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Swearin' Jul 25, 2019
Tour with Mike Krol starts this weekend! Kicking things off tonight in Carrboro at Cats Cradle for Merge XXX! Hope to see you at these gigs! Anyone have any solid/clean/ac type places that some of us can maybe stay at in any of these cities? Let us know what’s good!
Swearin' Dec 18, 2018
Tonight in Denton! At Dan’s Silver Leaf! It’s been a long long long time. Would love to see ya!
Swearin' Dec 16, 2018
Tonight in Austin! So stoked. It’s been way too long.
Swearin' Dec 15, 2018
New Orleans tonight at Gasa Gasa with Pope and Dark Thoughts. Friday night!, let’s do the damn thing.
Swearin' Dec 13, 2018
Tonight in Atlanta! At 529! Doors at 9
Swearin' Dec 12, 2018
Tonight in Asheville! Thanks for not letting the snow stop you last night, Carrboro, That was rad. Let’s make it 2 for 2 North Carolina. The Mothlight at 9 tonight!
Swearin' Dec 10, 2018
Carrboro!!! The show is still a go tonight! We drove all day yesterday and made it. Hopefully you can still make it. Be careful out there but come play in the snow with us tonight.
Swearin' Dec 08, 2018
Tonight! Philly! Super close to being sold out I hear. Go grab one of those last tickets. Check out this pretty poster.
Swearin' Dec 07, 2018
First night of tour tonight in Jersey City! Very excited. Monty Hall! Come on out, it’s friday. Trying to link the event but not working. Maybe in comments.
Swearin' Dec 05, 2018
FLOOD: Right, that gets easier with age. It all kinda fades. Allison: You just stop giving a shit at a certain point!
Swearin' Nov 28, 2018
Tour is coming up quick! So stoked. See you there?
Swearin' Oct 25, 2018
"Untitled (LA)" is The Current's Song of the Day!
Swearin' Oct 23, 2018
Thanks to Spotify for including GROW INTO A GHOST on the new 'pulp' playlist!
Swearin' Oct 16, 2018
First time in Detroit tonight! Come on out and say Hi. We are pumped.
Swearin' Oct 12, 2018
Pitchfork talked to Allison, Kyle, & Jeff about the rebirth of Swearin'
Swearin' Oct 08, 2018
"Eleven songs that blend ’90s punk with classic rock riffs and newfound singer-songwriter sincerity"
Swearin' Oct 05, 2018
Allison talks to NYLON!
Swearin' Oct 05, 2018
Here's the video for "Future Hell" directed by Jake Fogelnest! Our new album FALL INTO THE SUN is available now:
Swearin' Oct 05, 2018
Our new album FALL INTO THE SUN is out now!! Buy & stream it wherever you do those things. Thank you so much to Jake Fogelnest for directing the videos for "Grow into a Ghost" & "Future Hell"--get your 3D viewers ready!
Swearin' Oct 02, 2018
Grow Into a Ghost / Future Hell (3D Trailer)
Swearin' Oct 01, 2018
Listen to FALL INTO THE SUN now at NPR Music before it comes out on Friday!!
Swearin' Sep 27, 2018
Grab your copy of Fall into the Sun next week and get your 3D glasses ready! 🔴🔵
Swearin' Sep 19, 2018
Thanks, Rolling Stone!
Swearin' Sep 05, 2018
New single "Future Hell" premiering today via The FADER!
Swearin' Aug 17, 2018
If I never left home, would you still feel like you’re alone?