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Mein Teddybär
Steffi Dec 18, 2018
Sound & Recording passed by the studio a while ago for a nice chat and some photos. The magazine is out now (in Japanese)!
Steffi Dec 13, 2018
Baby Steffi #tbt 👼
Steffi Dec 12, 2018
Happy that my track 'Gentle Uplift' is out now as part of Ben Sims' Tribology compilation!
Steffi Dec 08, 2018
Ass into gear. Closing @berghain_ostgut this weekend 👽🏁🚀 #destefster @ Berlin, Germany
Steffi Dec 06, 2018
Steffi Dec 05, 2018
Berghain / Panorama Bar this weekend! very happy with this killer line up with my fav artists: Pariah, Mono Junk LIVE, XDB, Chris Ferreira, Privacy, DJ Skull, CJ Bolland 👊 #destefster #AssIntoGear #RAVE
Steffi Dec 03, 2018
Dekmantel Podcast 189 - Steffi
Steffi Nov 28, 2018
A couple months ago I spoke with Resident Advisor about Martyn for his ORIGINS film. Head to their page for the full film!
Steffi Nov 26, 2018
Post Panorama Bar Monday vibe, taking it easy today. It felt good to be back last night. #destefster
Steffi Nov 21, 2018
Voiski x Dolly. Out now.
Steffi Nov 19, 2018
New Voiski out on Dolly now!
Steffi Nov 02, 2018
It is with great regret that I announce I won't be performing this month due to family circumstances. Thank you all for understanding and I hope to be back soon.
Steffi Nov 01, 2018
Voiski & Dolly 💃🏻
Steffi Oct 26, 2018
Ekko Festival nr. 15 tomorrow.
Steffi Oct 24, 2018
Voiski up next on Dolly!!
Steffi Oct 24, 2018
Martyn and I interviewed each other for Ransom Note.
Steffi Oct 22, 2018
Happy 10 year anniversary Dynamic Reflection! Listen to my track ‚Mantamix’ for the anniversary compilation in full over at Inverted Audio.
Steffi Oct 20, 2018
Thanks to @theblocktlv for bringing part of our #klakson crew out to tel aviv #destefster @ Tel Aviv, Israel
Steffi Oct 18, 2018
Berghain / Panorama Bar Säule tonight with the Klakson Records gang!! 214 & Privacy
Steffi Oct 14, 2018
Starting in a bit 💃🌳 #destefster
Steffi Oct 13, 2018
Tomorrow Berghain / Panorama Bar garten from noon till 17h 🌳🌱🌿
Steffi Oct 09, 2018
Steffi Oct 05, 2018
Ass into gear for October!! Starting a series of Klakson nights in Rotterdam today. 💪💪💪 📢📢📢
Steffi Oct 05, 2018
Martyn and mine's Air Texture is out today! 💪
Steffi Oct 04, 2018
Jammmmmmm @rbma #destefster