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The Great Annihilator (Remastered)
The Glowing Man
Holy Money / A Screw
Cop / Young God
Public Castration Is a Good Idea (Live)
Greed / Time Is Money (Bastard)
Love of Life
White Light from the Mouth of Infinity
To Be Kind
The Seer
We Rose From Your Bed With the Sun In Our Head
My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To the Sky
Children of God/World of Skin
Swans Are Dead: Live '95-'97
Great Annihilator
Soundtracks For the Blind
Filth / Body To Body, Job to Job
Various Failures
Die Tür Ist Zu
Swans Dec 17, 2018
Swans Dec 16, 2018
Swans Dec 10, 2018
MG then and now. Painting by Simon Henwood...
Swans Nov 28, 2018
Watched this last night. Better than I expected. All makes sense during the end credits...
Swans Nov 27, 2018
It’s safe to say that in my life I have had zero interest in fashion – a completely alien world to me, and I know almost nothing about the subject. However, watched the documentary on Alexander McQueen recently and was impressed by his fearless approach to his work and life, and it was intriguing to learn of his passion for art, his hard earned craft, and his monomaniacal devotion to his vision, as well as the technically elaborate and spectacular, (sometimes) Grand-Guignol runway shows he produced. Perhaps even less interest in fashion after watching it (!), but the story of his life and actualized imagination was inspirational… recommended viewing.
Swans Nov 26, 2018
"...administration officials hoped to minimize the impact by making the assessment public on the afternoon of Black Friday, the big shopping day after the Thanksgiving holiday, thinking that Americans might be unlikely to be paying attention. " Oh, you whacky Americans, you!
Swans Nov 20, 2018
M. Gira signing copies of I Am Not This (2LP) now available in the Young God Records webstore. Order your copy here: (posted by YGR staff)
Swans Nov 17, 2018
Remember Z've fondly from early days in NYC, played some shows w him, and always such a fine gentleman... Saw his spectacular contribution to Branca's Symphony Number 2 at St. Mark's Church, which was an astonishing evening...
Swans Nov 16, 2018
This is nice. My friend Thor sent it to me. It's good to listen to as you work, drifting...
Swans Nov 15, 2018
A new Swans shirt is now available in the Young God Records web store. Get yours here: (posted by YGR staff)
Swans Nov 11, 2018
“When you’ve got a terminal illness, you think about what your legacy might be,” she said. “My only answer is, we would hope that it would inspire people to see that they can do a life totally as they would like it to unfold. Live your life every day like a page in your book of life, and make that page as interesting as you can. Whenever you have a choice, say: Which is the better page in my book?”
Swans Nov 05, 2018
Heard this on the radio yesterday. Pretty great if you ask me.
Swans Nov 01, 2018
The fabulous Baby Dee is retiring from live performance, but you can see her at these final concerts. Highly recommended - a spectacular cosmic fireball. 31.10.18 IT Pisa, Lumière 01.11.18 IT Foligno, Auditorium San Domenico 02.11.18 IT Bari, Time Zones Festival 03.11.18 IT Roma, Angelo Mai 10.11.18 NL Utrecht, Geestdrift Festival 22.11.18 NL Leeuwarden, Explore The North Festival 02.12.18 PT Madeira, MADEIRADiG 16.12.18 DK Aalborg tba 17.12.18 DK Copenhagen tba 19.12.18 UK London, Cafe Oto 20.12.18 UK London, Cafe Oto 21.13.18 UK Coventry tba 30.12.18 US Brooklyn, National Sawdust.
Swans Oct 29, 2018
My friend Fabio played this on WFMU recently. I have several Alice records but hadn't heard this one. The strings are absolutely wonderful...
Swans Oct 25, 2018
Gira / Westberg tonight Warsaw Brooklyn
Swans Oct 24, 2018
Yay! Just reread this after something like 30 years. What a pleasure. Utterly fantastic. Not only is the writing itself beautiful but it’s also a great and suspenseful adventure story, in its way...