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The Great Annihilator (Remastered)
The Glowing Man
Greed / Time Is Money (Bastard)
Holy Money / A Screw
Public Castration Is a Good Idea (Live)
Cop / Young God
White Light from the Mouth of Infinity
Love of Life
To Be Kind
The Seer
We Rose From Your Bed With the Sun In Our Head
My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To the Sky
Children of God/World of Skin
Swans Are Dead: Live '95-'97
Great Annihilator
Soundtracks For the Blind
Filth / Body To Body, Job to Job
Various Failures
Die Tür Ist Zu
Swans Feb 20, 2019
Fundraiser CD and assorted gizmos/items for upcoming Swans recording of the new album coming in next few days. If interested best to sign up to email list at ...Thanks! MG
Swans Feb 12, 2019
Just signed the last few remaining copies of my limited solo LP, I Am Not This. More info at this link if you’re interested:
Swans Feb 04, 2019
What is This?
Swans Jan 20, 2019
What a great song to wake up to in the morning!
Swans Jan 16, 2019
“Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise” – John Cage MUTE have announced the latest release in the MUTE 4.0 (1978 > TOMORROW) series: STUMM433, a box set collating an unprecedented selection of Mute artists past, present and future, out in May 2019. From The Normal, the artist that started Mute, to the label’s newest signing, K Á R Y Y N, STUMM433 will feature a huge array – over 50 - of Mute artists including Depeche Mode, Yann Tiersen, Liars, Silicon Teens, Irmin Schmidt and many more, all presenting their own interpretation of one piece of music: John Cage’s game changing composition, 4’33”. 4’33” is among the most important of all contemporary music compositions. Composed and premiered in 1952, 4’33” is a piece for any instrument or combination of instruments. The score instructs the performer or performers not to play their instrument for the duration of the piece (generally four minutes and 33 seconds). As challenging and thought-provoking now as it was when it was premiered, 4’33” completely changed popular thinking on silence, sound, composition and listening.
Swans Jan 12, 2019
Zappa commented on this song in 1988. Not sure how relevant it is to the song itself, which seems to me an accurate depiction of an LSD experience - especially the paranoia etc and dislocation (though Zappa never indulged himself).. still, it seems an entirely pertinent comment today: "A lot of people police their own brains. They're like citizen soldiers, so to speak. I've seen people who will willingly arrest, try and punish their own brains. Now that's really sad. That's vigilante brain policism. It's not even official, it's like self-imposed. ... It's hard to pin it down to one central agency when you realize that so many people are willing to do it to themselves. I mean, the people who want to become amateur brain police, their numbers grow every day – people who say to themselves, 'I couldn't possibly consider that', and then spank themselves for even getting that far. So, you don't even need to blame it on a central brain police agency. You've got plenty of people who willingly subject themselves to this self-mutilation."
Swans Jan 05, 2019
...fond memories of a torrential downpour outside while we were recording this. A waste pipe burst way up where the 15 foot wall met the ceiling, vomiting gallons of brown rainwater into the studio where we were working, and Mr Construction Man Thor built a teetering stairway of boxes and amps up to the spot and somehow fixed it while the sludge poured down onto his head... Then we continued recording...
Swans Dec 22, 2018
Saved again by WFMU on the drive into Brooklyn...
Swans Dec 17, 2018
Swans Dec 16, 2018
Swans Dec 10, 2018
MG then and now. Painting by Simon Henwood...
Swans Nov 28, 2018
Watched this last night. Better than I expected. All makes sense during the end credits...
Swans Nov 27, 2018
It’s safe to say that in my life I have had zero interest in fashion – a completely alien world to me, and I know almost nothing about the subject. However, watched the documentary on Alexander McQueen recently and was impressed by his fearless approach to his work and life, and it was intriguing to learn of his passion for art, his hard earned craft, and his monomaniacal devotion to his vision, as well as the technically elaborate and spectacular, (sometimes) Grand-Guignol runway shows he produced. Perhaps even less interest in fashion after watching it (!), but the story of his life and actualized imagination was inspirational… recommended viewing.
Swans Nov 26, 2018
"...administration officials hoped to minimize the impact by making the assessment public on the afternoon of Black Friday, the big shopping day after the Thanksgiving holiday, thinking that Americans might be unlikely to be paying attention. " Oh, you whacky Americans, you!
Swans Nov 20, 2018
M. Gira signing copies of I Am Not This (2LP) now available in the Young God Records webstore. Order your copy here: (posted by YGR staff)