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Survival Guide Dec 05, 2018
My next show is in Waco on Dec 15th! Through all my years of touring, I’ve never once played Waco — pretty excited to play a new city! The show is at @spinconnection, and this poster has me billed deceptively high 😊 I’m playing very early on, because the rest of these guys have Waco friends. Do YOU have Waco friends? Send them to this all-ages record store show!
Survival Guide Dec 03, 2018
There’s still time!! Become a $5 patron by the 5th to receive a holiday postcard. I’m learning to write your names fancy with a brush pen! See the whole video over at xoxoxo PS does anybody else find handwriting videos mesmerizing?? I love them (along w sketching, painting, any type of art-making videos)
Survival Guide Dec 01, 2018
TONIGHT, SAN ANTONIO! I’ve been prepping all day for this partay! Come hang w @alyson.alonzo @ajwokeup & me at 9pm, and let’s take photos with a sparkly backdrop before Alyson’s set!
Survival Guide Nov 26, 2018
Sneak peek at my holiday postcard! Subscribe on Patreon for $5 or more (monthly or just one time) to find one of these in your mailbox with your name on it all prettylike. Sign up by December 5 to make the cut! To check it out, go to ❤️🎁🌲
Survival Guide Nov 21, 2018
Photo by Craig McGreggor at In The Pocket
Survival Guide Nov 21, 2018
Thanks to Chris Conde and the San Antonio Current for the interview!
Survival Guide Nov 20, 2018
If you missed my set on Saturday with TheSTART in Austin, here's a description for you. Thanks to In The Pocket for doing a show review!
Survival Guide Nov 20, 2018
I just wanted to give my patrons a little public recognition on #thankyoupatrons day. You are the best!! If you're not a patron, you could watch this to see if any of my patrons share the same name as you. :) I've also got a holiday special coming up if you want me to mail you a holiday postcard! Watch to find out more. Also, HUGE apology to Parker who was accidentally left off the list!! :(
Survival Guide Nov 18, 2018
Good times with great friends last night in Austin. The START = wonderful people and talented musicians. So much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Survival Guide Nov 15, 2018
Free show at Bang Bang Bar on Friday November 30: performances by two women who do our own thing. 9PM
Survival Guide Nov 12, 2018
's cover photo
Survival Guide Nov 11, 2018
Hey San Antonio. What are you doing in a few Fridays? I’m considering this my first “local” show, and I’m making a party out of it! It’s a winter semi-formal: see a set by me and one by the talented @alyson.alonzo, eat some delicious baked goods, take photos in front of a sparkly backdrop, peruse my massive merch sale (one night only!), and drink and dance the night away. Admission is FREEEEEEEEEEE at @thebangbangbar!!
Survival Guide Nov 09, 2018
Little more than a week away — I’m so stoked to get to see my friends from theSTART and share a stage in Austin! Aimee’s caption below has more info... SEE YOU THERE #Repost @aimeeecho with @get_repost ・・・ Coming up quickly!!! This is our only live show this year. Featuring the super amazing @srvvlgd and a whole lot of @realtrailofdead as Jason Reece and his BAND OF BASTARDS. Jason and Autry will be DJ ing throughout the night and we will be dancing 💃🏼 🕺🏻 the night away. Ticket link in bio... #mohawkaustin #midnightmasses #trailofdead #thestartisaband #srvvlgd #aimeeecho #thingstodoinaustin #darkwave #livemusic #badreligion #humanwasteproject
Survival Guide Nov 01, 2018
I did an interview with Chris from @tototpodcast — go to his profile to hear more about That One Time On Tour! You can also just do a search wherever you normally listen to podcasts. I should have studied up on my own music career — he asked me multiple questions that I didn’t know the answers to. 😆
Survival Guide Oct 30, 2018
COMING SOON: I have the privilege of playing a show with theSTART *again*!! But this time in TX! More info below: #Repost @aimeeecho with @get_repost ・・・ Our only show this year! Tickets available at : (link in bio) So excited to play one of my fave placeswith my fave peoples... #srvvlgd #trailofdead #midnightmasses new songs coming your way... #mohawkaustin #riseup #shakedown #betofortexas #thestart
Survival Guide Oct 29, 2018
I’d never shared a stage with a werewolf before until Dallas with @polystarraband — what a creeper!! 😂 I love this photo so much, thanks @ghosttoasty for capturing it! Super fun show #srvvlgd #cousinsontheroad2018
Survival Guide Oct 27, 2018
SAN ANTONIO! I think it's high time I play a local show, since I've been living here for a while now! So please, mark your calendars for Fri. NOVEMBER 30TH at The Bang Bang Bar -- Alyson Alonzo will be playing too, and it's gonna be a party! When I announced I'd be moving here, SO many friendly people extended invitations to me to BBQ, coffee, drinks, etc, and I would love it if all of you came to this free party so I can meet/hang w everyone! I'm going to be baking some treats (cupcakes maybe? Cookies?) and having a one-night-only crazy merch sale. $5 t-shirts! And maybe I'll think of some more fun stuff to add to the party. Suggestions welcome :) Looking forward to it! (I'll post the event once I have full details.)
Survival Guide Oct 19, 2018
You guyzzzz! In a couple weeks, I’m playing an acoustic set IN CALIFORNIA with my very good friends and family, @trebuchetmusic. It’s gonna be so fun! #Repost @trebuchetmusic with @get_repost ・・・ Next month we are playing in Los Banos thanks to the Los Banos Arts Council. We will be joined by our literal sister band, @srvvlgd Come hang and enjoy this #homecoming show for the Whitehursts . . . #trebuchetmusic #indierock #survivalguide #srvvlgd #losbanos #losbanosartscouncilquiltguild #hotitaliantony #itsafamilyaffair
Survival Guide Oct 16, 2018
I made it home from tour (Tess did too!) and am taking a little recovery day — pjs, coffee, laundry, unpacking. Thanks so much to everyone who came to a show, hosted a show, let us sleep at their house, drove us around — it feels good to know there are people out there who believe in our creative endeavors. And of course thanks to @tess4444 who is such a fun tour partner!! We’ll be cousins on the road again for sure. ❤️ #cousinsontheroad2018
Survival Guide Oct 13, 2018
Mile Long Records was SO much fun in Wheaton!! Thanks to Mike, Dave, Brianna, and everyone who came out (especially Craig, who drove all the way from Green Bay)! I definitely hope to return next time I’m in the area. #cousinsontheroad2018 #milelongrecords @ Mile Long Records
Survival Guide Oct 11, 2018
Blurry bubble shower from last night’s show in St. Louis — so fun!! Chicago, come out to Mike Long Records this eve in Wheaton! I play around 6:30ish. We can hang out! #cousinsontheroad2018
Survival Guide Oct 11, 2018
I’m here w Haley of @motherstutter in St. Louis — get on down to Foam!! She goes on first, then me, then Brother Francis & the Soultones! #cousinsontheroad2018
Survival Guide Oct 06, 2018
Oh, you know, we’re just over here getting ready for our tour that starts TOMORROW! #cousinsontheroad2018 goes as follows: 10/6: TESS San Antonio 10/7: EM Dallas 10/9: TESS Omaha 10/10: EM St. Louis 10/11: EM Wheaton IL 10/12: TESS Minneapolis 10/13: TESS Kansas City For more info, check our websites - and See you soon! #grandmalovesitwhenwematch
Survival Guide Oct 03, 2018
Hey, DALLAS! What are you doing Sunday night?? I foresee you coming to this party and having tons of fun. I know I will, with this awesome lineup!! @polystarraband @vylitmusic #atomandEV
Survival Guide Sep 30, 2018
I’m organizing my merch for tour, and I *think* this is the very last one!! I’m so stoked I’ll be selling this at a show soon & all 500 copies will be out there in the world! #firstcomefirstserved #dallas?