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Part 1: Hydrate
When We Meet Again
Static Cycle Dec 25, 2012
Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas season and a New Year of peace and happiness.
Static Cycle Nov 01, 2012
Anyone want FREE MUSIC..... Tomorrow at this time ( lets say Noon AST ) I will pick 3 random people from the comments below and send them Digital Download Codes for all 3 Albums ..!!!
Static Cycle May 28, 2012
In honor of Memorial Day and the brave military men and women who have served or continue to serve our country, we say thank you and God bless.
Static Cycle Apr 17, 2012
Awesome redoux of "Call Me Home"... you have to listen to this...
Static Cycle Apr 08, 2012
Okay, it can stop snowing now ...
Static Cycle Apr 04, 2012
What came across my desk today .....
Static Cycle Apr 03, 2012
For those of you in Alaska that missed our "Rock the Countdown" NYE 2012 show, Underground Live will be showing it this Sunday @ 1am on KYES Channel 5. Also hopefully they will add it to their YouTube Channel so the rest of you can watch it as well ....
Static Cycle Apr 01, 2012
Static Cycle's cover photo
Static Cycle Mar 27, 2012
xo bob - call kwhl in alaska - 907-349-9691 wish bob a happy birthday
Static Cycle Mar 20, 2012
Happy First Day of SPRING!!!
Static Cycle Mar 19, 2012
Timeline Photos
Static Cycle Mar 19, 2012
Today is Dennis' Birithday .......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN....!!!!!!!
Static Cycle Mar 19, 2012
Some more Random Greatness we stumbled upon .......
Static Cycle Mar 17, 2012
and have Great/Safe St. Patrick's Day ..... Get you're Green On ...!!! Oh and some Corned Beef and Cabage too!!!
Static Cycle Mar 17, 2012
And a HUGE Happy Birthday to David "Gunz" !!!!!
Static Cycle Mar 15, 2012
the random Awesomeness!! you run across on the interwebs .... !!!
Static Cycle Mar 09, 2012
Featured item of the week: Static Cycle - Reflective Slap Bracelets, only $2.50.....
Static Cycle Mar 02, 2012
Featured Item of the week: Compact Disc - Part 2 : Rehydrate *ONLY* $4.99 this week only !!!!
Static Cycle Mar 01, 2012
So looks like an overwhelming "NO" to the Timeline Switch .... we will hold out as long as possible ....
Static Cycle Mar 01, 2012
Should we switch to "Timeline" now ... or wait until we are forced 3/30/12 ..??
Static Cycle Feb 17, 2012
Its Finally Friday... Pure and perfect Rock and roll... Check out this video from our good friends in Pop Evil...
Static Cycle Feb 14, 2012
Anyone doing anything Extra Special for Valintines Day?
Static Cycle Feb 08, 2012
On Monday, some of our internal band conflict was made public. One of the four members of the band chose to delete the other 9 administrators of the Static Cycle facebook page to prevent the management team and the rest of the band from communicating with the fans. The comments made were not discussed or agreed upon by the group. As of yesterday, we regained access to the page. We want to sincerely apologize to all of you; our fans, friends and families. The last few days have taken a great toll on us. We have shared some of the greatest moments in our lives together and there are better ways to deal with conflict... you deserve better from us. At this moment, we do not know if we will continue playing music together and the future of Static Cycle is uncertain. We hope we can retain the valuable friendships we have built. This is bigger than the music, but we pray shortly we can return to making music the focus again. We ask for your patience as we move forward toward a resolution behind closed doors as a family. To those of you who have reached out in support and shared your kind words, thank you so much, you have kept us going the last 48 hours. Static Cycle
Static Cycle Feb 07, 2012
It brings me great sadness to announce that Static Cycle is officially over. Due to irreconcilable differences the band has decided to break up. Thank you so much for the love and support you've showed us over the years!! We never would have made it this far without you!!! Dennis Smith Static Cycle Owner/drummer [email protected]
Static Cycle Feb 06, 2012
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