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Page Avenue: Ten Years and Counting
The Constant
The Black Swan (Bonus Track Version)
In the Wake of Determination
Live In the Lou
In the Wake of Determination
Page Avenue
Story of the Year Jul 12, 2019
VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Saturday, August 10th at @delmarhallstl CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF MATT AMELUNG With special performances by @fivefoldofficial @storyoftheyearband @[email protected] @ashlandofficial #Westcott @weareisabella @houndssounds ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Amelung family Silent auction & 50/50 raffle Sponsored by @4handsbrewingco $20 suggested donation at the door Please join us as we sing, laugh, & celebrate the life of our dear friend Matt Amelung! Gonna be a great night!
Story of the Year May 14, 2019
Surprise! We'll be doing a FREE concert THIS Thursday at The Firebird! American Ninja Warrior is coming to STL to film SOTY, as our guitar player just participated in ANW Season 11! We want YOU to be a part of the concert- you might even get on TV! Show is free, but limited to 250, first come. 21+. Come hang with us!
Story of the Year May 14, 2019
Look what Ryan did!!! Posted @withrepost • @ryan_t_phillips Knocked something huge off my bucket list today! I just competed on @ninjawarrior!!!! (American Ninja Warrior). This is me backstage in Tacoma w @jessiegraffpwr, a true legend of the sport. . So, I’m not allowed to say how my run went, all i can say is the following: 1) I don’t think Ive ever been more nervous in my life! I would play my guitar butt naked on live TV while people shoot arrows at me and be less nervous than I was today! I’ve played thousands of concerts all over the world and have never been that nervous! 2) I’ve watched ANW since episode 1, season 1. I am so incredibly honored that they wanted a goofy, guitar playing dummy like me on this show! INSANELY GRATEFUL x1000. I literally couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I ran the course, (I’m positive I looked like a complete idiot!) But it was UNREAL! Thank you, ANW for making a dream come true for me today. . Today I was so far outside my comfort zone it’s not even funny. Im an active dude with a million hobbies, but i’ve been in zero ninja competitions, I’ve run zero ninja courses, and I’ve been to a ninja gym only 7 times in my life, 5 of which were in the last 2.5 weeks. I might be the most under-prepared ninja ever! Haha. But that’s been the story of my life: doing crazy things that people tell me won’t work. That’s how you grow- you do things that make you uncomfortable. You do things that are scary. You pick up your bat and swing for the fences, no matter how many times you miss. That’s what separates the doers from the watchers. Watching is safe. Doing can be terrifying. That said, I’m pretty stoked w how my run went, and having my family there was truly epic!!!!! I’m still smiling. . So yeah. Today rules! I’m backstage here in Tacoma, surrounded by legends of the sport- world class athletes I’ve watched on TV for many years, and real talk, Im a goofy musician / photographer and don’t deserve to be in their company. That said, I can’t believe how incredibly blessed I am for this crazy life I lived. What a ridiculous, insane adventure this has been! I am thankful for every second, I am the most grateful dude of all time!!!!!!!!
Story of the Year Apr 03, 2019
it may be page 106 but its the #1 Story interview posted today in my book... #slamdunkleeds #slamdunkhatfield #stencilmag
Story of the Year Mar 04, 2019
Story of the Year's cover photo
Story of the Year Mar 04, 2019
Have you seen our new video for “Miracle” off of our latest record Wolves? Do you love it? Have you told your friends to watch it? Check it out!!!!
Story of the Year Feb 19, 2019
Thank you Osaka!!! What a great start to the tour.
Story of the Year Feb 15, 2019
Japan!!!!!! You guys rule!!!! Tokyo sold out!!!! Osaka and Nagoya’s tickets are going fast!! We are so stoked to come back!!! Arigato gozaimasu!!!!
Story of the Year Feb 08, 2019
Honored to be able to share the stage with this lineup!!!! Some many friends!!!! #slamdunkfestival
Story of the Year Feb 06, 2019
Story of the Year Feb 04, 2019
“Holy Shit! Saturday was so amazing that I can't really put it into words. Another crazy SOLD OUT STL show at The Pageant. Anyone who was there knows how special it was. I love you all and will never be able to thank you enough for your support... . Huge thanks to Discrepancies & Memphis May Fire for coming out and rocking with us as well.” . Love, Dan Marsala 📸:Out of the Black Photography
Story of the Year Feb 03, 2019
Having an amazing pre-show feast provided by Nudo House STL. So amazing!!! Thanks so much guys. Get your asses to The Pageant tonight. It’s gonna be fucking awesome!
Story of the Year Feb 02, 2019
Tomorrow. STL.
Story of the Year Feb 01, 2019
Check out our new video for Miracle!!! Make sure you come see this awesome stage set up at The Pageant this Saturday as well. Please share with all of your friends!!!
Story of the Year Jan 31, 2019
Get your tickets for this weekend!!! Tomorrow 1/31 at @bottomlounge in Chicago and Saturday 2/2 at @thepageantstl in Saint Louis. Don’t miss out!
Story of the Year Jan 31, 2019
Story of the Year Jan 25, 2019
Timeline Photos
Story of the Year Jan 21, 2019
Hey guys and gals!!! Check out these bad boys!!! They will be available at our upcoming shows in Chicago at The Bottom Lounge and in The Lou at The Pageant on Jan 31st and Feb. 2nd respectively. Tickets still available here Get em!!!!!!!!
Story of the Year Jan 11, 2019
Story of the Year Dec 19, 2018
Who's joining us at #SDF19 in North Leeds & South Hatfield???
Story of the Year Dec 12, 2018
CHICAGO, we're stoked to announce we're playing Bottom Lounge on January 31st! Tickets on sale Friday. More info:
Story of the Year Dec 10, 2018
Hey guys and gals!!! Just a little reminder about our Feb. 2, 2019 show at The Pageant with our good friend Memphis May Fire!!!!! Tickets are selling like hotcakes!!! Get them shits before they are all gone!! It's going to be a special night!!! Bye bye.
Story of the Year Nov 21, 2018
Yoooooo STL!!! Tickets on sale now for our #nightmareafterchristmas show with @MemphisMayFire on 2/2/19 at @ThePageantSTL This will be one epic night you won’t want to miss!!
Story of the Year Nov 19, 2018
Get ready, STL: THIS INSANE SHIT IS HAPPENING! This will be one for the books. Some truly special stuff happening on this night.... Tickets on sale Wednesday!
Story of the Year Sep 17, 2018
We're celebrating the 15 year anniversary of 'Page Avenue'!! Check out our interview with Billboard below.