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With Doom We Come
Old Mornings Dawn
Oath Bound
Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
Dol Guldur
Nightshade Forests
Lug Burz
Minas Morgul
Summoning Apr 05, 2018
Summoning Apr 04, 2018
Summoning Apr 04, 2018
Summoning's cover photo
Summoning Apr 04, 2018
Summoning Apr 04, 2018
Summoning Feb 11, 2017
Wolfspell Records have released a very cool tribute sampler called "In Mordor where the shadows are". Three CDs in a box with a special relief structure, and a lot of bands doing their own version of Summoning songs from all decades. Really well done, support this.
Summoning Oct 19, 2016
Finally: New Merchandise and Vinyl from the back catalogue back in stock again at the Napalm Records Online Store:
Summoning Nov 19, 2015
The Austrian offshoot of VICE Magazine has just released a new issue entitled „Die blicken in den Abgrund Ausgabe“ (The staring into the abyss issue) with an old picture of Silenius as cover. inside, there´s an eight page SUMMONING photo gallery, featuring lost unedited photos from the early days, one dating back as long as 1993, aptly titled „Summoning The Old Days“. This is the first time SUMMONING is featured on the cover of a magazine and we are pleased seeing those photos unveiled in proper size and quality. Here’s a link to the online gallery: P.S.: A new Summoning CD will be out in 2016. More information will follow.
Summoning Aug 23, 2015
Shadows of the past Some time ago, when the Abigor LP box was put together, TT went through Silenius´ private archive of old books, memorabilia and photos. On that occasion, they re-discovered a whole stack of photo-negatives, ranging back as far as to the very first Summoning sessions in 1993 right through to some later, so far unpublished, shots made for various Summoning albums. These negatives were given to a good friend, Ben of Vice Magazine, who helped to carefully process and restore them. As a result, they can be presented now in the Summoning photo gallery, and a few selected ones right here. May these deliver a glimpse of old times´ glory.
Summoning Dec 08, 2014
Just for those of you who are interested in cool handmade fanzines; this one could be for you: The seventh issue of the "Convival Hermit". This over hundred pages strong fanzine from france contains different bands from the metal underground, but also from the folk and ambient genre, including a 6-pages article of Summoning with a long interview, reviews of the new CD and the Summoning tribute sampler and a short article about bands similar to Summoning. Beside that the Summoning homepage is updated, including a short article about the history of Summoning merchandise with some example photos of old shirts. Virus production has released "Lugburz" on tape. Again three versions are available.
Summoning Nov 20, 2014
Amestigon have managed to shorten the time of creation of their long-players drastically. So they announced their second longplayer "Thier" only four years after their first longplayer "Sun of all Suns". Amestigon were following the holy serpent and so "Thier" travels for around an hour along the shores of metaphysical existence. Again Silenius was very welcome as their guest to worship the Demiurg in a hallowed ritual and to lend his voice for one of the four songs. "Thier" is already mastered and at the moment the band finishes the layout. While Amestigon were working on the second album the opportunity arose to work together with WTC and to release the first album on vinyl."Sun of all Suns" got a new gatefold cover design. The album was remastered for vinyl and equipped with a bonus track. This highlight "Invocation of my demon brother" already shines the way to the forthcoming album "Thier".
Summoning Nov 15, 2014
Finally, the updated Summoning homepage is online! Protector has improved the visual presentation and added many details concerning Summoning releases - as well as all other projects they have contributed to during the last two decades. From the earliest tapes to rare promo-tapes, you will find the release infos almost complete. Still the content of this site is far from being fully complete and there will be regular updates. So, the input of you, the faithful, is welcome! If you have anything interesting (be it old photos, interviews, reviews etc.) to add, please contribute to this site and mail it to Summoning!
Summoning Oct 13, 2014
After having turned our attention on different things during the first half of this year, we are back to concentrate on summoning again. There are already some new riff composed and rearrangements have been done of songs from the O.M.D session. Protector also started to recreate our homepage, with a total new design and updated content. So the hammers are pounding loudly again in carven deep and far on the horizons the first ray of light are bearing witness of the return of the old ways ...
