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Survival Guide Aug 24, 2019
Hello! I’m back and I’m still alive, still working on music. Sorry I missed all of your major life events over the last 2 weeks but I do feel better about life now 💐
Survival Guide Aug 08, 2019
Hello, just wanted to let everybody know I’m taking a little mental health break from all social media for a bit. Maybe a week, not totally sure yet. Time for a reminder that life still exists outside of being digitally connected to the entire world 24 hours a day. That being said, you can always contact me through email if you want: [email protected], or I’ll get back to you when I return. Or text me ;) Oh, and to my patrons, I’ll still be hanging w you on Patreon 😊 Candid cocktail photo by @rathsamee ❤️ xo c-ya l8r ‘n’ stay c♾l
Survival Guide Aug 03, 2019
Here’s a tiny snippet from the jazz set I played with @jaimirez last night. Thanks to @ajwokeup for filming and for cutting the video before the highest falsettos!! 😂 If you live in SA, I think we’ll be doing more before too long because it was so fun. THANKS JAIME!
Survival Guide Jul 01, 2019
If you watch the whole video*, you'll have everything written out for you, but if you don't have a few minutes to spare, here's the details. On July 15th, I'm posting the audio from my acoustic show in NYC in May for all patrons to stream or download. And it includes a Tsunami Bomb cover, which I've never done! Through all these years! Go to to join, hear the live track on the 15th, and then you're invited to a livestream chat that evening where I'll be attempting to perform another acoustic cover song by The Misfits. See you then! *Live footage provided by Vonesper Studios
Survival Guide Jun 29, 2019
It took me a minute to find my face on this @altpress image commemorating 25 years of @vanswarpedtour — now it’s your turn to find the Agent M! Thanks for tagging me on the original post, @nothingfrequency82 😎
Survival Guide May 04, 2019
Dear NYC, thank you SO MUCH for the amazing show last night! Lots of familiar faces, friendly venue staff, and general good vibes. Let’s do it again sometime!! Thanks for enduring all my finger flubs. And shoutout to all the patrons too — I love you all! ❤️❤️❤️
Survival Guide May 03, 2019
NYC I AM HEEEEERE! Acoustic show tonight @theboweryelectric — starts at 7, I play around 7:30. Also on the bill @sheissilva @cardboardrocketship @yawnzone How do they keep this guy so shiny?
Survival Guide Apr 30, 2019
I did an interview with Cullen from Barn Show Productions -- check it out! They made this little teaser trailer. I'll never get used to hearing my own (speaking) voice recorded...
Survival Guide Apr 29, 2019
Important news for NYC acoustic show attendees! Contrary to the video I posted, my set STARTS at 7:30 PM. Tickets still only $5, link in bio!
Survival Guide Apr 25, 2019
It’s all in the video, but in case you don’t have one minute to watch it: I’m playing an ACOUSTIC SHOW in NYC at BOWERY ELECTRIC on MAY 3RD at 8PM — tickets are FIVE DOLLARS at this link: See you soon, New York & friends! #newyorkcity #nyny #acoustic
Survival Guide Mar 31, 2019
I played a @sofarsounds show at @cibolostudios last night and it was SO fun!! If you love live music and don’t know about Sofar Sounds, definitely check out what they’re doing. It’s different and refreshing! Thank you @sofarsanantonio (and @sanantoniolovelist for this photo)!
Survival Guide Mar 14, 2019
Photo by TJ Martinez
Survival Guide Mar 08, 2019
Last night’s @krtuindie showcase at @papertigersatx was SO FUN!! Definitely a privilege to play the big stage to a crowd of happy people, and I’m loving this shot by @tjmartinezphoto — it’s looking like a movie set with that video backdrop by @ceremony.av, the crowd silhouettes, the bubble trail falling over the phone that lines up perfectly with the background... 😎
Survival Guide Mar 06, 2019
Don’t forget! Tomorrow night I’m playing a free, all ages KRTU Indie Overnight show along with 8 other bands at Paper Tiger! I’m one of the earlier acts on the main stage — first band starts at 7:30, so get there on time! Also, look at the attached flyer but replace Fea with Crocodile Tears. 📷: @razorheron @ Paper Tiger
Survival Guide Feb 14, 2019
Maybe I shouldn’t be shouting, but I have a secret code for Valentine’s Day tickets w @bigbadharv210 & me! Until 5pm tomorrow you can get tickets for only $5 if you go to and use the code LOVEPT... but don’t say I was the one who told you... ❤️💗🖤💗❤️
Survival Guide Feb 08, 2019
Haven’t made plans yet for Valentine’s Day? I’m going to be singing a collection of love song duets with Harvey McLaughlin at Paper Tiger that night. Get your tickets now so you have a few more bucks to spend on champagne or flowers! 🥂💐💕💗💞💖💓💘 @ Paper Tiger
Survival Guide Feb 02, 2019
I switched a few things around on my Patreon to keep it all nice and fresh -- check it out at :D
Survival Guide Jan 31, 2019
🎶Did you ever get a chance 🎶To buy a ticket so you can come dance 🎶At Paper Tiger on Sunday night? 🎶Oops, IT SOLD OUT!! Alright, alright, alright 😎 If you DID happen to snag a ticket, make sure to come early!! I’m opening for @currentjoys and Gap Girls at 7:45 on Sunday! 📷: @razorheron #papertiger #matthewmcconaughey
Survival Guide Jan 17, 2019
Tomorrow night, San Antonio! I’m opening up for @wildmoccasins and DEGA at @papertigersatx — music starts at 9pm sharp! 📷: @cmcgreggor54
Survival Guide Dec 13, 2018
“It’s December 13 and I’m told it’s ladies night...” Have you listened to the newest MxPx Christmas song that I got to sing on? Put it on your holiday playlist! #Repost Mike Herrera Music with @get_repost ・・・ COLD CALLS Part 1 starring Emily Survival Guide Check it out & stay tuned. 📲☎️🎤 MxPx #mxpx #December #christmas #punkrock #poppunk
Survival Guide Dec 05, 2018
My next show is in Waco on Dec 15th! Through all my years of touring, I’ve never once played Waco — pretty excited to play a new city! The show is at @spinconnection, and this poster has me billed deceptively high 😊 I’m playing very early on, because the rest of these guys have Waco friends. Do YOU have Waco friends? Send them to this all-ages record store show!
Survival Guide Dec 03, 2018
There’s still time!! Become a $5 patron by the 5th to receive a holiday postcard. I’m learning to write your names fancy with a brush pen! See the whole video over at xoxoxo PS does anybody else find handwriting videos mesmerizing?? I love them (along w sketching, painting, any type of art-making videos)
Survival Guide Dec 01, 2018
TONIGHT, SAN ANTONIO! I’ve been prepping all day for this partay! Come hang w @alyson.alonzo @ajwokeup & me at 9pm, and let’s take photos with a sparkly backdrop before Alyson’s set!
Survival Guide Nov 26, 2018
Sneak peek at my holiday postcard! Subscribe on Patreon for $5 or more (monthly or just one time) to find one of these in your mailbox with your name on it all prettylike. Sign up by December 5 to make the cut! To check it out, go to ❤️🎁🌲
Survival Guide Nov 21, 2018
Photo by Craig McGreggor at In The Pocket