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Sugar Fed Leopards Jan 16, 2019
Woah we’re supporting Painters and Dockers at their Painters and Dockers, Kiss My Art 30th Anniversary show on 8 FEB at Max Watt's House of Music with BATZ and The Desolettes 💋🤘✨
Sugar Fed Leopards Jan 11, 2019
Looking forward to hitting the NinchFest 3 stage tomorrow night for our first show of 2019! For a taste of the shapes we'll be making, here's some vision from last year's Reservoir Stomp 🔶🔴🔷💟 Thanks to Andrew Watson from Semiconductor Media - Film, Videography, Photography, Audio - Melbourne with additional camera by Aaron Cuthbert for making this 🎥 xx
Sugar Fed Leopards Jan 09, 2019
First gig of 2019!! Playing THIS SAT 12 JAN at NinchFest on the Mornington Peninsula w/ legends Zombitches Amyl and The Sniffers Pist Idiots Buried Feather and other fine musical acts to entertain you ✨💥🌊🏄‍♀️ SFL on 9:15 - 10pm xxx #thisleopardlyf #ninchfest
Sugar Fed Leopards Dec 13, 2018
...and some live footage via Spektraflash Lighting who did the incredible psychedelic visuals 💋
Sugar Fed Leopards Dec 13, 2018
Making shapes for the last time in 2018 !! at Cummins&Partners #Studio54 🕺🐎😤 #christmasparty2018🎄with heaven on four wheels Skate Odyssey Melbourne 💕✨🔥⛸ and the irrepressible YUMMY 👄💄🧝‍♀️💅 !! Shine on and see you next year xxx #lovelight #thisleopardlyf 🔮⚡️🧿
Sugar Fed Leopards Nov 18, 2018
Yeow here we are yesterday in full deep spring dazzling daytime with wonderfully talented special guests Biscotti on drums and Plazza on BVs 💘 Thanks for having us Music From The Wetlands!
Sugar Fed Leopards Nov 15, 2018
DAY TIME is a good time to DISCO (and other genres). Come see us in full daylight mode at 'Music From The Wetlands' THIS SUNDAY from 3:15pm xxxx DETAILS::
Sugar Fed Leopards Nov 09, 2018
Not sure if it's this kinda bohemian or that kinda bohemian but we're most definitely playing at A Bohemian Birthday Bash at The Moat on 14 NOV xxx
Sugar Fed Leopards Nov 07, 2018
NinchFest 3!! We're playing at it on 12 January 2019 on the Mornington Peninsula 🌞 It will be summer xx You deserve a weekend getaway xx
Sugar Fed Leopards Nov 05, 2018
Thanks for having us Reservoir Stomp 2018! So much fun xxx Next up we help celebrate The Moat's 7th Birthday at a party called A Bohemian Birthday Bash on 14 NOV. You should come for a wiggle xxx
Sugar Fed Leopards Oct 30, 2018
Ok ok it feels good to be back in the swing and we're very excited to play THIS SUNDAY at Reservoir Stomp 2018! For those of you who were quick to snaffle up tickets, we're on at 6:30pm on the inside stage. See you soon sweet Rezza xxx
Sugar Fed Leopards Oct 15, 2018
Kiddies! Mothers! Were finally doing a kids show! and its going to be on this very beautiful Sunday at Shake The Tree- Darebin Music Feast 2018! at the Thornbury bowls club! Fun! Please use it as an excuse to put on your tail, or fairy dress or paint your face and come down and shake the tree with our sweet kids set. Much springtime love x
Sugar Fed Leopards Aug 23, 2018
The cool things that can come of a winter hiatus 😍 Lovely leopard Lemona Squeeze has another psuedonym 'Louise Terra' and she made this amazingly beautiful video. Check it out! Congratulations Louise and Kate!
