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Hollywood Undead and Stick To Your Guns at Leipziger Messe, Halle 1 (April 20, 2019)
Venue: Leipziger Messe, Halle 1 (Leipzig, Germany) Find tickets
Stick To Your Guns at Neckarhalle (April 21, 2019)
Venue: Neckarhalle (Oberndorf, Germany) Find tickets
Stick To Your Guns and Being As An Ocean with Counterparts and Holding Absence at Europahalle Trier (April 22, 2019)
Venue: Europahalle Trier (Trier, Germany) Find tickets
Being As An Ocean and Stick To Your Guns with Counterparts at Legend Club (April 23, 2019)
Venue: Legend Club (Milan, Italy) Find tickets
Stick To Your Guns at Docks (April 25, 2019)
Venue: Docks (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Groezrock Groezrock 2019
Venue: Groezrock (Meerhout, Belgium) Find tickets
Stick To Your Guns at Backstage (April 27, 2019)
Venue: Backstage (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Stick To Your Guns Apr 18, 2019
Only 10 days left on tour. Kosice, Slovakia tonight!
Stick To Your Guns Apr 17, 2019
‪Having a lovely day in Brno ☺️🍩‬
Stick To Your Guns Apr 14, 2019
Naps at 5pm. Doors at 7pm. See you tonight Hanover, Germany.
Stick To Your Guns Apr 13, 2019
Can’t believe 4,000 of you psychos bought tickets in advance and sold out tonight’s show! Jesse will be doing an acoustic set at 6:40pm and we will be hitting the stage at 10:40pm! Got a special announcement for you right before our set. 😈#impericonfestival
Stick To Your Guns Apr 12, 2019
Kicking off the first Impericon Fest 2019 tonight in Zurich! See you at 10:30pm! #impericonfestival
Stick To Your Guns Apr 11, 2019
Ready to ship within 24 hours. Only doing one run of these.
Stick To Your Guns Apr 11, 2019
Headed to Saint-Étienne, France. Doors at 7:30pm. Don’t be late.
Stick To Your Guns Apr 10, 2019
16 shows left on this tour. Come out and sing along. See you tonight Barcelona.🖤 ———————————— 04/10 Barcelona, Spain @ Razzmatazz 2 04/11 St. Etienne, France @ Le Clapier 04/12 Zurich, Switzerland @ X-TRA Hotel (Impericon Festival) 04/13 Oberhausen, Germany @ Turbinenhalle (Impericon Festival) 04/14 Hanover, Germany @ Pavillon 04/15 Prague, Czech Republic @ Lucerna Music Bar 04/17 Brno, Czech Republic @ Fleda 04/18 Kosice, Slovakia @ Colloseum 04/19 Vienna, Austria @ Arena (Impericon Festival) 04/20 Leipzig, Germany @ Impericon Festival 04/21 Obderndof am Neckar, Germany @ Eastercross Festival 04/22 Trier, Germany @ Europahalle 04/23 Milan, Italy @ Legend Club 04/25 Hamburg, Germany @ Gruenspan 04/26 Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock 04/27 Munchen, Germany @ Backstage (Impericon Festival)
Stick To Your Guns Apr 09, 2019
Only a few tickets left for tonight show in Madrid. Doors at 7:30! 📷 @bastiancvlt
Stick To Your Guns Apr 08, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal tonight! Doors at 8:30pm.
Stick To Your Guns Apr 07, 2019
This is why we are late for tonight’s show 😳
Stick To Your Guns Apr 06, 2019
Today, on this Day of Hardcore, we celebrate what is holy. And as it is such, so also as such is it unto you. @ LaNef Angoulême
Stick To Your Guns Apr 06, 2019
Today in Angouleme, France! We’re on at 11:30pm!
Stick To Your Guns Apr 05, 2019
Available through April 15th! Embroidered on Carhartt beanies. Free domestic shipping on all orders.
Stick To Your Guns Apr 05, 2019
Savigny Le Temple, France @ L'Empreinte. Doors at 7:45pm!
Stick To Your Guns Apr 04, 2019
Stick To Your Guns Mar 28, 2019
Stick To Your Guns Mar 27, 2019
Preview of our merch spread for our upcoming EU tour with Nasty and Get The Shot 💎 🎫:
Stick To Your Guns Mar 21, 2019
We are very excited to be coming back to Spain and Portugal on our upcoming European tour! We know we don’t play there nearly enough as we should, but we’ve loved every show we’ve played there. Let us know what we need to check out! Favorite Vegan Spots? Local coffee? Record/Book stores? Museums? What are your favorite spots?! 4/7/19 - A Coruña (SP) at Tunel Club 4/8/19 - Lisbon (PT) at RCA Club 4/9/19 - Madrid (SP) at Caracol 4/10/19 - Barcelona (SP) at Razzmatazz 2 🎫: Here’s a throwback to our first time in Spain in 2009 when we were on tour with Terror, Born From Pain, and Trapped Under Ice!
Stick To Your Guns Mar 19, 2019
It's the tour leftovers mystery sale. $12 shirts, $20 outerwear, and $18 headwear. Free domestic shipping. Limited supply.
Stick To Your Guns Mar 15, 2019
Pics of set lists from over the years! Every tour we try and craft the perfect setlist and it’s always tough choosing what songs to play... But we think we’ve got a good one in mind for our upcoming European tour 😎. What songs NEED to be on it?? 🎫:
Stick To Your Guns Mar 14, 2019
The rage that builds in us is bringing you down Chewed up and spit out, lost and alone Your jobs been ripped from you and on deck, your home Can’t feed yourself, let alone feed the kids American dreams have turned to your American greed Bringing You Down is a song that becomes more important for us the more we look at the state of the world. We wrote the song in 2011 just as Occupy was beginning to attract media attention. Before Occupy, we felt confused about our politics/world view. We talked about things still needing to change, but we didn’t fully understand why or how that could be accomplished. Our band has always been a “political” band, but only in the sense that everything in our lives is a matter of politics. We offered broad social criticism aimed at societal issues, but never really focused on specific current events or activism. Occupy changed that. This was a growing movement where everyday, ordinary people rediscovered the strength we hold when we come together. We didn’t know how we could help, but we wanted to try and our platform to help spread the word about the movement. The people were speaking and acting together, which was not just beautiful, but inspiring. Occupy Wall St. wasn’t without its issues and it came to an end shortly after we released the song, but its spirit lives on today. It forever altered the conversation surrounding power and wealth inequality in global politics, and that is something that cannot be forgotten. “You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.” Jonathan Smucker/Occupy Wall St.
Stick To Your Guns Mar 12, 2019
We're playing Sunday, July 28th at HEAVY MONTRÉAL!
Stick To Your Guns Mar 12, 2019
Impericon Festivals are selling out!
Stick To Your Guns Mar 07, 2019
Available through March 19th. Printed on official Carhartt brand pullover hoodies. Free domestic shipping on all orders from Merch Limited