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Storm Corrosion
Storm Corrosion (Special Edition)
Storm Corrosion Jun 27, 2018
Storm Corrosion Jun 08, 2016
Omerch have a sale on - including the last of the Storm Corrosion T-shirts and mugs
Storm Corrosion Apr 19, 2013
In honour of Record Store Day 2013, Omerch are having a sale on vinyl this weekend featuring our album.
Storm Corrosion Dec 06, 2012
The Storm Corrosion album has been nominated at the US Grammy awards for best surround sound album! The final award winners will be announced on 10th February.
Storm Corrosion Oct 02, 2012
Mikael Akerfeldt and the animator who made the video for 'Drag Ropes' Jess Cope spoke to Classic Rock Presents Prog about the making of the video recently and you can check out that interview here:
Storm Corrosion Sep 02, 2012
There is a big Storm Corrosion presence on Steve Hackett's forthcoming Genesis Revisited 2CD/4LP project. Steven sings on Can Utility and the Coastliners, and plays guitar on Shadow of the Hierophant, and Mikael sings on Suppers Ready. You can watch a promotional video for the album here....
Storm Corrosion Aug 21, 2012
It's your last chance to vote for Storm Corrosion in the Classic Rock Presents Prog Awards!
Storm Corrosion Jul 11, 2012
Have you voted for Storm Corrosion in this years Classic Rock Presents Prog Awards? Find out more here:
Storm Corrosion Jul 06, 2012
A second pressing of the Storm Corrosion 2LP vinyl is now available, this time on standard 140gram vinyl. You can order it here in the UK.
Storm Corrosion Jul 06, 2012
The first annual progressive rock awards ceremony will take place in London in September, and Storm Corrosion is nominated in the album of the year category, while Steven receives a further 4 nominations, and Mikael / Opeth a further 3 nominations.
Storm Corrosion Jun 17, 2012
For those interested in these kind of things, the one and only electric guitar used on the Storm Corrosion album (played by Mikael) was Steven's custom made Alumisonic guitar. Here's a picture of him with it taken recently for a gear magazine. (
Storm Corrosion May 21, 2012
We have another fan Q&A clip for you today, which you can watch here: - and in case you missed the clip from Friday, or any of the others in fact, you can find all of our Fan Q&A clips here:
Storm Corrosion May 18, 2012
Steven caught up with faceCULTURE recently to chat about Storm Corrosion - they also covered record collections, ELO, combining music and passion and much more. Check out the 6-part video interview here:
Storm Corrosion May 18, 2012 - have you checked out the official video for Drag Ropes yet?
Storm Corrosion May 16, 2012
Some chart positions for Storm Corrosion - 47 in the US Billboard top 200 (and placed number 1 in the vinyl LP chart), 31 in German top 50, 45 in UK top 50.
Storm Corrosion May 15, 2012
Another fan Q&A clip has been revealed online - has your question been answered this week?
Storm Corrosion May 11, 2012
Classic Rock Prog are premiering the final clip featuring Mikael and Steven talking about vinyl and their influences - find out more here:
Storm Corrosion May 10, 2012
Storm Corrosion have revealed another fan Q&A clip today - watch as the guys attempt to define Storm Corrosion using just one word:
Storm Corrosion May 07, 2012
Our new album is out today in the UK - check out some reviews and find buy links here:
Storm Corrosion May 04, 2012
Mikael and Steven recorded a series of clips recently, in which they discuss the new album, the nuances of vinyl, musical influences and much more. Check out today's clip of them discussing song structure here:
Storm Corrosion May 03, 2012
'Storm Corrosion' is out next Monday and in anticipation of the release, we have the next in the series of fan Q&A clips below - today the guys discuss the album artwork:
Storm Corrosion May 02, 2012
Sound and Vision mag are premiering an exclusive clip of Mikael and Steven talking about vinyl - check it out here:
Storm Corrosion Apr 24, 2012
Ladies and gents, may we present our official video for 'Drag Ropes'!
Storm Corrosion Apr 23, 2012
The full 10 minute video for Storm Corrosion "Drag Ropes" will premiere tomorrow on the Roadrunner YouTube channel at 11am EST (4pm UK time). Don't miss it!
Storm Corrosion Apr 20, 2012
Pick up the latest issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog for an exclusive look into the inspiration behind Storm Corrosion, as well as getting first hand accounts of how well the guys really know each other – it makes for a great read! Find out more and check out the killer cover here: