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State Radio Jun 09, 2017
Feat. "H.A.C.K.I.N. (Yeah Man)"
State Radio Feb 10, 2017
Chad is hitting the road this summer with DISPATCH. Keep an eye out for west coast dates and a run of shows in Europe as well.
State Radio Feb 02, 2017
In other Chad news...
State Radio Dec 07, 2016
WCVB Channel 5 Boston tells the true story behind the song "The Story Of Benjamin Darling, Pt. 1" from Year of The Crow.
State Radio Sep 22, 2016
25 years ago, Troy Davis was put on death row after a trial that was anything but fair. 5 years ago yesterday he was executed.
State Radio Dec 17, 2015
We went digging into the vault this week and found this never-before-released "Adelaide" video that Art Bradford created.
State Radio Dec 28, 2014
You've only got three more days to pick up some classic State Radio t-shirts (for only $2.50 each) before they're gone forever:
State Radio Dec 23, 2014
Calling All Crows is hosting an online auction from now until January 1st that includes items like your very own Chadwick Stokes living room show, signed handwritten "Calling All Crows" lyrics and more. Bid for yourself or a friend.
State Radio Nov 21, 2014
Chad and The Pintos stopped by Audiotree and recorded a four-song live session. They played three songs from his new album The Horse Comanche as well as "Black Bottle" from Simmerkane II.
State Radio Oct 31, 2014
Check out the new Chadwick Stokes music video for "Our Lives Our Time!"
State Radio Oct 21, 2014
An inside look at Chad's 1st living room tour...
State Radio Sep 19, 2014
We've teamed up with the folks at Merchline to launch a brand new State Radio / Chadwick Stokes web store. Cheaper shipping, faster turn time, bigger product shots and all sorts of other goodness:
State Radio Jun 09, 2014
State Radio May 30, 2014
"Keepsake" live in a Hamburg living room
State Radio Apr 30, 2014
Sad to say, this past weekend, our good friend Manny Furtado died peacefully in his sleep. I'll miss the ol man terribly. - Chad
State Radio Mar 04, 2014
In honor of the fact that it's way too cold, we're having a hoodie sale in the State Radio store:
State Radio Jan 30, 2014
Chad's been busy in the studio this month! Check out.
State Radio Dec 30, 2013
Chad is heading to Chicago later this week to record his new album with Brian Deck and Sam Beam. He couldn't have done it without the support of the patrons who pre-ordered the album, added few bucks to the tip jar or bought a living room ticket. We'll be closing the patron store on January 1st so you've only got a few more hours to lock in your copy. Everyone who pre-orders will get their name in the liner notes, access to album demos, a patron-only webcast concert and a few other goodies that we're cooking up for the new year.
State Radio Dec 24, 2013
Tickets for the Chad's European living room concerts just went on sale! Here are the cities and dates: March 14 - London, UK March 15 - Paris, FR March 16 - Cologne, Germany March 17 - Hamburg, Germany March 18 - Berlin, Germany March 20 - Vienna, Austria March 21 - Hebertshausen, Germany (near Munich) March 22 - Zurich, Switzerland Everyone who purchases a ticket will receive a copy of Chad's new album next year, their name in the liner notes and access to album demos and a winter webcast from Chad's house. All proceeds from the tour will fund the making of Chad's new album.
State Radio Dec 19, 2013
True story: There was a "Freckled Mary" music video before the official "Freckled Mary" video. It was lost at sea in 2011, but was recently unearthed and posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
State Radio Nov 21, 2013
Chad is hitting the road in 2014 for another LIVING ROOM TOUR and we need hosts! This tour will hit 9 new cities in the US and 8 cities in Europe! The sets will include new songs and stories as well as some of your favorite DISPATCH and State Radio tunes. Here are the dates and cities: February 13 - Toronto February 14 - Rochester, NY February 15 - Pittsburgh, PA February 16 - Columbus, OH February 21 - Indianapolis, IN February 22 - St. Louis, MO February 23 - Nashville, TN February 28 - Long Island, NY March 1 - Providence, RI March 14 - London, UK March 15 - Paris, FR March 16 - Cologne, Germany March 17 - Hamburg, Germany March 18 - Berlin, Germany March 20 - Vienna, Austria March 21 - Munich, Germany March 22 - Zurich, Switzerland If you live near one of those cities and can host at least 30-50 fans at your home or apartment (indoor only), please e-mail [email protected] with the following info: - Include the date and city that you'd like to host in the subject line. - Your name, age, phone #, and address. - Tell us a bit about your space: Is it a house, large apartment, loft space, etc? Do you own or rent? How many people can you host? What is the parking situation? We love backyard parties, but it's going to be cold in February and March so we can only accept submissions for indoor spaces. - Include photos of the space. They don't need to be anything fancy, a few cell phone pictures will do. WHAT WILL HOSTING A CONCERT ENTAIL? - Concerts will start around 8PM and run until 10PM. Fans will arrive at 7PM and Chad and a Calling All Crows volunteer will arrive around 7:30PM. Expect everything to wrap around 11PM. - Tickets will only be sold online so you won't have to collect any money. However, you will need to check names at the door. We won't post your address anywhere on the internet. Ticket buyers will be notified of the address via e-mail two weeks before the concert. - Fans will be allowed to film and tape the shows. - Chad will need your help selling a small assortment of merchandise. A Calling All Crows volunteer will be on site to chat with attendees about their work. - Chad won't be using any amplification, just his acoustic guitar and his voice. It would be great if you could provide him with a stool to sit on and a quiet room to get ready and store his things.
State Radio Oct 22, 2013
Chadwick is doing a webcast tomorrow night at 8PM EDT from his very own living room! It'll be an evening of songs and stories, just like the living room tour. The webcast is a thank you for everyone who pre-ordered the new album or attended a living room concert. Use your patron page password and tune in here: P.S. You still have time to pre-order ( the album and "attend" the webcast. P.P.S. We'll be archiving it for everyone who can't watch live.
State Radio Sep 20, 2013
Chadwick Stokes
State Radio Sep 20, 2013
State Radio Fans, After a great run playing with Mike "Maddog" Najarian over the last seven years, sadly we are parting ways. If he's as talented of a financial planner as he is a drummer than I'm sure he'll have a great career. We've had a blast: many adventures and pranks, logged in countless late-night miles as the years sped by, slept in many motel beds together and got to see some amazing places in this world. I really appreciate how he was always up for talking to people no matter what the hour or situation and how he rallied for service with the crows. above all, he drummed his ass off every night and it was an honor to share the stage with him and feel that mac truck energy coming from the kit. Like Bonham and then Grohl, Mike's drumming is ferocious but still retains soul and feel. It was great having him in State Radio for these years. We'll keep you in the loop as SR moves forward. Check out Mike's new website ( and stay in touch with him on Twitter (@StateRadioDrums). Best of luck to Maddog and his future adventures, Chad
State Radio Sep 18, 2013
Chadwick Stokes