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Piano Reductions Vol. 2
Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A.
Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition)
Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition)
Modern Primitive
Alien Love Secrets
Naked Tracks, Vol. 1
Live In London
Naked Tracks, Vol. 7
Naked Tracks, Vol. 2
Naked Tracks, Vol. 5
Various Mysteries Archives Vol. 3.5
Naked Tracks, Vol. 6
Naked Tracks, Vol. 3
The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1
Naked Tracks, Vol. 4
The Story of Light
The Essential Steve Vai
Flex-Able Leftovers (25th Anniversary Re-Master)
Where the Other Wild Things Are
Flex-Able (25th Anniversary Re-Master)
Sound Theories, Vols. 1 & 2 (Live)
Amazing Grace- 7 Arrangements
Greensleeves (single)
Real Illusions: Reflections
Real Illusions: Reflections
G3 Live: Rockin' In the Free World
Live In London
Alive In an Ultra World (Live)
Archives, Vol. 1: Enchanting Guitar Melodies - The 7th Song
The Ultra Zone
G3: Live In Concert
Fire Garden
Alien Love Secrets
Sex & Religion
Passion and Warfare
The 7th Song (Bonus Track Version)
Steve Vai Jun 16, 2019
Half father, half son. Me and my son Julian. Happy Father’s Day
Steve Vai Jun 15, 2019
The beginning... me a few years ago 😉
Steve Vai Jun 15, 2019
Jacob Collier has done it again. Check out this incredibly rich version of “Moon River” and his seemingly infinite creativity. And you may even spot my little head popping up and “mooning” you in this video. -s
Steve Vai Jun 13, 2019
Check out “Sideways” off of the upcoming Generation Axe album “The Guitars That Destroyed The World (Live in China)”! It will be out on June 28, and you can pre-order it here:
Steve Vai Jun 12, 2019
Check out the great "Wire & Wood" Exhibit at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) that will be running June 30 - September 29! It features a lot of great guitars, including one from Steve! - The Vai Alliance
Steve Vai Jun 11, 2019
Thank you so much Chris Huber for putting together this great recap video from Rio! What an amazing birthday experience.
Steve Vai Jun 10, 2019
Monday Vaibes. Photo by Mike Mesker
Steve Vai Jun 10, 2019
Thank you so much!
Steve Vai Jun 10, 2019
I had an absolute peak experience performing at Montreux Jazz festival in Rio on June 6th. After close to 40 years of touring and thousands of gigs, I guess the older I get the easier it is to settle into a good thing when it comes along, and this festival was a stunner. First, to be invited was such a huge honor and to be with my band again performing for such a passionate and supportive audience as the Brazilians made this quite the unforgettable experience. I’m humbled by the confidence the organizers had in me to invite me to this show, which was the first time this historical festival was put on outside of it’s original location in Switzerland. They worked so hard and surprised me on stage at the end of the show with a birthday cake the size of a large snare drum! And to top it off, my good friend Andreas Kisser from Sepultura joined us for a jam and just tore it up! And it was so nice to get to hang with my dear friend Father Al Di Meola. I want to sincerely thank the powerful promotion team that put this show on, Marco and Daniela Mazzola, Andre Barcellos, Maurice Hughs, Hugo Silva, Renato Oliveira and the entire team. Your team is exceptional and once again you raised the bar on the cultural awareness of Brazil. Deep appreciation. -s
Steve Vai Jun 08, 2019
Did somebody say make a wish?
Steve Vai Jun 07, 2019
Remember folks, your picking hand is just as important as your fretting hand!
Steve Vai Jun 06, 2019
Thank you Lía Bettencourt for getting this video to my team. You are a fantastic supporter as are all who participated in this little birthday vid for me. I’m deeply touched by these sentiments. As a teenager I would have never thought that at 59 years old, I would lead such a charmed life. My deepest appreciation. S
Steve Vai Jun 06, 2019
Please join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steve! - The Vai Alliance
Steve Vai Jun 05, 2019
An important message about the new Generation Axe album “The Guitars That Destroyed The World (Live in China)”! It's out on June 28th, and you can pre-order it here:
Steve Vai Jun 04, 2019
And we're off! See you soon Rio Montreux Jazz Festival! Get your tickets at
Steve Vai Jun 03, 2019
Exactly 22 years ago today, “G3: Live in Concert” was released! Anybody check it out?
Steve Vai Jun 02, 2019
You should’ve heard the sustain on this thing!
Steve Vai Jun 01, 2019
Thomas is the man!
Steve Vai May 31, 2019
“Hey Steve, can I get a quick signature?!”
Steve Vai May 30, 2019
Rio! Come celebrate my birthday with me at Rio Montreux Jazz Festival on June 6th! Get tickets at
Steve Vai May 29, 2019
This month marks the 8th anniversary of the release of Whitesnake’s “Live at Donington 1990!” Recorded August 18th, 1990 at the Monsters of Rock Festival in Castle Donington, UK!
Steve Vai May 28, 2019
Check out “Frankenstein” off of the upcoming Generation Axe album “The Guitars That Destroyed The World (Live in China)”! It will be out on June 28 and you can pre-order it here:
Steve Vai May 27, 2019
I’m so thrilled to be contributing to this event. My brother Michael is one of my life mentors, and the “Little Friends” organization is vital in transforming the lives of children in need. You can buy concert tickets as well as raffle tickets for a signed Ibanez Guitars JEM here:
Steve Vai May 26, 2019
Will Joe Satriani ever get his gaff tape back?! You’ll have to join both of us at Vai Academy this summer to find out!
Steve Vai May 25, 2019
I truly can't wait for you all to hear this Generation Axe live album! It will be out on June 28th thru earMUSIC and is available for pre-order here: