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Lost Direction
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
The Consequences of Relying Upon Outdated Mythology (feat. Submerged, Temulent, Quoit & Impulse)
Ghost Dope
Ghost Dope
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
98 Moore Street Apt. 4b
Stars, Lights, The End
Don't Hide
Brutal Calling
Stars Lights the End
Violence as First Nature
Submerged Apr 18, 2019
#tbt to that time I had Justin K Broadrick, Joel Hamilton, and Jason Selden with a triple guitar attack, with the sample from Trash Humpers
Submerged Apr 16, 2019
The homies Triamer & Nagato remixed my classic SERVANT. You will see this...soooooon. It is amazing.
Submerged Apr 12, 2019
Gore Tech Geist Fibre GET IT NOW (a little simpler than the love poem I wrote George on my personal page)
Submerged Apr 05, 2019
So I threatened to announce my new EP yesterday....... Submerged THE ERADICATION OF UNTRUTH 4 tracks including collaborations with: AjaMari Savage Masamune Molecular and art from the fantastic Sagana Squale Audio clips soon...but the work is done and we are off to print!! Looking at a June for release ...a precursor to this Fall's Exit Exosphere LP...
Submerged Apr 04, 2019
SHOTS FIRED BY ME I FIRED THEM #liquiddrumandbass #khole I have an EP to announce tomorrow. My next vinyl dnb release will be this June.
Submerged Apr 03, 2019
Submerged Apr 02, 2019
file under shit I never guessed but should have: found out SHVLFCE is brick strong carrying Gore Tech records cos he played fucking hockey. wiry mans can haul. oh yeah, we got the Gore Tech vinyl in at the office. ha!
Submerged Mar 28, 2019
OK so today we go 180º from yesterday's audio selection and present you with Grzegorz Bojanek's latest album "PURE" This is warming, spacious, progressing from relaxing to hauntingly beautiful music and if you skip it, you are definitely missing out on that life. I'm inspired now...I can finally do my stone meditation music here...
Submerged Mar 27, 2019
OK so check this tune out that I've been playing a WHILE - if you've been at any of my gigs recently you'll def recognize this dubplate I been smashing from Manchester's Gore Tech I also thank my other new best buddy BILLAIN for publishing this on his dope ass Youtube channel Terminal! Tunes like this are WHY I do Ohm Resistance and WHY I'm excited to play drum & bass 4ever and always
Submerged Mar 24, 2019
I have been friends with Mick for 21 years. He is non-stop. Super happy to have him on my Ohm Resistance label again, I missed this maniac
Submerged Mar 22, 2019
#15 in DnB mixes I've never been #1 at anything. In 1995 I was #2 at 135 lbs in the MD state wrestling tournament. Silver Medal. I wanna grab the gold here = please help me lift organically and win the right way and spread my mix around friends and family: The real shit from my man Gore Tech, Medium DNB, Paragon, Skizaph0nic (get better soon Jed!!), Masamune, Savage, Luke Lund, Inner8, and introducing my new favorite from Hamburg: Ideatorz Dnb (his upcoming EP on Distortion is such FIRE) and many many more!! BLAST YA FRIDAY! big up once again to my friends at Machine for highlighting my amazing skull here ;P
Submerged Mar 19, 2019
Here is the new DJ Mix I did for Undrig's Sub.FM show this last Sunday - and yeah it's raging Drum & Bass. You can hear 2 tracks off my new EP, a slew of the new Gore Tech album, loads of banging DnB and some surprises at the end... I'd like to thank Machine for turning my head into a 3D Render for the cover of this mix, John Vincent for giving me the slot on SUB FM, and Daniel D Moore for the 97.3 FM simulcast... one of my best, ya been warn'd!
Submerged Mar 17, 2019
Tonight at at 10pm EST / 7pm PST / 2am UK / 3am Germany my latest DJ mix airs. Simulcast on 97.3 FM in Harpswell, ME! Big thanks to Undrig who plays after me so stay tuned in! Tunes from Gore Tech, Current Value, Luke Lund, Paragon, Savage, Masamune, Homemade Weapons, myself and many more!!!
Submerged Mar 16, 2019
Pool party #2 @ Bangface
Submerged Mar 15, 2019
I have been CANING these tracks on the dancefloor. Now's your chance to get on top of this album because it is PURE FIRE...and I ain't just saying that cos I got a proper English breakfast at Gore's house this morning GEIST FIBRE Pre Order is up now!!
Submerged Mar 15, 2019
Submerged Mar 14, 2019
Spirit Animal
Submerged Mar 13, 2019
Submerged Mar 04, 2019
Submerged Mar 02, 2019
Story behind this track: Ryan R8 of Change and I were on my farm at Black Site I, and we had some smoking to do...and for the life of us, we could NOT find a damn screen. this song was the end result of our failed efforts which included cutting an actual screen door and realizing we'd probably die from inhaling a real screen door screen if it burnt. good track though what come out of it all...
Submerged Feb 27, 2019
holy shit the black dude in the Cure died the old drummer I am so lonely I walked outside tonight hoping that this was the night that someone came and took revenge on me for anything they ever wanted anyone that I had done wrong to, had finally sent their men and that I that I would be removed from this earth by them and instead it was just me and the cashier that we know at the spätkauf and I bought a fucking €2.50 Arizona Watermelon Drink that ended up just tasting like apple juice
Submerged Feb 23, 2019
then you realize shit in life is exactly this far away from you...
Submerged Feb 21, 2019
Submerged Feb 19, 2019
ANTE UP I got a mix incoming in 2 weeks. all the homies and all the good people WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE HOMIES please...send me your beats
Submerged Feb 18, 2019
when you get to chill with Dadub for coffee cos you are next door to each other, you know life is quality #Berlin #TonsOfDubBass #FlashTower