brighter future' before they tell you they're gunna take your kids food away. I guess what my angle is here is that, i am sick to tears of seeing the working class lied to for votes, votes that then fuck us over. It hits home with everyone in different ways, when you're streets and family are being fed fear and lies it's a fucking tragedy and i can't forgive the Torys for that. It's inexcusable. It's suffice to say i can't tell you everything, i am not well read in politics, i can only speak from the heart and what every debate and manifesto i have read has shown me. I used to think it wasn't my job to mix politics with being in a pop band, maybe i was ashamed i didn't know too much about it, but there is no stopping music, and you must pour everything you have into it, and sometimes, maybe now more than ever, that includes voicing you're political opinion. I hope i am not preaching to the choir here, and if you enjoy our music then i hope you will understand why i am writing this. We're voting labour. I think you should too, Help our beautiful country and people live a better life. Austin x
SWIM DEEP Apr 20, 2017
Not sure if it will lead to anything but i think it's worth showing support for this... A huge portion of The Sun's readership is dependent on the sports section of the "newspaper" and by banning journalists access to Premier League football games / press conferences (as LFC and Everton already have) the Sun's football "content" will be weakened. Hopefully this would lead some of those people to trash this shit-rag and get their fix from elsewhere. Even if you're not a sports fan, sign this petition if you're as angry as we are about The Sun's continued spreading of hatred and lies. - James