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Lost Direction
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
The Consequences of Relying Upon Outdated Mythology (feat. Submerged, Temulent, Quoit & Impulse)
Ghost Dope
Ghost Dope
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Before Fire I Was Against Other People
98 Moore Street Apt. 4b
Stars, Lights, The End
Brutal Calling
Don't Hide
Stars Lights the End
Violence as First Nature
Submerged Feb 23, 2019
then you realize shit in life is exactly this far away from you...
Submerged Feb 21, 2019
Submerged Feb 19, 2019
ANTE UP I got a mix incoming in 2 weeks. all the homies and all the good people WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE HOMIES please...send me your beats
Submerged Feb 18, 2019
when you get to chill with Dadub for coffee cos you are next door to each other, you know life is quality #Berlin #TonsOfDubBass #FlashTower
Submerged Feb 15, 2019
my battery is low and it's getting dark
Submerged Feb 02, 2019
Submerged Jan 29, 2019
One of my trickiest beats ever and I had to give it to Ashanti cos his mind works on that level Resist Stance You can grab the whole set of Ohm Resistance 7"s now, limited amount left!
Submerged Jan 25, 2019
#cookingListening: I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO another album from these geniuses from Odessa, Ukraine later this year Medium DNB Igor Oklander Ash Ufo Pavel Kostyuk #MediumDNBUA #evolutionoftheuniverse
Submerged Jan 25, 2019
#Midnightlistening in Berlin: wanted to hear my own record tonight to read and relax in bed to. I link to the KVITNU bandcamp so you can grab it from them, but I'm listening on Spotify and feeling great about the $0.0004 cents I'm generating. No serious this is a scary fucking record. Massive thanks going to Audiomantra for the killer collaboration. We should do another...
Submerged Jan 17, 2019
My label made its biggest move since 2012 you should check it out
Submerged Jan 13, 2019
New home. Not yet fleshed out but good to have a home for music again.
Submerged Jan 10, 2019
The Ghost Of Ol Dale Earnhardt
Submerged Jan 03, 2019
I am ultra grateful that France's Indie Rock Mag has chosen my ambient excursion album with Amantra, Lost Direction, as one of its years top 100 albums!! MERCI!!
Submerged Dec 21, 2018
Good Juul to all today. Starting with just the breath of the great spirit in a new land. I'll do it right this time.
Submerged Dec 18, 2018
just chillin with Tom Klute, Ukraine's top lawyer, and his girlfriend with the fantastic hair for a dnb party, no big deal
Submerged Dec 09, 2018
Review of my ambient record with Audiomantra / Amantra from Neural... we thank the reviewer!
Submerged Dec 08, 2018
Dear #Ukraine Please comment underneath this video of Kimi Räikönnen wasted with your requests for any classic ohm resistance business this Saturdays performance... #DNB #DRUMANDBASS #CYBERNETIC #CYBERNETIC_EVENT we love Науменко
Submerged Nov 28, 2018
I'm totally shilling for my friend Wendy Hydra here cos I just listened to this record and it's amazing - includes a HYDRA remix, if you liked her track from the Ohm Resistance subscription! CHECK IT OUT
Submerged Nov 25, 2018
last weekend of the year, nothing to play for, but I'm going to enjoy this race
Submerged Nov 19, 2018
shit I ain't even need the fucking face pins
Submerged Nov 15, 2018
Stop the plane. How much you got? Alright ready? Put on your mask.
Submerged Nov 15, 2018
was I ever
Submerged Oct 31, 2018
PORTLAND TONIGHT Local Lounge (Official) Submerged hybrid live set with Blacktacular and special guest Lacey Wood from You Will Choose Fire we hit at MIDNIGHT prepare yourselves for the doombasscore new tunes in from Gore Tech, End.user, Medium, Savage, Masamune, Current Value, aka, I'm gonna fuck you up. LET'S PARTY
Submerged Oct 26, 2018
will drop this in halloween set Paragon Pharmington Levy your album has a legitimate single buried in it