Sugar Fed Leopards Jul 23, 2018
💖🌹Look what they've done to my song ma! 🌹🙌 Passionate singer, talented musician and sometimes Leopard!! Helena 'Halva' Plazza has arranged a chorale version of our song 'ROSE'. Here it is performed by Honeymoon Bridge who launch their cassette on the 3rd of August at Northcote Uniting Church along with 'PLAZZA'. If you're up for a winter night of haunting song we ##highly$%& recommend coming along to see Miss Plazza and feel her special powers. 🦇🦇🦇 Dress dark.....🌃🎶🎶🧤 Tickets::
Sugar Fed Leopards May 24, 2018
Playing tomorrow (FRI 25 MAY) at the State Library of Victoria for Melbourne Writers Festival x The Boon Companions' The Book of Fête: Chapter Four event w/ TEK TEK Ensemble and Toga Rock! SFL on from 21:20-22:00 💘 📸 Photospunctuatemylife
Sugar Fed Leopards May 18, 2018
Everything you need to know about our next gig on MAY 25 at State Library Victoria for Melbourne Writers Festival / The Boon Companions 😶🙊🔇🗣️🙅‍♀️💃🕺🍸🥂❗💘
Sugar Fed Leopards May 09, 2018
So Friday's show with TFS has sold out, but we'll be performing next at the State Library of Victoria for The Book of Fête: Chapter Four presented by Melbourne Writers Festival and The Boon Companions on MAY 25!
Sugar Fed Leopards May 08, 2018
Excited to play alongside TFS Records and School Damage THIS FRIDAY at Howler Melbourne xx PS this Bee Gees interpretation is excellent ⚡
Sugar Fed Leopards Apr 16, 2018
Thanks for having us at your roller disco party Vintage Garage Preston xx Next SFL show at Howler Melbourne supporting TFS Records w/ School Damage on MAY 11 x
Sugar Fed Leopards Apr 14, 2018
TONIGHT at Vintage Garage Preston 1st BIRTHDAY ROLLERDISCO BONANZAAAAAGH!!!! 2x sets from 6:15 babes🕺🏻🐆👯‍♀️💃🐆💥💕🎶
Sugar Fed Leopards Mar 23, 2018
Hey hey 💘 As mentioned, we're not doing any more headline shows in 2018 but if you want us to come play an intimate show for you and your friends at your place / party / pontoon, we're on Parlour xx Can come to yours sometime from April - June. Book us and we will x
Sugar Fed Leopards Feb 27, 2018
Heartfelt thanks to for this excellent review of our 'Bouquet for Valentine's Day' show at the Corner Hotel on 16/02 with Madeline Leman and China Beach 😍 To quote author Donald Finlayson, ' described as 'Saturday Night Fever meets Kath & Kim on acid'. Donald - you get us, you really really get us! xx
Sugar Fed Leopards Feb 24, 2018
Oh no, due to weather our gig with The Clams is clamcelled i.e. not happening. ☔️ So sad. Please check their pages for more details, and hopefully it’s rescheduled soon xxxxxx #thisleopardlyf #melbourneweathersucks #loveyou
Sugar Fed Leopards Feb 21, 2018
OK OK so our actual last show for who knows how long is THIS SATURDAY at Better Wetter: Water ballet & pool party 💦 ❣️ 🐚 2x day time sets alongside DJ Whiskey Houston at the Northcote Aquatic & Recreation Centre where The Clams will take you on a clamtastic synchronised aquatic storytelling journey xxx
Sugar Fed Leopards Feb 20, 2018
Oh MAN, we've just recovered! Thank you so much to all the gorgeous people who came to the Corner Hotel last Friday and made it a really great night. Big thanks to all the stella performers, excellent musicians and behind the scenes wizards of the show. We had a great time and it went all too fast xxx Cheers to Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells, China Beach, Tanzer, Sammaneh, DJ Lady Love Potion and DJ Jen Moore, Rose Chong for the costuming, Margaret Brett and David Palmer for doing the merch, Neil Gray on sound, Hamish on lights, the Corner venue staff and special thanks to Kevin Bergin for the photos. More can be seen on his website and will pop more up here soon BIG WARM LOVE XXX