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The Good Life
Stuck On Repeat
Stereo Skyline Jun 12, 2019
I know it's been a while since we posted - not sure who's checking on us here. We existed in a pre-Instagram world, if you can believe that. With our old twitter being hijacked, our facebook is all that's left. For that reason, I'm excited to share this song here for those of you still out there. As a writer and producer, there are just some songs along the way that get lost, never find a home with an artist, and this was one of them. Hope you guys enjoy!! - Kevin
Stereo Skyline Jun 10, 2019
Stereo Skyline Jul 18, 2015
Stereo Skyline Feb 09, 2013
Kevin has been busy writing with other artists in LA! Follow him on twitter
Stereo Skyline Oct 06, 2012
You can hear Kevins new Max & Simon song "Like Tonight" on ABC Television Network the next few days during commercials for Happy Endings and Don't Trust the B in Apt 23! He wrote this one with Dylan from Glory Days
Stereo Skyline Sep 21, 2012
Kevins song with Max & Simon Ready Set Go is on iTunes!
Stereo Skyline Aug 30, 2012
Kevin's song with Max & Simon "Ready Set Go" is on FOX this week for promos of New Girl. Keep an eye out
Stereo Skyline Aug 04, 2012
Kevin's song with Max & Simon "I'm Thinking Sunshine" is featured in the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie! Opens this weekend in theaters
Stereo Skyline Jul 25, 2012
A Max & Simon song Kevin wrote is featured in a new Yoplait ad!
Stereo Skyline Jul 17, 2012
Our friends Cash Cash have a new single out today! Check it out on youtube then grab it from iTunes!
Stereo Skyline Jun 08, 2012
Check out this awesome mix with some new songs thanks to dj kalkutta #Friday
Stereo Skyline Jun 05, 2012
Last year we put out a record called "The Good Life". If you have not picked it up on iTunes go snag it today. It's on sale for only $7.99! ->
Stereo Skyline Jun 04, 2012
Kevin will be playing guitar for Larzz on his upcoming Japan tour and NY & Long Island shows next week. NYC Grab tickets below
Stereo Skyline May 23, 2012
Stereo Skyline's cover photo
Stereo Skyline May 23, 2012
Have you seen our friends Glory Days cover of the new Gym Class Heroes single "The Fighter" check it out
Stereo Skyline Mar 29, 2012
Do us a favor and go "LIKE" our friends Artax's page! :D
Stereo Skyline Mar 23, 2012
Kevin has been writing nonstop for a bunch of artists!
Stereo Skyline Mar 07, 2012
Our friend Kalkutta just put up this new electronic/dubstep mix. Go Download it for free below and let her know how much you like it at
Stereo Skyline Mar 06, 2012
Stereo Skyline Feb 29, 2012
Kevin is reading comments on the Max & Simon page go leave one :D
Stereo Skyline Feb 28, 2012
Have you heard Max & Simon? One of Kevin's other projects! Check them out also
Stereo Skyline Feb 18, 2012
Our good friends in Glory Days are trying to buy a van to tour down to SXSW in. Help them out on kickstarter :D
Stereo Skyline Feb 13, 2012
Kevin was at the Grammy's Last night! Check his instagram for a photo :D
Stereo Skyline Feb 09, 2012
Kevin has been writing in LA this week with Dylan from Glory Days and Blake Healy from Metro Station! Make sure you follow them both on twitter @DylanScott and @BlakeHealy
Stereo Skyline Jan 30, 2012
Kevin moved to LA and has been writing a TON. What is everyone else up to?