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Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A.
Piano Reductions Vol. 2
Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition)
Modern Primitive
Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition)
Naked Tracks, Vol. 4
Live In London
Naked Tracks, Vol. 1
Naked Tracks, Vol. 6
Naked Tracks, Vol. 2
Naked Tracks, Vol. 7
Naked Tracks, Vol. 5
Naked Tracks, Vol. 3
The Story of Light
The Essential Steve Vai
Flex-Able (25th Anniversary Re-Master)
Where the Other Wild Things Are
Flex-Able Leftovers (25th Anniversary Re-Master)
Greensleeves (single)
Sound Theories, Vols. 1 & 2 (Live)
Amazing Grace- 7 Arrangements
Real Illusions: Reflections
G3 Live: Rockin' In the Free World
Live In London
Alive In an Ultra World (Live)
The Ultra Zone
G3: Live In Concert
Fire Garden
Alien Love Secrets
Sex & Religion
Passion and Warfare
The 7th Song (Bonus Track Version)
Steve Vai Aug 24, 2019
Tune into on Monday, August 26th at 6pm PST/9pm EST for a live chat with yours truly! I will be speaking with Marc and Dave Friedman about my new SynergyAmps signature module and much more!
Steve Vai Aug 24, 2019
In this little snippet from “The Space Between the Notes” we are kicking off our first day of rehearsal for the Story of Light tour and doing a little photo shoot for press! You can see the entire 3.5 hour movie on disc 2 of the new blu-ray release of "Stillness In Motion" that will be available September 13. Pre-order info coming soon!
Steve Vai Aug 22, 2019
Me and Andy Timmons Official Page having absolutely no fun during our Master Class together at Vai Academy!
Steve Vai Aug 20, 2019
November 18, 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Whitesnake’s “Slip of the Tongue” CD, and to commemorate this, Rhino Records is releasing this 30th anniversary remaster package on October 4th. This was a special record and time for me. My co-creating with Whitesnake/David Coverdale came at the perfect time and allowed me to live one of the dreams I always desired, to tour the world with a group of fantastic guys, with the world's greatest rock singer at the helm, (David Coverdale who is still going strong) and play guitar for thousands of people a night. It was sublime. I have a deep appreciation for Rudy Sarzo, Adrian Vandenberg, Tommy Aldridge, and David Coverdale. They were not only my friends but my teachers as well. I didn’t discover this until much later though. We all came together with many other great talented people, to make this epic record and tour. A big time congratulations to all the “Snakes”. A little guitar trivia, this is the first recording I made with the first prototype 7-string Universe guitar I was working on with Ibanez at that time. I used this guitar on virtually this whole record. It offers quite a nice low end dimension that was unique at the time. I would also like to give a shout out to the late and very great Howard Kaufman. Howard was Whitesnake's manager and managed some of the biggest acts of the 80’s. He was supreme and so very deeply loved by his clients and the entire music community. He’s one of those guys that if you were to ask about him to anybody that knew or worked with him, you would first see them light up, smile, and gush fond rememberings of his warm and positive energy. Congrats to you too Howard on this 30th anniversary of “Slip”. Snake Vai
Steve Vai Aug 19, 2019
On September 13th, I'm proud to be releasing "Stillness In Motion" on Blu-Ray for the first time! It originally came out on DVD because Sony decided not to release a Blu-Ray, but I always felt it should be released on Blu-Ray so I got the rights back and am now releasing this concert and amazing bonus footage on Blu-Ray. The package consists of 2 Blu-Ray discs, one is the full concert performance from Club Nokia and the other is “The Space Between The Notes” which is one my favorite projects that I've ever completed. “The Space Between the Notes” has over 3.5 hours of off-stage video footage and photo montages. If you are interested in behind-the-scenes type footage, this is the mother load! This package will also include 2 audio CDs with all of the audio from the Club Nokia show. At this time, I’m working on composing new and tweaking existing symphony scores that will all be recorded in the studio in June 2020 with various orchestras in Europe. I’m enjoying doing this a lot… like a lot a lot. And I’m happy to announce that the entire concept for my next studio record was downloaded to me from the abyss as a mental image about 2 weeks ago, so after I finish the orchestra music, I will be starting on that. Thanks so much for following all this.
Steve Vai Aug 19, 2019
Happy Birthday to one of our guitar communities true geniuses, the one and only Larry DiMarzio. Among many of his unique accomplishments, Larry invented the first replacement pick-up way back in the 70’s. This revolutionized the way we approached guitar tone. He is beloved by all the artists he supports and has created a powerful family and bond between us all. Here with Larry, Billy Sheehan, PAUL GILBERT and Richie Kotzen. Just a small handful of the DiMarzio brotherhood
Steve Vai Aug 18, 2019
Coming September 13th...
Steve Vai Aug 18, 2019
Happy National Honeybee Day! Check out this TV clip of Steve and his honeybees! You can see the full video at - The Vai Alliance
Steve Vai Aug 16, 2019
HUGE thanks to Joe Satriani for joining us at Vai Academy 5! Always an honor and a pleasure to share the stage and jam with you! 📷: Steven Bradley
Steve Vai Aug 16, 2019
Just wanted to give another huge shout out and thank you to my special guests at Vai Academy 5.0! Devin Townsend Plini Andy Timmons Official Page Larry Mitchell
Steve Vai Aug 14, 2019
"The Story of Light" was released 7 years ago today! - The Vai Alliance
Steve Vai Aug 14, 2019
Hey folks, My good friend and most excellent writer Andy Aledort wrote this fantastic book on Stevie Ray Vaughan. Having interviewed Stevie on occasions, and the admiration and respect Andy has for him, Andy is a true authority on Stevie and this book is a must for all of us that loved him so much, and it comes out today!
Steve Vai Aug 13, 2019
Happy Birthday to my dear friend and bandmate for over 20 years, Philip Bynoe. May your bottom end continue to resonate in its fullness and cradle the band in the depth of your bad ass groovery. And thanks for all the years of unconditional support and amazing abilities. But most of all, I appreciate our brotherhood and love. You are exceptional. Photo by Tom Porta
Steve Vai Aug 12, 2019
Thank you to all who helped us raise over $140K for Little Friends! All the people involved in this event gave of themselves selflessly, and working with my brother Michael, and being able to experience his new restaurant VAI's Naperville through this event has been amazing. Special shout-out to Derek Matlock who just won the Ibanez Guitars Jem 77P raffle! 📷: Tiffany Berry
Steve Vai Aug 10, 2019
Today’s the last day to enter our charity raffle benefitting Little Friends! A raffle ticket costs $10 & you’ll be entered to win an Ibanez Guitars JEM77P! Visit for more information!
Steve Vai Aug 08, 2019
#TBT Goin’ for a Vaike ride on Mackinac Island.
Steve Vai Aug 06, 2019
Thank you for all of the support at our benefit concert for Little Friends! We auctioned off two custom Ibanez Guitars JEMs wrapped in my art work that went for $21,000 each, and raised a total of close to $100,000! You can still enter our raffle to win an autographed JEM77P here:
Steve Vai Aug 04, 2019
TODAY! I’m performing a benefit show for Little Friends in Naperville, IL! We’ll be raffling off a custom JEM at the show, and if you can't attend, you can still buy an online raffle ticket for $10 to win another signed Ibanez Guitars JEM!
Steve Vai Aug 04, 2019
Here we are at my brother's restaurant VAI's Naperville doing our meet and greet right now and getting ready for the benefit show tomorrow night at Wentz Hall at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Still a few tickets left, and it's for a great cause!
Steve Vai Aug 02, 2019
I will be performing a benefit show for Little Friends on August 4th in Naperville, IL! We will be raffling off a custom JEM at the show, and if you can't attend, you can still buy an online raffle ticket for $10 to win another signed Ibanez Guitars JEM!
Steve Vai Aug 01, 2019
Why aren't you here?!
Steve Vai Jul 31, 2019
Hey folks, Vai Academy this year is completely off the hook wonderful. It’s so nice to see familiar faces and also be able to co create with many of my friends that have attended the camp as clinicians. The location is just the best here at the mansion in Glencove and the weather could not be better. All the campers are on their high flying disc’s and soaking in all of the jamming, classes, sunshine, and great vibes. I wish I could do this every weekend. And my favorite part is always jamming with the campers. Last night we got through 50 of them in four hours. Only 150 to go. Feels like another mama JAMA Jamathon. All these campers are thanking me but frankly I cannot be more appreciative to them for this wonderful experience. More updates to come so keep posted. S 📷: Steven Bradley
Steve Vai Jul 29, 2019
Vai Academy 5.0 starts today! Here’s a shot from Joe Satriani’s camp where I was a guest 3 years ago 📷: Doug Doppler
Steve Vai Jul 27, 2019
‪“Sex & Religion” turns 26 today! Devin Townsend
Steve Vai Jul 25, 2019
#TBT Check out one of my favorite shared television moments. Back in the "Sex and Religion" days, every day with Devin Townsend was a surprise and delight of the most shocking kind for which I found great amusement. I oddly miss those days.