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The Great Annihilator (Remastered)
The Glowing Man
Cop / Young God
White Light from the Mouth of Infinity
Love of Life
Greed / Time Is Money (Bastard)
Public Castration Is a Good Idea (Live)
Holy Money / A Screw
To Be Kind
The Seer
We Rose From Your Bed With the Sun In Our Head
My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope To the Sky
Children of God/World of Skin
Swans Are Dead: Live '95-'97
Great Annihilator
Soundtracks For the Blind
Filth / Body To Body, Job to Job
Various Failures
Die Tür Ist Zu
Swans Jun 17, 2019
Swans Jun 13, 2019
Young God Records just made a batch limited edition silk screened posters from some past Swans' shows available for purchase. They are all signed by M. Gira. Check them all out here: (posted by YGR staff)
Swans Jun 11, 2019
Swans Jun 08, 2019
This was a great listening experience to accompany an otherwise tedious and lengthy drive yesterday. I came in midway in Nikolaus Brass, The Structures of Echo, which is a fantastic piece of music... have a listen...
Swans May 22, 2019
Watched this last night. Excellent. To say this is about "Dance" is like saying Taxi Driver is about Taxis. Anyway, a wrenching psychic workout - artfully and relentlessly deranged, w slow and meticulously depicted agony as minds unravel. Busby Berkeley is somewhere in there too...
Swans May 21, 2019
Before Kristof Hahn showed me this video I had never heard a note of them, had no idea what they sounded like. Now I have seen this video...
Swans May 16, 2019
was privileged a few days ago to see a screening of Fitz Lang's Metropolis w live orchestra at Berlin's Babylon Theater. An astounding experience...
Swans May 02, 2019
How life should be every day:
Swans Apr 29, 2019
yow! just passed on this way from Jeremy Hacksaw
Swans Apr 08, 2019
Marco Porsia's Swans film Where Does a Body End is now seeing the light of day. Several screenings listed at the link. There's also a trailer for the film at the link.
Swans Mar 30, 2019
Swans Mar 17, 2019
underbelly of new Swans song in process... have since orchestrated. now somewhat operatic/cinematic... UPDATE: apparently upper tiers of fundraiser have sold out, but other options still available some which include a pre order for the new album.
Swans Mar 14, 2019
Punk rocking w Mullins on the new Swans record.
Swans Mar 09, 2019
Norman Westberg on tour w Dbuk! Tour dates at the link.
Swans Feb 27, 2019
Hello! Swans Handmade Special Package Fundraiser CD "What is This?" and other assorted options to support the recording of the new Swans album now here: Extensive description of upcoming recording process by M.Gira also at the link.... Thanks for your support! *POSTED BY YGR STAFF*
Swans Feb 20, 2019
Fundraiser CD and assorted gizmos/items for upcoming Swans recording of the new album coming in next few days. If interested best to sign up to email list at ...Thanks! MG
Swans Feb 12, 2019
Just signed the last few remaining copies of my limited solo LP, I Am Not This. More info at this link if you’re interested: