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The Black Tree
Stu Larsen Dec 12, 2018
Here's a new song which I wrote just before the European tour and have played at every show with Natsuki Kurai over the last few months. Massive thanks to Mokum Sessions for taking the time to come film this and hang out with us in Amsterdam before the show at Vondelkerk in October. ps I'm heading back to EUROPE for one last show of the year in Switzerland on the 22nd of December at Zauberwald Lenzerheide come hang outtttt :) Full version here -
Stu Larsen Dec 06, 2018
This is one of the most in depth recorded conversations that I have ever had and I think it's because it felt so natural speaking with Kara from Made For That, she seems to have a way of drawing things out and it felt so easy to be real and raw together. ps sorry to my mother for saying she forced me to learn guitar....but that's pretty much how it was.... ;) Have a listen if you have a spare 45mins -
Stu Larsen Dec 06, 2018
I finally got a chance to catch up on all the Passenger videos from the new album, what these three guys achieved in just three short weeks is just incredible!! I was real lucky to be able to drive them around and take a photo or two along the way, it really was the greatest american road trip 🚐🇺🇸 cc Jarrad Seng Photography // Linear Recording
Stu Larsen Dec 04, 2018
This is one of the most special gifts I have ever received.... I said goodbye to Natsuki Kurai at the airport this morning after a giant year on the road together and when I went back to the car I found this note and harmonica waiting for me 😳😭❤️ (Natsuki, you are one of the most amazing humans I have ever met and it's been a real honour to travel with you and play music all around the world with you this year) It really has been an incredible year, thank you to everyone who came to a show and hung out with us along the way, we love you and we'll come visit you all again some day, we promise. #gorgeous
Stu Larsen Dec 01, 2018
Tonight is the very last show of the world tour with this incredible human!! It's been the most amazing year on the road together and we're flying to Brisbane to play Black Bear Lodge ✈️ ps thanks to everyone who came along last night in Western Australiaaaa and to Trent Williams and The Four Of Us for joining us tooooo! 📷
Stu Larsen Nov 30, 2018
Last night in Adelaide was such a special show filled with beautiful friends and the loveliest vibes, thanks for hanging out with us, we love youuuuu! We're over in Western Australia now, playing Mojos Bar Fremantle tonight (doors 8pm) then flying back east to Queensland to finish this massive world tour at Brisbane's Black Bear Lodge tomorrow night! Here's a photo of Natsuki Kurai and I climbing trees the other day..
Stu Larsen Nov 29, 2018
Slowly making our way west, Natsuki Kurai and I play at Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide tonight (less than 10 tickets left) and onto Mojos Bar Fremantle tomorrow night before flying back east to finish at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on Saturday nightttttt!
Stu Larsen Nov 23, 2018
Stu Larsen Nov 23, 2018
Farewell Sydney, thanks for a perfect first show last night! It was real nice to play Leadbelly Newtown and hang out with you! We’re on the way to Melbourne now, playing Wesley Anne with Jed Appleton tonight! ✈️
Stu Larsen Nov 22, 2018
Natsuki Kurai and I have arrived in Australia and this last tour of the year starts tonight in Sydney at Leadbelly Newtown then we're on to Melbourne's Wesley Anne tomorrow night and down to Queenscliff Music Festival for the weekend - see you real sooooooon!