Summoning Aug 21, 2014
Markus Riedler is the 40 years old austrian founder and owner of Napalm Records, one of the biggest european metal labels at present. Starting with a Pungent Stench fanclub in the very beginning of the 90s, he decided to venture deeper into music business and established a small label, run from his home, initially focused on Death Metal. Within the first 2 years, through his underground mailorder and releases like Disastrous Murmur, Suffer or Visceral Evisceration, Napalm became a staple in the austrian scene. By that time, late may 1994, Abigor were searching for a label. Austria´s most enthusiastic tapetraders Bruder Cle and Karl Kern forwarded the demos to Napalm and soon a deal was sealed - which shaped not only the future of Abigor and soon Summoning, but also the direction Napalm Records headed to. After the success of the first two Abigor releases Markus focused on local black metal bands and so Korova and Summoning where added to the Napalm roster. In that time the compilation "With us or against us" with new signings like Nastrond and Setherial reinforced Napalm´s position as one of the leading Black Metal labels of that time. On this compilation Summoning decided not to replace Trifixion and continue without a drummer. The featured untitled song was the first step in this direction. Markus supported Summoning´s decision to focus on keyboard orchestration and ´Minas Morgul´ was the result of this development. the rest is history.
Summoning Aug 05, 2014
Tania Borsky is an Austrian woman and was singer of "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas". When Summoning worked for the upcomming album "Stronghold" back in the end of the 90ties, Protector came up with an rather untypical uptempo song, which had a strong rocking vibe. As this song stood out from the more epic tracks, which Summoning is known for, Protector wanted to give this song a new direction and so he let Tania do all the vocals. Allthough the band was satifsied with the result of this experiment, they never continued to work in that direction, simply because Summoning should not sound too much like this typical female fronted gothic metal.
Summoning Jul 23, 2014
ancient oath-bonds renewed it has been revealed earlier this year here that Silenius joined the ranks of ABIGOR for their new album. ´Leytmotif Luzifer - the 7 temptations of man´ is released in these very days. who is interested in the remarkable gathering, invoking Black Metal´s glory of the 90s again, can listen to Silenius´ seminal performance now. but for the SUMMONING fans, another guest appearance is of interest: Protector´s vocal witchcraft can be spotted in 4 songs with one line or another - listen closely and you will find out. so far the participation has been received splendidly, and knowing SUMMONING´s roots, the old ABMS days 2 decades ago, this unholy colaboration was very natural. Silenius and Protector meanwhile have returned to their caves to finish Old Morning Dawn´s remaining hymns and stories. more to be revealed soon. meanwhile, ride on, ride on, on the rotting horse on the deadly ground!
Summoning Jun 26, 2014
GEORG HRAUDA is an engineer who owned TONSTUDIO HÖRNIX and later focused on live PAs. HÖRNIX - located on the border of forest- and winequarter in lower Austria - was opened in 1982, and from 1984 on throughout the 80s, an early local Hardrock/Heavy Metal outfit recorded their demos there. In 1992 TT asked his local friends from that band to visit HÖRNIX and got in contact with Hrauda, so that he could use the studio for emerging BM projects. From 1994 on it became ABIGOR´s regular recording place. Many other things for the young and aspiring NAPALM RECORDS were executed there, like the ´With Us Or Against Us´ compilation and almost all CD layouts and advertisements for NAPALM in this time. Right after ABIGOR´s first visits, Silenius brought SUMMONING in to mix ´Lugburz´ there, although it was recorded in Vienna. But before Protector took over engineering for SUMMONING, the classic albums ´Minas Morgul´ and ´Dol Guldur´ are all-HÖRNIX productions. After Austria´s oldest two ABIGOR & SUMMONING, also later NAPALM signings AMESTIGON, DARGAARD and ANGIZIA as well as foreign bands like LUNAR AURORA recorded at HÖRNIX. When it comes to the history of Austrian Black Metal and the roots of NAPALM RECORDS, SUMMONING and ABIGOR, then TONSTUDIO HÖRNIX is an all important part of it.
Summoning May 20, 2014
Alexander Trondl aka Trifixion is an Austrian drummer, who lives in Vienna. In the end of the 80ties Silenius met him on a camping site. In those days both made their first musical steps in bands like "Shadow Vale" and "Charnel God". Later Silenius moved to Vienna and Alexander gave him lodgings for some years. In these years Summoning was founded and Trifixions drum performance was part of the rough and unpolished black metal style of those days. What many fans do not know is that he also did a lot of vocals on lugburz as well as on the demos.
Summoning May 05, 2014
The last chapter in our trilogy of analogue 90's SUMMONING releases, "Nightshade Forests", available for pre-order now. Ltd. 300 copies. Three songs originally culled from the release of Dol Guldur along with a bonus track recorded specifically for this release may not sound like much, but rest assured SUMMONING's EP "Nightshade Forests" from 1997 contains just as much quality as the aforementioned "Dol Guldur". And while the similarities are there, it still stands strong in and by itself with SUMMONING being one of the creative pinnacles in all that is metal. This EP is no different in its embodiment of the concept, even when parts may not sound 'metal' at all. An integral part of our own musical experience growing up, we hope the re-issue of these 4 tracks on cassette will bring forth as much emotion as they once did in us! With this release we complete the trilogy of nostalgic 90's SUMMONING re-issues. Simply mesmerizing...
Summoning Apr 16, 2014
Julia Wukovits is an 31 year old women from Austria and works as a biologic science assistant at the university of Vienna. At the time when Protector was working on Oath Bound, especially on the song "Land of the Dead", Julia was aside, practicing with the flute. When she heard the chorus melody, she began to practice this melody on her instrument. In the end protector recorded it, and although there was no need to use a real instrument beside the sound library, he did it just for fun, as a kind of reaction to all those people who always complained that real instruments sound so much better. in the end the result was that only the chorus melody was played with a real flute, while the first melody is a sampled one.
Summoning Feb 14, 2014
EERIE CONSTELLATIONS ARE ABOUT TO FORM! "We could hereby proudly announce a very special colaboration. Between his wintery wanderings on the snowcovered austrian mountains, out of the shadows of Mordor and in midst of the fiery circle steps Silenius, to record the vocals for the new Abigor album. To clarify, he is not THE new Abigor vocalist or permanent member, which makes this one-off event even more special and singular. One could ask how Silenius´ solitary character fits into the ranks of Abigor´s satanic fraternity again, and this could be answered with the strength of his performances: while Abigor´s musical and lyrical approach has been intellectual sometimes or outspokenly primitive the other, Silenius has in the past proven his approach is intuitive, and this has given Verwüstung its most powerful screams, Opus IV its eerily wide range, or Apokalypse its obscure whispers. as true artist he could empty himself and let his vessel be filled with the forces that are summoned. What has been hinted at on Supreme And Immortal will be unleashed and fully accomplished on Leytmotif Luzifer. Just that he will step out of the circle and into obscurity again after these 7 temptations." TT (on behalf of Abigor)
Summoning Feb 05, 2014
Last week Silenius did session vocals for a song for the new Amestigon album "Thier". Further news about this release will follow later this year.
Summoning Jan 10, 2014
LOST TALES is now available on vinyl for the first time ever! Etched Band Logo on Side B!
Summoning Jan 02, 2014
Now as the days grow colder and the old year is ending, the forges fires are burning low. And time has come for me to go to the mountain and become a shadow in my secret homeland. And there I will sit and wait and watch and sometimes the echoes of the world are calling from a distance. And so life goes on in a never ending flow onward to a new years dawning. Wherever you are out in this world I salute you. Silenius
Summoning Dec 11, 2013
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