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Life, Love & Lies
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Life, Love & Lies
State of Shock Mar 01, 2016
Leave a happy Bday greeting here in the comments for Cameron and we'll make sure he knows about them! might as well start a few hrs early :)
State of Shock Feb 19, 2016
#Throwbackthursday someone tweeted this to us this morning.. wow.
State of Shock Nov 20, 2015
Happy Birthday Jester. 30 never looked so good :) Jesse Wainwright Official
State of Shock Nov 17, 2015
so Jesse Wainwright Official birthday is coming! Friday November 20th. If we remind you on friday would be great for you to leave Bday wishes on that post for Jesse to read later!
State of Shock Oct 20, 2015
Happy Tune Tuesday.
State of Shock Oct 19, 2015
happy monday
State of Shock Oct 16, 2015
#flashbackfriday Edison photography
State of Shock Oct 15, 2015
a lil' #TBT
State of Shock Oct 14, 2015
State of Shock Oct 05, 2015
Thx to everyone who put in orders this past week. A few items left we'll be adding pics of some vintage stuff from our storage locker. Forgot to tell you that the first 10 orders get a thx u card signed by us.
State of Shock Oct 01, 2015
It may be the last day of September but beer coozies are always handy! Our 'refuse to let summer end' sale keeps on trucking this week with a Hump Day special. Coozies today only $5 plus shipping. very limited quantities message us to order.
State of Shock Sep 28, 2015
Get ready for our Trunk Sale - Refuse to let Summer End - tees, cds, and vintage from past tours. Starts Tuesday (everyone hates Mondays)
State of Shock Sep 27, 2015
"Refuse to let Summer End' sale is coming this week. Massive blow out on all State of Shock merch. Stay tuned!
State of Shock Aug 24, 2015
Good day to give Kadooh Official a shoutout seeing as its his bday :) Happy Birthday Doodles.
State of Shock Aug 11, 2015
State of Shock's cover photo
State of Shock Jul 17, 2015
Congrats to our bud Dallas Smith on 4 CCMA nominations including Male Artist, Album and Song of the Year and Fan Choice
State of Shock Jun 23, 2015
State of Shock Jun 02, 2015
yup. every day!
State of Shock May 29, 2015
#TBT Johnny Shock
State of Shock May 29, 2015
State of Shock May 28, 2015
anyone take pics of Jesse Wainwright Official n Kadooh Official at last week's Cloverdale Rodeo? (Jesse's new band Austin Belle played). Got em? post em.
State of Shock May 27, 2015
State of Shock May 27, 2015
anyone know if this is still there?
State of Shock May 26, 2015
Summer Tee sale! 25% off 25.00 was too hard to do the math so.. Tees $18 each (plus $8 shipping worldwide) or two for $35! Any combination of ladies or mens. First 10 orders get a signed thank-you card! Crying Girl black, Red SOS, black Monkey Tee and Black tee with Red SOS on chest available in variety of sizes. Limited stock: ladies tanks, white vintage and black vintage SOS only in larger sizes, black SOS on chest and back in larger sizes. Hit us up in the comments or message us here to order!
State of Shock May 22, 2015
Tshirt sale coming next week! 25% off everything, and special deals that will include autographed thank you card! Stay tuned.