Stu Larsen Nov 19, 2018
We took this photo on the hotel balcony just before we parted ways in Madrid one week ago and tomorrow night we both fly to Australia to meet up and play our last shows of this giant world tour 🌏🌎🌍 Come hang out somewhere along the way.. SYDNEY - 22 NOV MELBOURNE - 23 NOV QUEENSCLIFF - 24/25 NOV ADELAIDE - 29 NOV FREMANTLE - 30 NOV BRISBANE - 01 DEC
Stu Larsen Nov 15, 2018
AUSTRALIA, Natsuki Kurai and I are flying in next week to play the final shows of this epic world tour! We can't wait to hang out in the sunshine :) Tickets from 22 NOV - SYDNEY - Leadbelly Newtown w/ Liam Gale 23 NOV - MELBOURNE - Wesley Anne w/ Jed Appleton 24 NOV - QUEENSCLIFF - Queenscliff Music Festival 25 NOV - QUEENSCLIFF - Queenscliff Music Festival 29 NOV - ADELAIDE - Wheatsheaf Hotel w/ Tim Moore 30 NOV - FREMANTLE - Mojos Bar Fremantle w/ Trent Williams & The Four Of Us 01 DEC - BRISBANE - Black Bear Lodge w/ O' Little Sister
Stu Larsen Nov 12, 2018
Last night in Madrid was the most incredible way to finish a tour!! Thank you Costello Club for letting us end the tour with you and to everyone who travelled from all over the place to be there with us!! This has without a doubt been the most amazing tour I have ever been on and I am immensely thankful to have been able to share it with one of the most amazing humans I have ever met. Natsuki Kurai, thank you for your time, your talent and your friendship, I am the luckiest to know you. Australia, we'll see next week!! ps thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterdayyyyy
Stu Larsen Nov 12, 2018
's cover photo
Stu Larsen Nov 11, 2018
Thank you Barcelona and Donostia-San Sebastián, you were so lovely to us these last two nights!! We adore this part of the world and wish we could stay longerrrrr! We're on the way to Madrid now to play the last show of tour tonight at Costello Club 🇪🇸 📷 Oscar Saiz
Stu Larsen Nov 09, 2018
We finish the European tour this weekend with the last three shows.. we play Barcelona tonight at Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm then onto San Sebastian and Madrid 🚐
Stu Larsen Nov 08, 2018
The only word I can use to describe the show in Milan is 'overwhelming'. Thank you to everyone who came along and created a magical night with Natsuki Kurai and I, we loved it so so so so so so much. It was emotional and overwhelming. Thank you Mr Alboh for capturing this impromptu version of Skin & Bone in the crowd with Albert Eno and An Early Bird and thank you to everyone who was there, especially those who I know travelled from Verona, Venice, Padua, Bologna, Rimini, Rome, Trinitapoli and other places to be there 🇮🇹 we love you and will be back soon hopefully! We're in Spain now, with just three shows to go in Barcelona, San Sebastian and Madrid over the weekend 🇪🇸
Stu Larsen Nov 06, 2018
Italy, Natsuki Kurai and I are playing in Milan tonight at Circolo Ohibò with Albert Eno and An Early Bird opening the show :) Still some tickets left if you're thinking about coming along! Switzerland, thank you for being so kind to us, we love you and will hold on to these memories foreverrrr 🇨🇭❤️ Photo by Mathéa x
Stu Larsen Nov 03, 2018
Munich, we love you, last night was perfect, thank you for always turning up and having a good time with us! Switzerland 🇨🇭 Natsuki Kurai and I play Kulturfabrik Kofmehl in Solothurn tonight and onto Dynamo Zürich (offiziell) tomorrow! ps thanks Jordan Prince for opening the show in Munich and for taking this photo :)
Stu Larsen Nov 02, 2018
Munich, it's good to be back! Natsuki Kurai and I play STROM tonight, still a few tickets left if you want to come alongggg 🇩🇪
Stu Larsen Nov 01, 2018
This is Chris Simmons in his favourite grey sweater. Chris joined us for the last four shows in Vienna, Prague, Frankfurt and Stuttgart and absolutely smashed it! Stuttgart, last night felt like a dream, I don’t ever remember hearing such long and appreciative applause like you gave us last night, you are incredible! Munich next..
Stu Larsen Oct 31, 2018
Spain, Natsuki Kurai and I are coming to visit you real soon :) Come hang out with us at a show, we play - 09 NOV - BARCELONA - Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm 10 NOV - SAN SEBASTIAN - La Cripta Convent Garden San Sebastian 11 NOV - MADRID - Costello Club All the information over at 📷
Stu Larsen Oct 31, 2018
Italy, Natsuki Kurai and I are coming to visit you next week! Come hang out with us in Milan at Circolo Ohibò on Tuesday night, 6th November :) Support acts for the show are Albert Eno and An Early Bird. Visit for tickets and information :) 📷
Stu Larsen Oct 31, 2018
Switzerland, Natsuki Kurai and I are coming to visit you this weekend :) Come hang out with us at Kulturfabrik Kofmehl Raumbar in Solothurn Saturday and/or Werk 21 Dynamo Zurich Sunday! Tickets and information - 📷
Stu Larsen Oct 31, 2018
We played a little song before the show in Amsterdam a week or two back for Mokum Sessions, see the full video here - Frankfurt, last night was beautiful, thank you for being with us, we love you and can't wait to come back! (we'll let you know when the audio from the show will be on radio too....) On to Stuttgart tonight and Munich Friday!