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Airwaves - Live At the BBC / Live At the Paris Theatre (Remastered)
Wall Street (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Dila Teer Bija (Bhutto: You Can't Murder A Legacy Soundtrack)
The Stewart Copeland Anthology
La Notte Della Taranta (Live In Melpignano 17.08.2003)
Rumble Fish ((Soundtrack from the Motion Picture))
The Equalizer & Other Cliffhangers
Stewart Copeland Aug 23, 2019
This was vintage when I got it 47 years ago. Klark Kent put a couple of dents on it. #guitar #gibson
Stewart Copeland Aug 22, 2019
1982 He Shoulda told me how crap those shades were. (probably did) 📸: ??? #thepolice #tbt #throwbackthursday
Stewart Copeland Aug 21, 2019
Fruit of the Sacred Grove...2013 Episode 2: The one when Primus came over and got the treatment. #Primus #Funk #Metal
Stewart Copeland Aug 20, 2019
2015 Two sets for which two monsters? That was a HECK of a session! (posting soon) #studioporn #drums #techtuesday
Stewart Copeland Aug 20, 2019
Fruit of the Sacred Grove...2013 Episode 1: Animal Logic with Deborah Holland and Stanley Clarke Just because Deborah brought in a song doesn't mean this wasn't spontaneous. We ran it down a couple of times & went straight into crazy overdub mode. #MondayMemories #music #jamsession #animallogic
Stewart Copeland Aug 18, 2019
2016: Who knew that drums could be so legato? #drums #concert
Stewart Copeland Aug 17, 2019
1985 Adam Ant! Out of bounds with @antmusicofficial
Stewart Copeland Aug 16, 2019
To Persia we fly! 🎸 #strats #fridayfun #isfahan
Stewart Copeland Aug 15, 2019
But I was secretly listening to Fleetwood Mac 👕🎧 #theramones #throwbackthursday
Stewart Copeland Aug 14, 2019
PROOF THAT I WAS PROG!!! Pre-ordering has begun for The Curved Air Family Album 👇
Stewart Copeland Aug 14, 2019
Stewart Copeland Aug 12, 2019
1979? Another Band of the Cusp: Specials rock Hammersmith in view of my trusty super8 #specials #toomuchtooyoung #mondaymusic
Stewart Copeland Aug 12, 2019
1979? The Specials rocked Hammersmith Palais.
Stewart Copeland Aug 10, 2019
How about this Strat for the weekend groove? 🌴 (can someone photoshop out those excess pickups/knobs?) #weekend #strat
Stewart Copeland Aug 08, 2019
1978: Klark Kent on Top Of the Pops You know who those other guys are...under the masks. #throwbackthursday #topofthepops #klarkkent
Stewart Copeland Aug 07, 2019
The thing I love most about this cocktail kit is that after you have ruled you can pick it up and walk away with it. #gear #drums #tama
Stewart Copeland Aug 06, 2019
He asked some great questions!I Caught up with Ben Finane of the Steinway & Sons podcast Soundboard on some of what I've learned over 35 years of writing orchestral music! 📻 Catch it here: #podcast #music
Stewart Copeland Aug 06, 2019
God, Satan, Messiah and angels at the Sacred Grove
Stewart Copeland Aug 06, 2019
That’s Satan, third from the right and God in the red shirt.
Stewart Copeland Aug 05, 2019
"What's your favorite instrument you can't play?" I hear you whisper. Uncover this and other mysteries in the company of the Gizmodrome crew Vittorio Cosma Adrian Belew and Mark King
Stewart Copeland Aug 05, 2019
Today we will sing for our Satan!
Stewart Copeland Aug 05, 2019
That Klark Kent did talk some full shite for a cosmic genius...but back then he was just a kid, just 25,000000000000 years old. These benedictions were gathered by 🎬 Ben deHoedt #fanfiction #movie #mondaymusic
Stewart Copeland Aug 03, 2019
This is my music from Ben Hur Live (an arena show) cut to the classic 1925 silent movie. It's the big race scene. Amazing what they used to put in front of the camera before they invented computers!
Stewart Copeland Aug 02, 2019
Now let's get this on a T shirt! #logo #LUTO #fridayfun #stewartcopelandorchestra
Stewart Copeland Aug 01, 2019
2005 Anointed! #throwbackthursday #Gizmodome