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Evening Prayer EP
The Bakman Tapes
Susie Suh
Susie Suh Aug 17, 2019
Happy Summer ☀️ Xx
Susie Suh Jul 19, 2019
May all human beings be free. May we learn to to live peacefully with one another and in balance with Mother Earth. May light conquer the darkness. And may we never lose hope. . What do you wish for? Xx
Susie Suh May 15, 2019
Billie || 💜 Such a beautiful song..Xx . . . . . #whenthepartysover #billie #billieeilish
Susie Suh Apr 06, 2019
mood ||🧜🏼‍♀️
Susie Suh Feb 19, 2019
Timeline Photos
Susie Suh Feb 13, 2019
Timeline Photos
Susie Suh Feb 09, 2019
blooming 🌸
Susie Suh Feb 06, 2019
vocal toning || 🦋
Susie Suh Feb 06, 2019
winter vibes || ❄️
Susie Suh Feb 03, 2019
My EP is out today on all digital platforms!! If you’re free tonight I’d love for you to join me for a little release party/online hang - Evening Prayer EP Release Sunday Feb 3rd, 8pm PST Facebook Live Xx Susie
Susie Suh Jan 31, 2019
What is your spirit animal? Xx
Susie Suh Jan 30, 2019
Join me on Facebook Live this Sunday, Feb 3rd at 8pm PST and help me celebrate the release of my Evening Prayer EP!! Evening Prayer EP Release Facebook Live Sunday, Feb 3rd 8pm PST I'd love to chat with you and tell you a little more about the concept behind this EP, talk about the songs, and say hi..Hope you can make it (after watching the Super Bowl)!! Xx Susie (photo by Grey + Elle)
Susie Suh Jan 21, 2019
New song on YouTube! Evening Prayer EP out Feb 3rd..Xx
Susie Suh Jan 21, 2019
✨ Happy Sunday ✨Xx
Susie Suh Jan 18, 2019
Our love has no boundaries Our love is the space between Xx
Susie Suh Jan 17, 2019
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that my Evening Prayer EP is out FEB 3rd!! I’ll be releasing some exclusive content and info so if you’d like to stay connected sign up for my newsletter. And you can also DOWNLOAD this unreleased song for a limited time as well- Thank you so much for listening and for your support! Xx Susie
Susie Suh Jan 11, 2019
Susie Suh Jan 04, 2019
✨Happy New Year✨ May 2019 bring you joy, peace, and many blessings..Xx
Susie Suh Oct 12, 2018
we are always enveloped in light..Xx
Susie Suh Sep 05, 2018
don’t think twice it’s alright #bobdylan
Susie Suh Mar 28, 2018
✨Evening Prayer || Sunday, April 1st . Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 7pm PST!! Tune in on Facebook Live at where I will be doing a Q&A and singing a few songs for you. @joelshearer will be my special guest!! Xx . . #facebooklive #eveningprayer #candlelight #musicheals #quietthechaos #quietplace
Susie Suh Mar 20, 2018
Happy Spring || 🌷🌸🌺 Lovin the new book Heart Talk by @cleowade Xx . #cleowade #hearttalk
Susie Suh Mar 09, 2018
4SEE || 🕶 I wrote an article for my friends at @4seemagazin about some of my favorite spots in Los Angeles if you’d like to check it out: Xx
Susie Suh Feb 12, 2018
CA Winter
Susie Suh Jan 22, 2018
Path Less Traveled || 🙏🏻 . . Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to lead an unconventional life and do what you love. I decided long ago to make that choice. It’s been a windy road with many twists and turns, but honestly, I have no regrets.Xx . #noregrets #makeyourownpath #roadlesstravelled #thankyou #2018