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The Black Tree
Stu Larsen Jun 25, 2019
Stu Larsen Apr 30, 2019
movement and time heal every ache x
Stu Larsen Apr 23, 2019
somewhere in ireland..
Stu Larsen Apr 12, 2019
here's a little live video of 'whisky & blankets' from the show in Uruguay last month.. we've finished recording this song now and hopefully you'll be able to hear it soon. ps over the last week, i’ve been hanging out in australia with some incredible people, listening and learning and starting wonderful conversations which i hope will continue over the coming months and years 🌏 pps flying out tonight for a little adventure..
Stu Larsen Apr 05, 2019
Hanging out on Kangaroo Island for a few days and playing a show in an old shearing shed tonight for the launch of a wonderful book from a wonderful friend -
Stu Larsen Apr 03, 2019
I spent the last two days with some wonderful humans in an amazinggg studio in Brisbane, starting to work on a few little things for the new album..... kind of... maybe... Thank you Tim Hart for believing in me and this new collection of songs and for giving your time and energy and genius brain so willingly and whole-heartedly to this project. Thanks also Jed Appleton for coming to hang out and for adding your magic touch to things and also Steve for being a boss engineer in the studio.
Stu Larsen Mar 30, 2019
Back in Sydney for the weekend! Playing at Giant Dwarf Sunday night with the glorious Georgia Mooney + Fanny Lumsden + R.W. Grace ♡♡♡ I'm going to play a new song or two and it's an early show with a 6pm start -
Stu Larsen Mar 27, 2019
i have written a lot of new songs recently (not pictured..) and i think it’s time to record them all... studio is booked! new album is on the wayyyy.. ps i still need the perfect volunteer to listen to ‘whisky & blankets’ and tell me if it’s okay.. #whiskyandblankets #marigold
Stu Larsen Mar 25, 2019
a before and after 📷 seven years ago today, i cut my hair and shaved my beard... a week or two later, we filmed the ‘let her go’ video for Passenger 🎥 scissors have not touched my hair since then.... ✂️
Stu Larsen Mar 23, 2019
AUSTRALIA - I’m jumping on a plane tomorrow to come visit for a few weeks. I’m playing one show, in Sydney, at the end of March, with three of the loveliest ladies in music! Come hang out :) Georgia Mooney / Fanny Lumsden / R.W. Grace
Stu Larsen Mar 21, 2019
i wrote a song called ‘whisky & blankets’ recently.. inspired by true love and genuine happiness ❤️❤️ this week, i’m in the studio to record it… wish me luck..... 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography #whiskyandblankets
Stu Larsen Mar 20, 2019
some of the greatest adventures of my life have been on the road with Passenger. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me tag along in south america and mexico and also for being one of the funniest, kindest, talented and most generous people on the planet. 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Stu Larsen Mar 19, 2019
i have fallen in love with so many places in these last weeks and i know there is so much more to explore.. so i'm planning to come back soon to travel hang out and take photos and hopefully play some shows along the way.. which countries should i add to the list?
Stu Larsen Mar 18, 2019
🇲🇽 mexico was an incredible finish to the most amazing adventure!! thank you mike and thomas and ian and roxy and chris and jarrad for absolutely everythingggg!! it has been THE BEST time and i am already thinking of when i can come back again, hopefully see you all sooooon 🙋🏼‍♂️
Stu Larsen Mar 15, 2019
Colombia, thank you for a magical time! 🇨🇴 Passenger
Stu Larsen Mar 14, 2019
i am the luckiest 🇵🇪 thank you peru for a wonderful evening ♥️ photo by Jarrad Seng Photography 📷 Passenger
Stu Larsen Mar 11, 2019
são paulo, thank you for a magical time!! this tour is a dream and i am so thankful to be here. hope to see you all again soooooon 🇧🇷 Jarrad Seng Photography thank you for always capturing little moments like these 📷
Stu Larsen Mar 09, 2019
this smile won’t leave my face.. yesterday was one of the best!! what an incredible thing to be a part of, uruguay, you are simply amazing and i feel so lucky to have spent these few short hours with you and Passenger & Jarrad & Chris & Ian & Roxy & Thomas ❤️🇺🇾 i can’t wait to see you again! 📷 Jarrad Seng
Stu Larsen Mar 08, 2019
thank you argentina 🇦🇷❤️ last night was incredible! so thankful to Passenger and the crew for looking after me and letting me tag along and sing a few songs in these magical places!! 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Stu Larsen Mar 06, 2019
santiago, thank you for the warmest of welcomes 🙂 it feels incredible to be playing shows with Passenger here in south america! i can’t wait to come back to visit chile again soon 🇨🇱 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Stu Larsen Mar 05, 2019
the dream tour starts now! 🇨🇱🇦🇷🇺🇾🇧🇷🇵🇪🇨🇴🇲🇽 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Stu Larsen Feb 28, 2019
this is jarrad. i am pretty sure you all know him already. he’s one of the best. ever. but you already know that too 🇦🇷⚓️ Jarrad Seng Photography
Stu Larsen Feb 25, 2019
So thankful to have this live recording from the show with Natsuki Kurai at Brotfabrik Frankfurt last year. Thank you Deutschlandfunk for coming to record this show, we had the besttttt time in Frankfurt, and on the whole tourrrrr! You'll find the audio link for the full show in the article -
Stu Larsen Feb 22, 2019
Buenos Aires 🇦🇷
Stu Larsen Feb 18, 2019
This life is an actual dream! Heading to South America and Mexico with this guy very soon to play a bunch of shows in magical places with incredible crowds - the adventure continues. Tickets - // Passenger