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Stream of Passion Mar 27, 2019
From Stream of Passion guitar player Eric Hazebroek: Hi all! Tomorrow I will release the debut album of my band Vetrar Draugurinn through Painted Bass Records. Finally I can share the 11 very personal tracks with you all. I hope you will enjoy it. On vocals I have the enchanting Marjan Welman, and the other band members are also very talented. I am proud of what we have achieved. The album can be ordered through the Bandcamp link mentioned in the original post below. There you can also have a listen to all the tracks. This will be probably the last post I will put on this page concerning this album. I would really appreciate it if you would drop me/us a line if you like what you are hearing. Love to you all! Eric
Stream of Passion Feb 01, 2019
VETRAR DRAUGURINN RELEASES 2ND TRACK PREVIEW Vetrar Draugurinn (new band of Stream of Passion guitar player Eric Hazebroek) has released a second track as a preview to their upcoming album, Hinterlands (due March 28th, 2019). The band features the enchanting vocals of Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon) and takes a darker, more melancholic turn on the doomy metal side of things. Have a listen! Pre-Order the album at:
Stream of Passion Jan 14, 2019
VETRAR DRAUGURINN releases Official Lyric Video for Hinterlands Former Stream of Passion guitar player Eric Hazebroek just released the official lyric video for the title track of the upcoming album by his new band Vetrar Draugurinn, featuring Marjan Welman on vocals. The album can be pre-ordered at:
Stream of Passion Jan 04, 2019
PRE ORDER VETRAR DRAUGURINN ALBUM (new band of Stream of Passion guitarist Eric Hazebroek) has started!! The time has come... From this moment on you are able to pre-order the full-length album HINTERLANDS by VETRAR DRAUGURINN through the link below. When you order the digital or physical album you right away receive the download for the title track, BUT... the first 200 orders will also receive the EXCLUSIVE bonus track "The Noose" (Originally by A Perfect Circle)!!! This rare bonus will not be available after March 28, and can only be obtained by pre-ordering the album through Bandcamp. So don't hesitate (!!) and help us spread the good sounds across the world. Sharing is Caring!!
Stream of Passion Nov 14, 2018
Marcela Bovio talks about her upcoming album, "Through Your Eyes"
Stream of Passion Oct 26, 2018
Check out Marcela's new lyric video, "Roardin"
Stream of Passion Oct 24, 2018
Marcela Bovio is releasing a new song this Friday, check it out!
Stream of Passion Oct 05, 2018
New single from Marcela Bovio is out today!
Stream of Passion Oct 04, 2018
Marcela Bovio
Stream of Passion Oct 01, 2018
News from Marcela Bovio
Stream of Passion Sep 25, 2018
Marcela Bovio is up to something 🙂
Stream of Passion Apr 10, 2018
Our singer Marcela Bovio is back in the metal scene with symphonic metal band MaYaN! 🤘🤘 This is the artwork of DHYANA, the band's upcoming album where Marcela has co-written and sung several tracks. You can already pre-order the album and get some exclusive goodies at the band's Indiegogo campaign, and help the band record this new album with a SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA! But hurry! The campaign will only run for 17 more days!! Link in comments :)
Stream of Passion Aug 13, 2017
Sign this petition if you'd be interested in getting The Flame Within or Darker Days in vinyl!
Stream of Passion Jul 27, 2017
We have these many DVDs left (: Want one? =>
Stream of Passion Mar 30, 2017
Our guitar player, Eric Hazebroek, is releasing the debut EP of his new band VETRAR DRAUGURINN today! Tonight they will play their first Dutch live show in Leiden. Order your copy through the link below! :)
Stream of Passion Mar 29, 2017
Marcela has a new videoclip of her song "Powerless", check it out here below:
Stream of Passion Mar 07, 2017
Our singer Marcela Bovio will be performing a couple of solo shows in Holland in April: - April 7: Willemeen, Arnhem - April 21: Kruisherenkapel Uden
Stream of Passion Mar 04, 2017
After a couple of days being down or webshop is back online. We have a few copies of our Memento DVD left, get yours now from
Stream of Passion Jan 26, 2017
Marcela Bovio's new album, "Unprecedented - the piano sessions" is out now. Here's a tiny clip of a brand new song, included in the album.
Stream of Passion Jan 25, 2017
Thank you for 11 great years of Stream of Passion! Relive all the great moments we've had together with our farewell DVD, "Memento". Buy it here:
Stream of Passion Jan 19, 2017
STREAM OF PASSION + their loyal crew @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht, NL - 12/28/2016 A group of awesome people. Thank you all for everything.
Stream of Passion Jan 17, 2017
Our singer Marcela Bovio is releasing a new solo album next week. Check out her lyric video of "Pure imagination" here:
Stream of Passion Jan 03, 2017
Check out's review of our farewell show last December 28 (in Dutch). You can relive the nice moments we had together with our farewell live DVD, Memento:
Stream of Passion Dec 29, 2016
Dear friends and fans, There are simply no words to express how grateful we are for all the warmth and support you've given us throughout the years. You kept us going when we thought we couldn't go any further; the beautiful moments we lived together will remain forever in our hearts. We will all keep making music, so please keep track of our future endeavors: Marcela Bovio VUUR Vetrar Draugurinn and much more to come :) Our eternal love and gratitude, Marcela, Johan, Martijn, Stephan, Eric and Jeffrey (Check out for more awesome photos of yesterday's show!)
Stream of Passion Dec 28, 2016
The SoP Southern delegation is on its way to Utrecht! One last show, full-on energy. LET'S GO!