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SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Mar 26, 2019
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Mar 14, 2019
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Feb 11, 2019
Wishing our guitarist Chee Nou a happy birthday!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Feb 10, 2019
Proof that being inspired and dedicated to your craft can truly lead to success. Also proof that you don't require the best of the best in gear and materialistic items to create amazing work. This is the guitar that we used to write and record "Mi Noog" as well as all of album 1. It is by far nothing special, and it was shared within the band for we could not afford anything of our own at the time. This instrument helped build the foundation for the skill sets that we so enjoy today. It was our teacher, our mentor and many times it was an extension of our heart which allowed us to convey our feelings into music in hopes that one day we could share it with the world. It is not the best of the best, but it served it purpose well for we fueled it with passion, dedication, inspiration and everything else we had to give. The result has allowed us to continue doing what we love for the past 10+ years. So stay motivated, keeping dreaming big, and be sure to open your heart out to inspiration for it comes in many forms and always unexpectedly. And when you get to where you're going, don't forget where you've been. -SR #vol3
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Feb 10, 2019
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Jan 23, 2019
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Jan 08, 2019
Hey all!!! To kick off the year, and after many requests, we are putting together some turtorials for all of you rockers! The videos will be released via our youtube channel so be sure to visit and subscribe to receive notifications when the videos go live! Once we reach 5,000 subscribers, we will release the first video!!!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Dec 31, 2018
Thank you to everyone that came out last night. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Fresno you were amazing! Huge shoutout to the YDR crew, Hmoodle and OYO for hosting this event! Departures are aways bitter sweet, but we do so with a heavy heart, filled with Fresno love. SR would like to wish each and everyone the happiest of new years. May you and your loved ones be blessed with a positive and prosperous year ahead. Safe travels! Much Love, -SR
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Dec 29, 2018
Hello Fresno! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and the Fresno HNY festivities! Can't wait to see everyone on Dec. 30th!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Dec 25, 2018
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Dec 21, 2018
Here's a clip of our new single "Daim Nplooj Ntoos" performed at the BC, Canada Hmong New Year. Thanks to Shoua L-Her for the camera work! Join us as we perform this song as well as many others at Club Imperio in Fresno on Dec. 30th! A little over a week to go and we are super excited! #daimnploojntoos #suddenrush #3rdannualwinterball #fresnohmongnewyear Hmoodle
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Dec 13, 2018
Wow...500k views! Thank you to everyone for your amazing support. Much love!!! #daimnploojntoos #suddenrush
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Dec 12, 2018
Amazing!...Thanks again MN!....Fresno here we come!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Nov 29, 2018
's cover photo
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Nov 29, 2018
See you soon Fresno! #fresnohmongnewyear #suddenrush Sudden Rush
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving to all the friends, family, and fans in the States! It is truly a blessing to have had the best fans behind us throughout these years. Today, we just wanted to take some time to thank you and let you know we are truly grateful for all your support! Cant wait to see Minnesota this Saturday and Fresno in December!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Nov 21, 2018
Suddenrush will be visiting our friends at the Creative Results booth (Booth P4) in the River Center HNY on Saturday, November 24th from 11am-Noon. Be sure to stop by to say hi. Suddenrush CD's, T-shirts and concert tickets will also be available during this time. Creative Results Center For Hmong Arts & Talent
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Nov 10, 2018
Hello Friends! Many of you have asked about SR's back story so here you go!!! One behalf of "Mi Noog's" 10 year anniversary, we are pleased to present you with our Suddenrush documentary. We hope you enjoy the video and we are so excited to finally be able to share a bit about Suddenrush's history with you. Special thanks to Creative Results and Super-Seng Stage III for their efforts in making this possible! Special thanks to the artists who had inspirational words for Suddenrush. We are happy to have been able to inspire you, as you continue to do so for us too!! Click the link below for the video and don't forget to like, share, comment and subscribe!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Oct 29, 2018
Hello friends! As promised, we have a surprise for you. Due to the overwhelming feedback and the requests for an acoustic rendition of our new single "Daim Nplooj Ntoos" it is!!! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to see more SR content! Hope you enjoy! Thank you to Shoua-Lo Her for your videography work!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Oct 19, 2018
See you soon Minnesota!!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Oct 17, 2018
Hello friends! We've got some exciting concert announcements to share with you!! SR will be going live this coming Thursday night from our rehearsal space to give you the details. Maybe even play a song for you guys?? :) Join us this Thursday night at 9pm Pacific time for concert dates and a chance to win a CD!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Sep 21, 2018
Our new single "Daim Nplooj Ntoos" is now available via shopify and itunes!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Sep 21, 2018
"Daim Nplooj Ntoos" The leaf represents her: free flowing in the wind, lives in the warmth of the sunlight. The tree represents him, her lover: the roots, strength & stability in their relationship. The guitar represents her passion: music. In the end, the picture signifies that she, her lover & her passion are 1. In life we should not have to choose 1 or the other. We can have both career & love. As the support system (the tree) we need to trust that the wind may carry the leaves away, but ua siab loj, because the leaves will always return in the spring. Daim nplooj ntoos (the leaves) no matter how far they drift away, will always return in the spring. The tree is bare & incomplete without the leaves. And the leaves cannot grow without the tree. They need eachother...they complete eachother. Just like true love. Click the link below to check out our new video which features the new single "Daim Nplooj Ntoos". Feel free to like, share, leave a comment and subscribe!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Sep 15, 2018
Suddenrush's new single "Daim Nplooj Ntoos" is now available for purchase!!! Click the link below and grab your copy now!
SuddenRush (Official Band Page) Sep 14, 2018
We're excited to share with everyone Suddenrush's music video featuring our newest single "Daim Nplooj Ntoos". A huge thanks to the entire Creative Results team and Super-Seng Stage III for making this happen. Shout outs to Txos Lauj and Hannah G Lee, it has been an amazing experience working with everyone! Click the link below and subscribe to our youtube channel to get notified of any new videos. #DaimNploojNtoos #suddenrushhmong #suddenrushnewmusic #suddenrushnewmusicvideo #creativeresults #airtraxmotionpix #suddenrush2018