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Stacie Orrico
Stacie Orrico Apr 27, 2017
😮 Suzy Jones
Stacie Orrico Jun 12, 2016
Christina Grimmie was such a light to this world. She had so much Spirit and talent! She worked so hard and had so much in store. My heart is broken over the news that we lost this wonderful human. PLEASE, go to this link to help support her family in this terrible tragedy they are facing. You will be truly missed, Grimmie.
Stacie Orrico Feb 23, 2016
Everyone! Go support this amazing young independent band from NYC, Lawrence! Pre-order their album on iTunes and go see them live!
Stacie Orrico Sep 17, 2015
THIS! Batdad
Stacie Orrico Aug 25, 2015
It's good to be #ALIVE! Hope this puts a smile on your face like it did mine. This is also the song you hear on all those Cricket Wireless commercials. Love me some Jinx!
Stacie Orrico Jul 15, 2015
If you've seen the amazing (yet creepy) HBO show The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, you may have heard this young lady at the end of episode 5. I invite you to check out Kittie Harloe.
Stacie Orrico Jul 01, 2015
Congrats to Tori Kelly on an AMAZING debut album and reaching #2 on the Billboard top 200! Go support this amazing young woman who's bringing an positive message to the world with an incredible voice!
Stacie Orrico Nov 04, 2014
Love this video and this song. Check it out! Leland is so good!
Stacie Orrico Jul 29, 2014
Sweet words by the amazing SAM SMITH...
Stacie Orrico May 13, 2014
A great article/interview from Guerrilla Candy on my manager, BJ Olin.
Stacie Orrico Dec 10, 2013
Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Mr. Allen Stone and me writing together in the studio back in October!
Stacie Orrico Nov 26, 2013
LOS ANGELES! Still a handful of tickets remaining for my February 19 show at The Hotel Cafe! Get them at this link right here! Can't wait to see all your faces!
Stacie Orrico Nov 15, 2013
LOS ANGELES! Tickets for my February 19 show at The Hotel Cafe just went on sale!! Get em here!
Stacie Orrico Nov 11, 2013
LOS ANGELES!! I'm playing a live show in your fine city on Wed, February 19, 2014 at The Hotel Cafe! Tickets are only $12 and they go on sale November 18!
Stacie Orrico Nov 06, 2013
Stacie Orrico Nov 04, 2013
Are you guys excited about Wednesday as much as I am?! We just added the top tipper prizes on the StageIt show as well. Check em out!
Stacie Orrico Oct 31, 2013
Only 6 more days!! Do you have your ticket??
Stacie Orrico Oct 24, 2013
Hey everyone! We were down to only 1 ticket left for the StageIt show on November 6, but we just released more... so go get yours today! Can't wait to play some new tunes for you guys!!
Stacie Orrico Oct 21, 2013
Hey everyone! If you live in NYC (or if you want to travel to NYC for this show), you can now bid on a VERY limited amount of tickets to attend the StageIt show at the NoMad on November 6!
Stacie Orrico Oct 20, 2013
I just posted a new video on YouTube with more info on the StageIt show! Check it out!!
Stacie Orrico Oct 14, 2013
Hey everyone! Tickets for the StageIt show Nov 6 are now on sale! We will be announcing some cool prizes for top tippers later this week, so stay tuned for that! Until then, go grab your tix to this before they're all gone!
Stacie Orrico Oct 07, 2013
OK guys... after 7 years, you've stuck with me (pun intended!). So here it is... thanks for being the greatest fans in the world!
Stacie Orrico Oct 04, 2013
Recently got my YouTube Channel up and running! Working on my first video post for next week! Stay tuned!!
Stacie Orrico Oct 03, 2013
Hey everyone! So I have some exciting news to share. BUT, just to make it a little fun, I've decided to see if I can get to 11,000 followers on Twitter before I do. So, come follow me and find out what the news is! - stace
Stacie Orrico Sep 23, 2013
EVERYONE! PLEASE do yourself a favor and go support this dear friend of mine, Jinx. This is his debut single/video for his SUPER catchy and very positive song "Alive". This is one of the nicest people I know. The single will be on iTunes tomorrow! So please share this with everyone you know. He's an independent artist too!!