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Lost Direction
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
The Consequences of Relying Upon Outdated Mythology (feat. Submerged, Temulent, Quoit & Impulse)
Ghost Dope
Ghost Dope
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
98 Moore Street Apt. 4b
Stars, Lights, The End
Don't Hide
Violence as First Nature
Stars Lights the End
Brutal Calling
Submerged Dec 09, 2018
Review of my ambient record with Audiomantra / Amantra from Neural... we thank the reviewer!
Submerged Dec 08, 2018
Dear #Ukraine Please comment underneath this video of Kimi Räikönnen wasted with your requests for any classic ohm resistance business this Saturdays performance... #DNB #DRUMANDBASS #CYBERNETIC #CYBERNETIC_EVENT we love Науменко
Submerged Nov 28, 2018
I'm totally shilling for my friend Wendy Hydra here cos I just listened to this record and it's amazing - includes a HYDRA remix, if you liked her track from the Ohm Resistance subscription! CHECK IT OUT
Submerged Nov 25, 2018
last weekend of the year, nothing to play for, but I'm going to enjoy this race
Submerged Nov 19, 2018
shit I ain't even need the fucking face pins
Submerged Nov 15, 2018
Stop the plane. How much you got? Alright ready? Put on your mask.
Submerged Nov 15, 2018
was I ever
Submerged Oct 31, 2018
PORTLAND TONIGHT Local Lounge (Official) Submerged hybrid live set with Blacktacular and special guest Lacey Wood from You Will Choose Fire we hit at MIDNIGHT prepare yourselves for the doombasscore new tunes in from Gore Tech, End.user, Medium, Savage, Masamune, Current Value, aka, I'm gonna fuck you up. LET'S PARTY
Submerged Oct 26, 2018
will drop this in halloween set Paragon Pharmington Levy your album has a legitimate single buried in it
Submerged Oct 21, 2018
It has been awhile since I had enough to say to write a 20+ min piece. holy crap. I thought I was keeping things simple.
Submerged Oct 19, 2018
what if I told you there was a VIP of myself and Impulse's Disturbance...and an unreleased GEIN tune DUST...and that those are gonna be Fallen Heroes Volume 4???
Submerged Oct 18, 2018
Ah actually there is really one trick to summoning Svevo - the forlornness factor
Submerged Oct 17, 2018
Super fun studio day except: Logic X is not playing ball about its stem bouncing (Export All Tracks to Audio Files) and I have to one by one this shit. Oh well. I ain't letting doing hard work stand in front of getting this album done. If I have to bounce 30 drums stems 1 by 1, wait for it cos I know you ALL know this phrase as I serve it: WHATEVER IT TAKES
Submerged Oct 08, 2018
dear world, found this techno vinyl DJ mix I did in 2013 seems appropriate timing to find this again, I show enough respect hopefully for Berlin in the mix 😎🐐🔥 and it starts with a Morton Subotnick composition cos when else would I...
Submerged Oct 07, 2018
Submerged Oct 02, 2018
My label Ohm Resistance is releasing a BANGER of an EP from Velos and Nlic on November 2 - check the damn previews now, you won't be sad....!!
Submerged Oct 02, 2018
I did move to Washington State after all.
Submerged Sep 23, 2018
Going to go live and spin some records here in the lounge for the Ohm Resistance broadcast today in an hour! expect cuts from Current Value, monolog, pulsewidthmod, KSP, and more!! See you at Noon PST!
Submerged Sep 13, 2018
I am potentially the only person outside of Fred Vasseur that is more excited about Kimi Räikönnen going to Sauber in F1, than LeClerc going to Ferrari. Why? When I started watching Formula1 here in 2016 (in the US, it's the delicacy of racing, and not so common), I was like, I will pick the worst team (at the time) to support. So, it was Sauber - I like underdogs because the only way to go is up. And, I have always liked Kimi, cos his whole "I'm above emotions" approach to driving resonates with me as a transporter. So yeah, next year for Sauber F1 Team is going to be pure fire 🔥🔥🔥 Can't wait to see how the rest of the year shakes out as well! I Blame Lacey.
Submerged Sep 10, 2018
Would think we are all on the same page as Jackie Chan here...
Submerged Sep 08, 2018
goddamn jet lag I been up since 4am and all I want is pancakes. It's almost Pancake O'clock. at least I fixed a song from the album, listened at the arrangement and said "THIS SONG ISN'T DOING 20 things, it's doing 19 OK so take 5% off the top there squirrelly Dan"
Submerged Sep 08, 2018
's cover photo
Submerged Sep 03, 2018
Snippet of my set from the Fuck Parade
Submerged Aug 27, 2018
My very first DJ Mix using vinyl had Digital & Spirit's PHANTOM FORCE as the 3rd track in...wanting to pay respects to a DnB force of nature...I used to play Phantom Force, Remote Control, the Cool Down EP...part of the earliest days of my life as a Drum & Bass DJ. Rest in Power Spirit
Submerged Aug 24, 2018
Top 10 from me! Faze Magazine Germany - we thank Sea Shanty!!