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Music for Nitrous Oxide
And Their Refinement of the Decline
Avec laudenum
The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
Per aspera ad astra
Gravitational Pull Vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life
The Ballasted Orchestra
STARS OF THE LID Feb 26, 2019
Dug up this old Talk Talk book I contributed some words to by James Marsh, the guy that made all their artworks. “This memory is forever tattooed on my cerebellum. It was a week after my birthday, September 1988. I was on my way to go record-shopping at The Candyman record store in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was flipping through the ‘new’ bin and came across a copy of ‘Spirit of Eden’ on vinyl. When I returned home I put it on, it was one of those few moments in life where you stare at the record player in complete bemusement. What is this music? Hearing that three-song suite on the first side for the first time was, as I believe a wise man once uttered, “ like I was shot with a diamond bullet right through my forehead.” Although I can imagine the innumerable hordes would never see the connection, it was essentially an incoherent catalyst for the early Stars of the Lid rumblings, multiple suites connecting through one song that would go on forever. There is just a sullen atmosphere in those recordings that I have concluded, in one way or another, changed my life, or at least the way my ears perceive it.” 'Spirit of Eden' -
STARS OF THE LID Feb 08, 2019
Our 'Installation for People with Special Powers on the Run from Government Exploitation', will be on display starting next Friday, February 15-17, in Chicago at The Art Institutes. This will not be available for release or purchase, thank you & have a lovely weekend….
STARS OF THE LID Nov 21, 2018
Been on some strange lists over the years, but never in the same breath with Gerry Rafferty & The Kinks....
STARS OF THE LID Nov 16, 2018
We'll be creating a Stars of the Lid sound installation at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival this February. Read More:
STARS OF THE LID Nov 12, 2018
adam bryanbaum wiltzie shares some words on his tribute concert of Jóhann Jóhannsson's drone suite 'Virthulegu Forsetar' recently in Brussels. Watch:
STARS OF THE LID Nov 09, 2018
Resident Advisor spotlights our old-time label friend Kranky.
STARS OF THE LID Oct 29, 2018
17 years old today...
STARS OF THE LID Jul 30, 2018
Some more vinyls of our STARS OF THE LID '96 record 'Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life' in over on Kranky. Order:
STARS OF THE LID Jul 11, 2018
"In reality, Stars of the Lid was born out of the ass of the dreadful White Boy Funk craze circa early ’90s in Texas." - Our adam bryanbaum wiltzie talks SOTL and scoring Kevin McDonald's stark documentary 'Whitney', over on Pitchfork. Read More:
STARS OF THE LID Jun 05, 2018
adam bryanbaum wiltzie will perform Jóhann Jóhannsson's brass piece 'Virðulegu Forsetar' on what would have been Jóhann's 49th Birthday - September 19th at Brussels' Beguinage Church... Info:
STARS OF THE LID Apr 05, 2018
Some nostalgic words from Andy Beta on the sentiments of melting in the Texas heat while recording drone music on a 4 Track via Pitchfork on our ‘96 record 'Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life' and its vinyl reissue.... Order:
STARS OF THE LID Apr 03, 2018
We've been getting some complaints about the price of shipping for our 'Gravitational' record. While we understand the comments, we have a statement from the head honcho at Kranky to explain the reason behind the price... "You may not be aware of this, but at the beginning of 2015 the U.S. Postal service doubled the prices for packages leaving the country. Some forces in our national legislature are trying to bankrupt the postal service here so that they can privatize it, and the drastic price hikes were a move to cause more outrage over an already beleaguered postal system so that further arguments can be made that it needs to be privatized and handed to some corporate entity such as Fedex where even HIGHER postage prices will eventually be instituted. A large portion of the problem stems from legislation passed in 2006 mandating that the postal system entirely fund their pension and health care costs 75 years into the future in only 15 years time, an outrageous burden that is required of no other public or private entity in the country and which means that the postal system starts each year with a $5 billion deficit. and to top it off, our national legislature has approval over any service and pricing changes that could possibly help alleviate the issue such as ending saturday delivery service, cutting the subsidy given bulk mailers who are granted cheap rates just to fill our boxes with junk mail, or raising the price of a stamp for a letter from $0.49 to $0.50 which they declined to do while drastically increasing other prices. More here: It currently costs us $22.50 U.S in postage to ship a single or double LP to europe, and $34 to ship a triple LP. We charge for postage what we pay and no more. Prices for foreign orders are thus high, and it has hurt our direct mail order business drastically, but we have no control over the situation. You can play with the U.S. Postage calculator yourself here:, just plug in 1 lb and 4 oz, the weight of a single LP package, 1 lb 10 oz for a double LP and 2 lb 6 oz for a triple LP. The prices showing there are even higher than we pay by shipping through paypal where a discount is applied. Think about that: the post office website charges more than other vendors that plug into the postal system, it’s illogical. Even odder: you cannot ship a domestic package either first class service or “media mail” service at the website but you can through paypal, endicia and other service providers. So the official usps website offers less services and higher prices than their licensees. The system is broken, but it is intentional. We are sorry to say that the only way to get the price of the postage down when ordering direct is to order multiple titles at one time. The good news is that if you live in the UK or Europe, you can get relief by ordering from quality online outlets such as Boomkat and Norman Records in the UK, Konkurrent in Benelux, Anost in Berlin, and others.” Orders through here:
STARS OF THE LID Mar 30, 2018
Our '96 record 'Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life' is out on vinyl today through Kranky. Be quick. Order:
STARS OF THE LID Mar 12, 2018
Our '96 record 'Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life' is out on vinyl on March 30th through Kranky. Pre-order:
STARS OF THE LID Feb 26, 2018
SOTL's 'Gravitational Pull vs. the Desire for the Aquatic Life' Available for the first time in over 20 Years....
STARS OF THE LID Feb 24, 2018
December 30th 2017, Reykjavik Iceland
STARS OF THE LID Feb 23, 2018
Our '96 album 'Gravitational Pull Vs The Desire For An Aquatic Life' is being pressed on vinyl for the first time in twenty years. It'll be released on March 30th through Kranky. Pre-order:
STARS OF THE LID Dec 31, 2017
Thank you, Reykjavik, t’was lovely.... Photo: Moussti
STARS OF THE LID Dec 31, 2017
Behind the scenes in Reykjavik with adam bryanbaum wiltzie.....
STARS OF THE LID Dec 31, 2017
STARS OF THE LID Dec 30, 2017
Airbnb rehearsal for our gig tonight at 'Norður og niður' in Reykjavik, Iceland. More info: Tickets:
STARS OF THE LID Dec 28, 2017
The drones will commence on Dec. 30 at 'Norður og niður' - Reykjavik, Iceland. It'll be a special one.... More info: Tickets:
STARS OF THE LID Dec 22, 2017
We're almost there...'Norður og niður' - Dec 30, Reykjavik, Iceland. More info: Tickets:
STARS OF THE LID Dec 20, 2017
An early Christmas gift from yours truly... We're giving away the lost recording from 1997 we resurfaced last year, 'Twin Peaks Episode #30' remixed by James Plotkin. Download: SOTL at Nordur og Nidur:
STARS OF THE LID Dec 19, 2017
We will surround you. 'Norður og niður' - Dec 30, Reykjavik, Iceland. More info: Tickets: