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Can You Hear My Call?
stendeck Feb 04, 2019
Seeking inspiration
stendeck Oct 25, 2018
#stendeck #working #nightfun #synthesizers #synth #arturia #matrixbrute #davesmith #prophet #prophet #arpeggiator #improvisation #modular #modularsynth #lights #space #trip #fx #reverberator #noise #davesmithinstruments #synthporn #trippy #dreamy #red #black #heartofthenight
stendeck Jul 22, 2018
#lugano #storm #thunderstorm #clouds #sky #lightning #thunder #flashing #sunday #apocalypse
stendeck Jun 24, 2018
Digitakt on the beach 🤘🏻
stendeck Jun 20, 2018
New band mate!
stendeck Jun 17, 2018
Timeline Photos
stendeck Jun 17, 2018
Timeline Photos
stendeck Mar 08, 2018
tanti auguri a tutte le donne! Best wishes for all women!
stendeck Jan 03, 2018
more news to come.... stay tuned following this page and other social network pages (all links available at
stendeck Nov 02, 2017
See you in Athens dear friends!
stendeck Sep 14, 2017
Vostok Teaser featuring Catch the Midnight Girl music! 👍
stendeck Jun 12, 2017
SUMMER NEWS: BITCOIN now accepted on the ONLINE Store! Everything at 0.01 BITCOINS including shipping worldwide!
stendeck Mar 08, 2017
Folgor remixed by Noizy Flight! Show some support dear friends!
stendeck Aug 16, 2016
...nice to have been mentioned by dave smith :-)
stendeck May 23, 2016
stendeck - black prism
stendeck Apr 05, 2016
New Unreleased song! OUT_NOW_V.a. - Hypotaxia CD/Digital Cd Ltd. 333 copies Aliens production 2016 AP36 Another in a series of exclusive materials and similar conception of performers that brings and in this form unique and different, but like-minded thematic concept. Why again next compilation in Aliens production? Because it's good and unique, since music bodies has formed a concept only for this project and there is quite a lot to choose from. Purely electronic transfusions is offering you, as the constant bands as well as new names on the electronic scene in which they can be freely classified, into today, ironically sounding word, underground. In essence, this project breathes with global participation and bands that here presents their digital direction are really decent creatively based. Under common shield there is a bright palette and there is really what to choose from. Many electronic turbulences, broken beats, dark corners, disorientating points and beautiful atmospheres are waiting for listener throughout this atmospheric storm. Each track on this project is proof that electronic scene and its scope can be really bright and diverse and creative testimony have no boundaries. Great design was provided by Gleb Zhurov. Sound part took under his wing Anatoly TOKEE Grinberg and here is a list of participating projects: Tod, Polygon, Conjecture, Mirum Mulier, Stendeck, Headdreamer, Xsodect, Her blood in my veins, Disharmony, Ish, 3.14, Seneptika, LP12, Recfrag , Mc1r, Nick Jonath, Stableform, Zetatech, Waldrick. 01. Conjecture - Tupilaq 02. Xsodect - Behind 03. 3,14 - The loss 04. dISHARMONY - Proform 05. Lpf12 - The believer 06. Headdreamer - Iam waiting 07. Zetatech - Graf 08. RecFrag - Neon waterfall 09. Ish - Formation 10. MC1R - Soulhunter 11. Stendeck - Nowhere to hide 12. Her blood in my veins - Transmyte 13. Polygon - Monologik 14. Seneptika - Alenkas prototype 15. The opposer divine - Earth divided 16. Mirum mulier - Away Digital Bonus on Aliens production Bandcamp store including tracks: 17. Nick Jonath - Gedankenreise 18. Stableform - Transient 19. Headdreamer - Sunflower 20. Waldrick - Dreaming social First 50 copies including FREE DIGITAL BONUS printed on profesional CDr Compiled by Ryby Desing by Gleb Zhurov Mastered by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg All tracks are exclusive AV DISTRO: BANDCAMP: TRAILER:
stendeck Mar 15, 2016
Sad lovers' song remixed by Uzer... have a nice trip!
stendeck Jan 21, 2016 best tunes 2015 is Now available as free download!
stendeck Jan 21, 2016
stendeck Jan 14, 2016 On poursuit la découverte de notre tracklist Best Tunes 2015 demain, la compilation sera en libre téléchargement sur notre page bandcamp dès vendredi soir. En attendant, vous pouvez vous procurer Best Tunes 2013 et 2014 toujours disponibles par ici : -------------- More tracks of Best Tunes 2015 tomorrow, you will able to download the compilation for free friday night on our bandcamp page. Meanwhile, you can still download for free Best Tunes 2013 and 2014 here :
stendeck Dec 20, 2015
Stendeck - Sad lovers' song
stendeck Dec 17, 2015
I DIE: YOUDIE'S TOP 25 OF 2015: FOLGOR stands at the 6th place :-) "Patience is an odd quality to ascribe to a record, but in the case of Folgor patience means absolutely everything. Alessandro Zampieri has always had a yen for stylistic shifts, but the true strength of his sixth album of compositionally minded IDM comes from how unforced and fluid it all feels, always in movement without ever seeming like it’s in a rush. Which is not to say that it’s laidback: across the record’s 15 tracks you’ll find songs both uptempo (“Momentary Pleasure”, “Tonight is Forever”) and melancholic (“Sad Lover’s Song”). What you won’t find is a great deal of repetition; each time Zampieri dips into another style – be it bass, technoid, downbeat or ambient – he finds a new and contextual way to present it, always making sense for Stendeck, even as it casually plays with the idea of what exactly Stendeck sounds like. It’s a supremely accomplished album, bolstered even further by a smooth and unhurried dedication to wring the most out of each sonic interaction and the resolution of each musical idea."