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St. Vincent
Love This Giant
Strange Mercy
Actor (Bonus Track Version)
Marry Me
St. Vincent Apr 22, 2019
Prophetic Easter basket...
St. Vincent Apr 16, 2019
Every hug is a game of chicken.
St. Vincent Apr 13, 2019
Hideous tree or gorgeous cell tower?
St. Vincent Apr 08, 2019
Festival Estereo Picnic Video by Karla Bossenbery.
St. Vincent Apr 05, 2019
Oh, Sao Paolo, you were so so so beautiful last night.
St. Vincent Apr 01, 2019
Having the best time at Lollapalooza. Photo by Karla Bossenberry.
St. Vincent Mar 31, 2019
Argentina!!! I love you so!!
St. Vincent Mar 20, 2019
af Hilma at the Guggenheim!
St. Vincent Mar 07, 2019
Tomorrow night coming at you live from iHeartRadio Theater in LA! Watch here beginning at 10pm ET / 7pm PT: #InternationalWomensDay
St. Vincent Feb 24, 2019
I can’t believe it has been 5 years...Thank you to everybody who ever listens to these records. Lots of love.
St. Vincent Feb 23, 2019
Life is...
St. Vincent Feb 21, 2019
I so loved the Gucci show in Milan. Part androgyny, part “Aguirre”, part commedia dell’arte, part punk rock. Inspired and scary and invigorating!
St. Vincent Feb 20, 2019
St. Vincent’s Alien Rebirth
St. Vincent Feb 15, 2019
Thank you, loves... Designer: Photo: Da Ping Luo for Lincoln Center
St. Vincent Feb 14, 2019
My dearest bro, Jenny Lewis, just put out an incredible song!!!!! “Heads Gonna Roll”... ❤️ You, bb.
St. Vincent Feb 12, 2019
In case you missed it... #grammys
St. Vincent Feb 12, 2019
I was sooo thrilled to perform with the lovely Dua Lipa. Such a kind, smart, talented person. Babe of babes.
St. Vincent Feb 11, 2019
I got to win a Grammy for writing a song with one of my favorite people in the world, Jack Antonoff. So special. So humbled and proud. Love you, Jack.
St. Vincent Feb 11, 2019
I just performed on the #GRAMMYs!! While you're here....
St. Vincent Feb 11, 2019
I won best rock song! I’m so grateful and excited! @jackantonoff #GRAMMYs
St. Vincent Feb 10, 2019
!!!!!! #GRAMMYs
St. Vincent Feb 09, 2019
Me and Dua in Grammy rehearsals as the twins from “The Shining”... repost from Dua Lipa
St. Vincent Feb 08, 2019
Music often comes to me in dreams. This sounds romantic, except that some of the songs are me playing a bongo and singing in a Jamaican accent.
St. Vincent Feb 06, 2019
I’m playing the Grammys!!!
St. Vincent Feb 04, 2019
Sao Paolo! Let's hang out some more. Announcing a Lollapalooza Brasil side show at Cine Joia on 4/4! Tickets on sale now: