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When the Night (Deluxe)
St. Lucia Dec 11, 2018
Oh baby baby 🎥 x Shervin Lainez
St. Lucia Dec 10, 2018
I’ve been playing this same Kalimba since I was 11 years old at Drakensberg Boys Choir School and I secretly stole it at the end of my time there (sorry 😬) and have had it ever since. Today Indy was going mental and I started playing this South African Zulu lullaby ‘Thula Thula’ to him with the Kalimba and he became totally calm and fell right to sleep in my arms. It’s funny coz this is exactly the song I used to play Kalimba on when I was in the choir. It still hasn’t made onto a St. Lucia song tho. Who wants to hear it on one? 🎥 x @pattistlucia
St. Lucia Dec 08, 2018
St. Lucia Dec 07, 2018
Thank you guys for an incredible 2018!! We really could not be more grateful for the support you all have given us in listening to our music and coming to our shows. Lots more to come in 2019 so watch this space and all the other spaces. And thanks to @spotify for reports like this it’s really great/helpful to see 😊
St. Lucia Dec 06, 2018
Really miss playing for you guys. Honestly this was the first tour where we got to the end and everyone was like man I coulda gone for another 3 weeks. We’re heading into @missionsoundnyc next week to cook up something special for you guys tho so stay tuned 📸 x @ra_oul
St. Lucia Dec 04, 2018
Miss being the beer and baby delivery serviceman for the local fishermen @hansolio @haertsmusic and @tommycosmic in Sarasota. You’re welcome guys
St. Lucia Dec 02, 2018
Packing up the studio in the last couple of days has got me feeling pretty emo about living in NYC and how hard it is to find a good working space as an artist over here. There’s also just something melancholy about the packing up process, but I’m thinking of really simplifying my setup and moving into our apartment for a while. I’ve also realized that trying to have a ‘proper’ studio is a way of distracting myself from focusing on the important parts of making a record. It’s not about the drums, it’s not about which revision your 1176 is from, it’s about the songs and that, for me at least, has always come from having a less cluttered space and less choices. Hope y’all have had a great weekend xxx
St. Lucia Dec 01, 2018
These 2 ragamuffins make a good pair @nicky_paul
St. Lucia Nov 30, 2018
Indy’s asleep let’s goooooo
St. Lucia Nov 26, 2018
That cortado hit the spot 📸 x Derek Brad Photography @musicianportraitproject
St. Lucia Nov 26, 2018
The earth tones are strong in this one
St. Lucia Nov 23, 2018
Obsessed with this album right now
St. Lucia Nov 16, 2018
Missing being on the road so much already 📸 x @nicky_paul
St. Lucia Nov 13, 2018
A massive thank you to everyone that came out to see us on the Hyperion tour. I honestly think this is the most fun we’ve ever had on the road, and I wish we coulda gone longer but we’ll be back in 2019. Also a huge thanks to all of our opening bands @arkellsmusic @thenightgame @nownowband @airparkband @lpx @honoursband @shaedband @thecoloniesdc and our awesome crew @elvenmidget @bass_hands @lewis_lowder @drewseyp10z and @drewwill23 who worked super hard every day putting up all our stuff, and @felicia_beranek For babysitting Indy every day. We’ll miss you guys but can’t wait to be back!
St. Lucia Nov 12, 2018
Guys, it’s insane that tonight is the last night of the Hyperion tour. Can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already. It’s been incredible though. Seeing your smiling faces every night singing the words back to us makes everything worth it. We love y’all so much and wouldn’t be here without all your support. Boston at @royaleboston tonight!
St. Lucia Nov 12, 2018
St. Lucia Nov 11, 2018
Thank you so much @asburylanes !! New Haven at @toadsplace tonight! Can’t believe there’s only 2 shows left 😬 📸 x @jesusssister
St. Lucia Nov 10, 2018
Asbury Park
St. Lucia Nov 10, 2018
Creepin’ on Patti in Toronto last night. Thank you guys so much for coming out! @asburylanes toniiiiiiight! 📸 x @giulialattavo
St. Lucia Nov 09, 2018
Wrap up our Track-By-Track series by diving into the last song on 'Hyperion,' “You Should Know Better”
St. Lucia Nov 08, 2018
I’ve been talking about this a lot on interviews for this album campaign, but these 2 articles I just stumbled upon I think make the point I’ve been trying to make pretty well, and shows that people are waking up to this idea. We need more positive and utopian art/music/film if we’re to really change the world. It is better to inspire people to a better future than to make them terrified of a terrible future, because the law of attraction (or whatever you want to call it) attracts you to the thing you have in your mind. I really believe in this idea and I’d be interested to know your thoughts. Check out the articles on @gizmodo and @pitchfork . I’ll put linksup to them in our stories section
St. Lucia Nov 08, 2018
Philly thanks for giving us the best time we’ve ever had in your town! Toronto tomorrow at @thedanforthmusichall
St. Lucia Nov 07, 2018
DC we had so much fun you guys! Philly at @tlaphilly tonight!! 📸 x @asicophoto
St. Lucia Nov 07, 2018
On today’s Track-By-Track series, were talking “Next To You”
St. Lucia Nov 07, 2018
The harsh realities of tour life. While you’re all off getting lubricated inside warm and cozy @930club I’m outside digging through my suitcase for my belt on the cold wet sidewalk. Be thankful for what you got y’all