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Lost Direction
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
The Consequences of Relying Upon Outdated Mythology (feat. Submerged, Temulent, Quoit & Impulse)
Ghost Dope
Ghost Dope
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
98 Moore Street Apt. 4b
Stars, Lights, The End
Violence as First Nature
Brutal Calling
Stars Lights the End
Don't Hide
Submerged Aug 16, 2019
See ya in a month!! Insane multigenre line up, this party is a real break through!!
Submerged Aug 14, 2019
I just want to make it long enough to see Halley's Comet one more time. That's really the only thing that matters to me, as far as say, a religion goes. 2061. 42 more summers on this earth.
Submerged Aug 13, 2019
The largest black hole ever, has been found 700MM light years away HOLM 15A What is more massive tho, a Dadub bassline, or this thing? #blackhole #bassline
Submerged Aug 08, 2019
what better way to celebrate receiving a whole new Scorn album, than to enlighten alla my friends here with this classic Scorn remix of my all time best track (with Impulse), Dirty Bomb #Scorn #Impulse #OhmResistance
Submerged Aug 07, 2019
It's been a while since I gave our most recent EP a bump, but here she is, in all her glory... The Eradication of Untruth - with Ajamari, Savage, Masamune, Molecular, and Triamer & Nagato, and art by Sagana Squale Few copies left! Transformation has taken over as by far the most streamed Ohm Resistance track ever...true shocker 😳😯 and one we are grateful for!!
Submerged Jul 29, 2019
Can't believe how much fun I am having just MURDERING the TR-8 DEATH RIG 3019♠ If your name is Baruc, Manos, Gianmaria, Anna, Masamune, Savage, Zoë or maybe even some other names cos I'm kinda just out here today, you got source incoming...
Submerged Jul 23, 2019
Submerged Jul 23, 2019
shit, the cracks opening up in the earth in Centralia are a bad bad way to go
Submerged Jul 05, 2019
Submerged Jun 30, 2019
Submerged Jun 24, 2019
For once in my life I remembered to record a set, so... This is my set from OHM Club on June 7th for the big Ohm Resistance 20th year party with Gore Tech (which is why you don't hear any Gore Tech or monolog tracks on it) Big big thanks to SeekSickSound for publishing this set with a photo of me from when I still had hair 😅😂🖤
Submerged Jun 22, 2019
Submerged Jun 20, 2019
so I'm packing parcels and had this on, made a playlist was too good of a find not to share: PENNY BLACK 4 LIFE
Submerged Jun 18, 2019
So, I sum up the first half of the year in records that I enjoyed...check out both parts: lots of love to Gore Tech, Audiomantra, Loïc Beyet, Homemade Weapons, Paragon, Ruben Pang, Diasiva, T3K Recordings, IdeatorZ, Mathlovsky, Blockdata, Jason Snell, Zel Ler., Ozone..!!
Submerged Jun 17, 2019
ideal life really very hard to do here in Germany though
Submerged Jun 16, 2019
Completely stolen from Alec L. Fatherree...
Submerged Jun 16, 2019
Thanks to Lacey Wood for this nugget of absolute, actually crying cos I'm laughing so hard wonderment
Submerged Jun 13, 2019
Big up to Murder Channel for covering my EP!!
Submerged Jun 11, 2019
I had the pleasure of meeting BILLAIN at this year's BangFace and he is an inspiring dude. This is on some shit.
Submerged Jun 11, 2019
told you
Submerged Jun 09, 2019
massive thanks to DNB Dojo for spreading the sound!
Submerged Jun 08, 2019
We took a trip into old skool ohm tracks at the label's 20th anniversary party last night!! Thanks to all who played or came and danced! Video by IdeatorZ
Submerged Jun 06, 2019
6/ 6// 6/// 6th anniversary of release from FBOP captivity on the 6th day of the 6th month of the year release all from captivity.
Submerged May 31, 2019
my new EP is OUT NOW!! I present, along with my collaborators Ajamari, Savage, Masamune, Molecular, and Sagana Squale: The Eradication of Untruth OUT NOW in digital format! VINYL 12" ships next week! Mastered by Daniele Antezza @ Dadub Mastering Studio PURE DRUM & BASS STORMERS + a sick remix of SERVANT by Triamer & Nagato!
Submerged May 28, 2019
Check another track from this week's forthcoming Submerged EP - this one is Abyss!!!