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Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live - Royal Albert Hall
Live at the Royal Albert Hall, March 24, 2010
Suede Aug 19, 2019
TOMORROW! TUES AUG 20, 7PM! Suede - Crown & Anchor Ptown Carnival Wk! ONLY SUMMER SHOW! TIX: Ltd VIP 1st few rows!
Suede Aug 16, 2019
Suede Aug 16, 2019
Oh, yes, please. May I have a ticket for THAT performance, please? Service dogs in training on how to navigate theaters for their humans. Gives one paws. ♥️
Suede Aug 11, 2019
We. Can't. Wait. You shouldn't either!!! We sell this place out. Go! Bring newbies!
Suede Aug 11, 2019
From my dear friends at, Provincetown - a rare week-long cancellation during Carnival Week! Great rooms, fantastic location! And guess who's doing a show Tues, Aug 20, 7pm at the Crown & Anchor?!?! JUMP IN FAST! It won't last! 508.487.9665 Tell them I sent you!
Suede Aug 07, 2019
Yes. This. Connection. Kindness. Thoughtfulness. Consideration. Listen to the children.
Suede Aug 06, 2019
Well said, Mr President
Suede Aug 06, 2019
Thank you, most brave warrior. Fly free.
Suede Aug 04, 2019
Up next, the truly extraordinary Cecile McLorin Salvant Music... A new Master. Yes, yes, yes... Oh my, yes.
Suede Aug 02, 2019
Provincetown at Crown & Anchor for Provincetown Carnival produced by The Provincetown Business Guild Ltd VIP 1st few rows. DON'T WAIT! TICKETS HERE: Pre-show diners get preferred seating. Res req'd 508.487.1430
Suede Aug 02, 2019
This is a wee bit later than usual - well, it IS August on Cape Cod -- but we had a BLAST at the beautiful Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater last Tues with that full house! What a beautiful space to perform in! It was our first time there and, I hope - and judging from the numbers on a Tuesday night - won't be our last! Thanks to everyone who showed up, esp on a sweltering night! Huge shout out and thanks to our fantastic sound tech Darby Smotherman, Fred Boyle, piano and Rich Hill on bass. What a team. I'm so fortunate to have you all with me! On to Provincetown for our Carnival show August 20 (see "Events" on this page for tics!) after the fabulous Newport Jazz Festival - in PERFECT weather! (Phew)
Suede Jul 27, 2019
Me and these guys THIS week! Suede - WHAT Theater, Wellfleet, Cape Cod TUES, JULY 30 at 8PM - Join us! TICKETS: Cape Cod. Rt 6 at Wellfleet Post Office.
Suede Jul 27, 2019
TUES, JULY 30, 8PM, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater!! TICKETS: Cape Cod. And --- GO! Rt 6 at Wellfleet Post Office, next to Dunkin Donuts! GET THERE! With Fred Boyle, piano & Rich Hill, bass
Suede Jul 18, 2019
Love this. H/T to Barbara Laronga
Suede Jul 18, 2019
Wequassett Resort - Cape Cod Jazz Fest and producer Robert Tallala - WOW. INCREDIBLE night, despite torrential rain and severe thunderstorms. You PACKED the place! Fantastic trio with Fred Boyle, pno, Rich Hill, bass and Steve Langone, drms with the great Darby Smotherman on sound. And that audience!!!!!!!!! WE HAD A BLAST! A great, great night... THANK YOU!!!
Suede Jul 15, 2019
Suede - WHAT Theater, Wellfleet, Cape Cod - ONE NIGHT ONLY Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater TUES, JULY 30 at 8PM! NY says she's like Adele meets Diana Krall meets Bette Midler. Dare her. She's headlined with Melissa Etheridge & Sarah McLachlan and was Joan Rivers' opening act. COME SEE WHY!!!! TICKETS: With Fred Boyle, piano & Rich Hill, bass. LTD VIP!
Suede Jul 09, 2019
Suede Jul 08, 2019
WOW! What an incredible weekend of performances, all genres, at National Women's Music Festival in Madison, WI! Amazing, generous audiences, fantastic production crew, all while glamping at The Marriott. Playing with extraordinary pianist Tomoko Ohno and bassist Noriko Ueda was divine, and being guest vocalist with Sherrie Maricle & The DIVA Jazz Orchestra was an absolute dream come true! My heart is full. Huge thanks to everyone who's worked so hard to keep this great festival alive for 44 years and to the devoted audience who shows up to make that possible! Onward, badass warriors! Thanks for letting me play along!!
Suede Jul 01, 2019
Heading to Wisconsin, my Midwestern friends!!! Suede, National Women's Music Fest, WI in Madison (the 44th!!!) with the amazing Tomoko Ohno on piano and the incredible Noriko Ueda on bass. It's a great weekend of music and comedy. We hit at 1pm Sunday, July 7! If you're close by GET THERE. If you have pals in the area SEND ME NEWBIES!!!! AND - I'll be a guest soloist with the PHENOMENAL Sherrie Maricle & The DIVA Jazz Orchestra!!! WOOT!!!
Suede Jul 01, 2019
The brutality of the music business. "This is Scooter Braun, bullying me on social media when I was at my lowest point. He's about to own all the music I've ever made," Swift wrote. "Now Scooter has stripped me of my life’s work, that I wasn’t given an opportunity to buy. Essentially, my musical legacy is about to lie in the hands of someone who tried to dismantle it."
Suede Jun 21, 2019
Again with the Dutch. My people. H/t Rebecca
Suede Jun 17, 2019
My Daddio in his happy place - on the water, in his beloved "Whiskers" (now living on Cape Cod with me). Miss you every day. Thanks for the love of boats (esp wooden), classic cars, great music, and quick wit!
Suede Jun 17, 2019
And... meeting Andrew McCabe. I had so many more questions...He's warm, genuine, generous, and complete integrity.
Suede Jun 17, 2019
GREAT Provincetown Film Society & Festival last weekend! A highlight - the extreme pleasure of meeting the truly great, generous and gracious (as human, activist, and artist with SERIOUS chops) Judith Light, thanks to my dear friends, fantastic fashion designer David Josef Fashions and Daniel James Forrester, who snapped the pic. ♥️
Suede Jun 14, 2019
Let's GO!