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Let It In
Stevie Redstone Aug 22, 2019
NEW MEERRCCHH ALERT!! Check em out y'all! Pre-orders available now. Get yourself a shirt or 4 at
Stevie Redstone Aug 21, 2019
“Good Moooorning. Oh and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night”
Stevie Redstone Aug 20, 2019
Mere WEEEEKS away from flying out for my first Euro tour!! Can you tell I’m excited?
Stevie Redstone Aug 16, 2019
Will the interwebs please join me in wishing my Margot a HAPPY BIIIIIRTTHHHHDAYYY. The BIG 3 Ohhhh.
Stevie Redstone Aug 12, 2019
Silverlake Sunset Sunday’s. @a_cataldo @ay_yal #latergrizzam
Stevie Redstone Aug 10, 2019
Great balls of fire #fortwayne
Stevie Redstone Aug 09, 2019
My first floating stage! Fort Wayne, IN thanks for having us!!
Stevie Redstone Aug 09, 2019
My first floating stage!! Fort Wayne, IN thanks for having us!!
Stevie Redstone Aug 06, 2019
Growing tomatoes is fun and delish.
Stevie Redstone Aug 03, 2019
Stevie Redstone Aug 01, 2019
Bi annual trip to the theatah. #Tarantino
Stevie Redstone Jul 28, 2019
Look at this effing zucchini my boy @poppsbrain grew.
Stevie Redstone Jul 26, 2019
Rolling Stone says it "fuses Motown's funky stomp with the Rolling Stones' greasy, horn-laden rock." In case you missed it, check out my performance of "Shots Fired" live from Valentine Recording Studios!
Stevie Redstone Jul 23, 2019
Fun times in Europe ahead! Can't wait to play some tunes and see some new faces in The Netherlands and Germany this October. More info and tickets at 3 Oct - Hengelo, NL - Cafe De Cactus Muziekcafe, Kleinste Podium van Twente 4 Oct - Eigbergen, NL - Irish Pub Home 5 Oct - Den Helder, NL - Rockcafé de Engel 6 Oct - Asten, NL - TBA 7 Oct - Amsterdam, NL - TBA 8 Oct - Unna, DE - Tortuga Unna 9 Oct - Rotterdam, NL - Wereldstad Radio 10 Oct - Hamburg, DE - BeLaMi Bergedorf 11 Oct - Hamburg, DE - Cowboy und Indianer 12 Oct - Emmen, NL - Cultuurverblijf No man's land 13 Oct - Helmond, NL - Lokaal42 Helmond
Stevie Redstone Jul 21, 2019
Had the distinct honor of playing the first dance song for my childhood friend @flinnspiration and his lovely wife @laurennmarcus - congratulations to the bride and groom!! EPIC wedding. To #inflinnity and beyond.
Stevie Redstone Jul 19, 2019
“Now that’s golf” #ojai
Stevie Redstone Jul 18, 2019
My future self makes some damn fine #nashvillehotchicken
Stevie Redstone Jul 12, 2019
Check out this live video of my song "Looking Glass," written for my wife, Margot, and shot at Valentine Studios where I recorded my debut album, Shot in the Dark. Listen to the full record here:
Stevie Redstone Jul 11, 2019
New live vid coming at ya tomorrow!!!
Stevie Redstone Jun 28, 2019
Anyone else get sick too often from flying on airplanes? #sendsoups
Stevie Redstone Jun 26, 2019
@jaminthevan session is livvvve. Thanks again. for having us y’all. [link in bio] #jaminthevan #losangeles #livemusic #audiotechnica #keys #drums #bass #vocals #rock #soul #vibes #LA #CA
Stevie Redstone Jun 25, 2019
Never to early to make dem weekend plans. EARLY show opening for @ruralalberta at @moroccanlounge in DTLA this Saturday at 7 PM (fa real 7PM). Always wanted to rock this joint. Come onnnn
Stevie Redstone Jun 23, 2019
How to win an after party. By Stevie Redstone
Stevie Redstone Jun 23, 2019
When you go to a wedding in the Land of Lincoln. #springfieldIL
Stevie Redstone Jun 21, 2019
@jaminthevan was a hoot! Thanks for having us y’all!