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Suburban Legends
Suburban Legends Nov 30, 2018
Hey Everyone! Vince and Aaron's side project just released their Christmas Album today!!!!!!! If you have kids or you just want some fun Holiday music, support and buy it on iTunes!!!!! Thanks!!!!
Suburban Legends Nov 10, 2018
LEEDS!! Sold out show tonight!!! Doors @ 6p Suburban Legends go on at 6:30p then @zebrahead then @lessthanjake then @reebigfish
Suburban Legends Nov 03, 2018
Nottingham!! We’re go on at 6:05p tonight!! Klemm is excited. Raise the ROOF!!!
Suburban Legends Oct 30, 2018
UK friends! DAY 1, we’ve landed on your sunny shores and we is ready to rock with our good friends Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Zebrahead! DOORS tonight are at 6:30p, we go on at 6:55p. so if you want to catch us then be sure to show up early!! See you there!!
Suburban Legends Oct 28, 2018
FlyGuyz. UK, we coming 🇬🇧
Suburban Legends Oct 27, 2018
UK!! What day are you going? Tickets are selling out fast if they’re still available. Get yours today...or if you’re feeling extra dangerous get yours tomorrow. Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Zebrahead SOLD OUT SHOWS: Nov 2 Bournemouth (SOLD OUT) Nov 3 Nottingham (SOLD OUT) Nov 4 Bristol (SOLD OUT) Nov 9 Liverpool (SOLD OUT) Nov 10 Leeds (SOLD OUT) Nov 14 Manchester (SOLD OUT) Nov 17 Dublin IR (SOLD OUT) Zebrahead & SL Nov 7 Huddersfield (SOLD OUT)
Suburban Legends Oct 26, 2018
UK!! We're coming!! With our friends Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and Zebrahead!! Tickets are going fast so get yours!! Check your city, check these dates, make decisions fast and buy all the tickets NOW!!
Suburban Legends Oct 24, 2018
Helloooooo friends across the pond!!! So this is happening soooooon!!!! Shows are selling out fast! Who’s comin? Reel Big Fish Less Than Jake. Zebrahead
Suburban Legends Oct 24, 2018
2 years ago today Facebook has reminded us that Suburban Legends met hip hip legends 2 Live Crew!
Suburban Legends Oct 13, 2018
Woooohooo!! Our bff’s Reel Big Fish just released a new single!!! Go listen to it a million times and get obsessed 😇😇😇
Suburban Legends Sep 27, 2018
More sold out shows popping up on our upcoming tour with Reel Big Fish Less Than Jake and Zebrahead!!! Get tickets now!! The other shows are selling fast!! Get them while you can 💪💪💪
Suburban Legends Sep 21, 2018
Hi Friends! Come check us out on Saturday the 22nd in Downtown Disney! We will be on the ghost town stage right next to the spooky abandoned restaurants and movie theater. Well... maybe not that spooky, I mean there is an ice cream truck there now! Sets starting at 6, 7, 8, and 9! See you there!
Suburban Legends Sep 12, 2018
So it turns out you need plane tickets to get to the UK! Why not take a look in our web store? We have some new stuff available for your purchase pleasure! New embroidered patches, shirts, and stickers!
Suburban Legends Sep 10, 2018
Suburban Legends are playing at down town Disney AGAIN?? This weekend?? Sept 15th?? We start playing at 6 and play sets every hour until 10.... pretty please come out and say hi 🦄🦄 playing on the stage in front of ESPN zone
Suburban Legends Sep 09, 2018
Help!! Our friends We Are The Union need to reach their kickstarter goal by the end of the day. Help them crack 20k and they’ll release a new song from their new record Self Care. Every little bit counts!!
Suburban Legends Sep 02, 2018
Want just a little more suburban legends before your long weekend is over?? Well, we are gonna be back at Down town Disney tomorrow!!! That’s right!!! They are having bands there again for a limited time... sooooo if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow come out and see us!!! We start at 6 and play until 10 ... 4 sets💪😇😇😇
Suburban Legends Sep 01, 2018
When you read this just know we are blushing and don’t deserve such praise. Big ups to Jimmy for such kind words.
Suburban Legends Aug 30, 2018
Hi!!!! We have shows this weekend with Goldfinger, The Suicide Machines, and Buck-O-Nine!!! Do you have your tickets yet????
Suburban Legends Aug 28, 2018
New Stuff ready for our upcoming shows this weekend at the House of Blues San Diego and Anaheim!!
Suburban Legends Aug 19, 2018
Brian Klemm and Vincent Walker are live on the air with TNN RADIO! KX 93.5 on iheart Pandora and Spotify
Suburban Legends Aug 03, 2018
Already a sold out show with Zebrahead on one of our solo dates! More coming!! Get the tickets while you can💪💪
Suburban Legends Aug 01, 2018
More UK dates??? That’s right!! This is now the UK tour with no days off... cuz why would we want one?? Us and Zebrahead will be doing our own shows on the days off from the Reel Big Fish Less Than Jake tour.... so hopefully you can catch us near you... tickets will move fast for allllllllll these shows!! Get them while you can! Xoxo
Suburban Legends Jul 31, 2018
Shows are starting to sell out for our Oct/nov tour with these guys!! Hurry up and get your tickets before they disappear 😱😱😱 Reel Big Fish Zebrahead Less Than Jake
Suburban Legends Jul 23, 2018
Oh yeah.... did we mention we have some shows coming up yet?? Cali shows With Goldfinger and [The Suicide Machines] and then hop over to England with Reel Big Fish Less Than Jake and Zebrahead!!!
Suburban Legends Jun 27, 2018
What??? Friendship time with Reel Big Fish Less Than Jake AND Zebrahead???