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13 Voices
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Does This Look Infected?
Does This Look Infected?
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Half Hour of Power
Sum 41 Nov 28, 2018
My friend Todd Morse of The Offspring & Operation M.D. (w/ Cone) just put out his first solo record. You can download the song "Big Time Waster" now. - Deryck
Sum 41 Nov 27, 2018
Welcome To Hell 🤘 Fri 6/21 | Hellfest Open Air Festival | Clisson, FR
Sum 41 Nov 13, 2018
It's been a while Australia, but we never forgot about you! See you at Download Festival Australia 2019 in Sydney on 3/9 & Melbourne on 3/11.
Sum 41 Oct 30, 2018
Excited to partner with FOX Movies for their upcoming release of #BohemianRhapsody! We are all fans of Queen and they definitely had an impact on our band. Can't wait to see the movie this Friday! Full Video:
Sum 41 Oct 15, 2018
“Still Waiting” music video was released on this day in 2002.
Sum 41 Oct 12, 2018
'Chuck' was released on this day in 2004! What's your favorite song from the album?
Sum 41 Oct 12, 2018
Introducing Ayla Rose McCaslin!!! Born in October 9, 2018.
Sum 41 Oct 07, 2018
Happy 2nd birthday 13 Voices!
Sum 41 Oct 06, 2018
"Little Know It All" with Iggy Pop was released on this day in 2003.
Sum 41 Oct 05, 2018
Which of these albums are you going to listen to the most this weekend?
Sum 41 Sep 28, 2018
"God Save Us All (Death to Pop)” | September 28, 2016
Sum 41 Sep 28, 2018
We've just made several merch items from our 2018 tour available at
Sum 41 Sep 28, 2018
It makes no difference to me. #tbt
Sum 41 Sep 18, 2018
“Makes No Difference” was released on this day in 2000!
Sum 41 Sep 17, 2018
Sum 41 performing live at Riot Fest 2018 in Chicago. Photos: Kate Scott Photography
Sum 41 Sep 13, 2018
"rIn Too Deep" was released as a single during this month in 2001!
Sum 41 Sep 11, 2018
"Blood in My Eyes" was released as a single on this day in 2012.
Sum 41 Sep 11, 2018
Chicago, performance dates for Riot Fest have been announced! We take the stage on Fri Sept 14. We've also added a Late Night show at Concord Music Hall on 9/14 at 10pm.
Sum 41 Sep 09, 2018
Here's the Banger recap video of the 'Toronto Together' Benefit concert from Aug. 11th. Thx to our friends Billy Talent for asking us to be involved in this very important show for our hometown that we love... Toronto. - Cone
Sum 41 Sep 06, 2018
It is officially the end of the '13 Voices' album cycle. I don’t even know where to begin. First I will say thank you to everyone who came out to see us at these last summer shows in Canada and Europe. As well as the 'Does This Look Infected' 15th anniversary shows earlier this year in the U.S. We’ve now wrapped the whole '13 Voices' cycle with a 2 1/2 years on the road, a lot of sold out shows, some gold records and whole lot of amazing memories and stories to tell!! All I can say is thank you all so much for making our return feel so welcomed and embraced all over the world. Being in this band has never felt better. This last short run in Europe was special right from the start. The first show in France was amazing, playing Reading Festival & Leeds Festival for the first time in 15 years to such a welcoming and intense audience was awesome. Performing “Faint” with Mike Shinoda was incredible honor. (Chester, we miss you) Headlining our own sold out shows in Germany, to ending the tour in one of our most loved countries, Italy was unforgettable. (In Empoli Ariana and I shared our 3rd wedding anniversary as well!) Now we’re home and it’s time to jump in the studio and spend the rest of the year working on new music so we can get back out see you all again next year. (With the exception of Riot Fest in Chicago) There are lots of ideas for music. This whole time on the road was so inspiring for me that I was constantly writing all the time. Heavy stuff, fast aggressive stuff, as well as some mellow and melodic stuff too. Very eclectic, but at the end of the day ROCK music! And now it’s time to put it all together and make sense of it all. We will miss you, but we will be back! See you all again soon enough. - Deryck
Sum 41 Sep 03, 2018
Happy Birthday Cone!!!
Sum 41 Aug 30, 2018
Sum 41 live at Elbenwald on August 28, 2018. Photos by Kirsten Otto
Sum 41 Aug 28, 2018
Deryck & Frank will be performing a set of covers at the Strange 80s II benefit concert this year! Bid now on a pair of VIP tickets, which includes; premier balcony seating, a hosted bar, and a meet & greet with Deryck and Frank. Proceeds will benefit The Campaign to Change Direction and Give an Hour, serving the mental health space with truly impactful services, critical information and pervasive awareness spreading.
Sum 41 Aug 28, 2018
Thank you so much Reading Festival and Leeds Festival for an incredible weekend. Both shows were amazing and it was great be a part of it once again. It was also an incredible honor performing “Faint” with Mike Shinoda. Thank you all so much! - deryck
Sum 41 Aug 30, 2018
Sum 41 live at Leeds Festival on August 26, 2018. Photos by Kirsten Otto