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Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live - Royal Albert Hall
Live at the Royal Albert Hall March 2010
Bilbao BBK Live Bilbao BBK Live 2019
Venue: Bbk Live Fest (Bilbao, Spain) Find tickets
Pennfest Pennfest 2019
Venue: Penn Street (Amersham, UK) Find tickets
Suede at Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre (July 31, 2019)
Venue: Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
A Summer's Tale A Summer's Tale 2019
Venue: Eventpark Luhmühlen (Luhmühlen, Germany) Find tickets
Suede Jun 17, 2019
My Daddio in his happy place - on the water, in his beloved "Whiskers" (now living on Cape Cod with me). Miss you every day. Thanks for the love of boats (esp wooden), classic cars, great music, and quick wit!
Suede Jun 17, 2019
And... meeting Andrew McCabe. I had so many more questions...He's warm, genuine, generous, and complete integrity.
Suede Jun 17, 2019
GREAT Provincetown Film Society & Festival last weekend! A highlight - the extreme pleasure of meeting the truly great, generous and gracious (as human, activist, and artist with SERIOUS chops) Judith Light, thanks to my dear friends, fantastic fashion designer David Josef Fashions and Daniel James Forrester, who snapped the pic. ♥️
Suede Jun 14, 2019
Let's GO!
Suede Jun 14, 2019
Happy weekend everyone! Get out and see some live performance! Or, go DANCE with hips in wanton swirl!! Or, BOTH!
Suede Jun 07, 2019
Hey organizers of Boston's Straight Pride Parade - has this ever happened to you or your friends while out on a date? Asking for a LOT of friends.
Suede Jun 07, 2019
And, the women of WWII and D-Day
Suede Jun 07, 2019
Wow. Chills. Yes, playing the trumpet IS that personal. H/T Rebecca.
Suede Jun 06, 2019
To all the heroes in Normandy on June 6, 1944, thank you for your profound commitment, extraordinary courage and dedication. Below, nurses coming ashore to care for the wounded troops. We will never forget.
Suede Jun 02, 2019
Be the light. Thank you, Danny. ♥️
Suede Jun 01, 2019
New web project immortalizes the overlooked women who helped create rock and roll in the 1950's.
Suede Jun 01, 2019
Try answering "unknown number" with "Hello, caller! You're on the air."
Suede May 29, 2019
The power of music. Presence of the Divine.
Suede May 28, 2019
Ogunquit, Maine: Beautiful Place by the Sea and Jonathan's Ogunquit --- WHAT A NIGHT! Full house, great audience! Fred Boyle & Bill Miele knocked it outta the park, Joe did his usual fantastic job on sound and Larry, Max and all of Jonathan's staff were lovely as ever! Special thanks to our great sponsors Admiral's Inn Resort & Amore Breakfast - Ogunquit, Maine - the icing on the cupcake! THANK YOU ALL! Happy summer and see you in the fall!
Suede May 28, 2019
Photo by Carol Hill, C A Hill Photo. Thankfully my nails were clean. Phew.
Suede May 27, 2019
Great. Another free gig offering "exposure", only this time it's offered by musicians - really rich, famous musicians who demand that contestants/writers waive all royalties to their songs after all that exposure. Wrong.
Suede May 27, 2019
Today we honor members of all our armed forces who paid the ultimate price, that we should remain free. Heartfelt gratitude to them and their families for their service and sacrifice. Rest in peace.
Suede May 23, 2019
THIS SATURDAY! MAY 25th, gorgeous Ogunquit, Maine! TICKETS HERE: Stay with sponsors Admiral's Inn Resort and nosh with Amore Breakfast - Ogunquit, Maine, on property. DO NOT WAIT!!!
Suede May 18, 2019
TICKETS: SAT, MAY 25th, Mem Day Wknd, Ogunquit, Maine, gorgeous so. coast, an hour from Boston or Portland. Diner's preferred seating. Res req'd 207.646.4777 Ogunquit, Maine: Beautiful Place by the Sea at Jonathan's Ogunquit. Stay with sponsor Admiral's Inn Resort, bfast at Amore Breakfast - Ogunquit, Maine!
Suede May 15, 2019
Lead on, oh kinky turtle!
Suede May 15, 2019
Headliner with Melissa Etheridge & Sarah McLachlan. Opened for Joan Rivers. Come see why! TICKETS: Ogunquit, Maine: Beautiful Place by the Sea - GORGEOUS so. coast of Maine, an hr from Boston & Portland for Mem Day Wknd. Preferred seating for pre-show diners. Res req'd 207.646.4777. Jonathan's Ogunquit Stay with sponsors Admiral's Inn Resort, bfast with Amore Breakfast - Ogunquit, Maine on property.
Suede May 15, 2019
TICKETS: Jonathan's Ogunquit On the beautiful southern coast of Maine, just an hour from both Boston & Portland! Stay with our sponsors Admiral's Inn Resort. Tell them I sent you! Breakfast with the fabulous Amore Breakfast - Ogunquit, Maine on property! Perfect time of year to be in Ogunquit, Maine: Beautiful Place by the Sea, Suede, Jonathan's Ogunquit Mem Day Wknd!
Suede May 15, 2019
Photo credit goes to Brad Fowler
Suede May 14, 2019
Oh, brilliant one. The immense joy you brought to the world... Rest in peace.
Suede May 14, 2019
The power of partnership