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We All Got Lost
Going Home
Good Luck With More Life EP
Humans (Album Made In 24 Hours)
Good Luck with Your Life
Preposterously Dank (Remastered)
We Smoked It All 3
Why Am I So Happy?
Spose Apr 08, 2019
Sunday in Maine 😃
Spose Apr 03, 2019
So the "Knocking on Wood" video just reached a million views on YouTube today, even tho the video came out nearly two years after the song!! I feel this moment deserves celebration particularly because (a) it's only the fourth video of mine to ever achieve a million views and (b) this song has saved people's lives. It's maybe the most important Spose song. I receive more messages, emails, and tweets about this song than any other song I've ever written. It's a really special song to me and, thankfully, to others as well. A handful of people even have tattoos of the lyrics to this song. I never really set out to do music to save anyone's life but it's a beautiful byproduct that I hadn't foreseen and I never get tired of hearing how the music helped people through tough times. Happy this song can allow people to feel thankful for the things they have, instead of miserable about the things they don't. And to answer the longstanding mystery about why this video version uses a slightly different version of the chorus than the album: it was a total accident, sent the wrong version to Jason Bosch, who directed it, it was an earlier mix of the song. woops! hah
Spose Apr 01, 2019
Saco Police Department
Spose Apr 01, 2019
RIP Nipsey : (
Spose Mar 25, 2019
New Spose Podcast for your Monday!!! Caught up with Cam Groves and Abby, we discussed the status of We Smoked It All 4, Cam and Abby meeting Marcus Smart and my online battle with the entirety of Philadelphia 76ers Twitter... good times!! Enjoy! Here's the Spotify link:
Spose Mar 18, 2019
Spose Podcast EPISODE 40 out today!! Interviewed the always inspiring Bissell Brothers and The Highroller Lobster Co. co-owner Peter Bissell. Check it out on Spotify!!!! (fun fact: in 2013, before he was an American beer magnate, Peter was a commercial photographer who shot the cover photos for my album "Peter Sparker" and my mixtape "Dankonia"!!)
Spose Mar 10, 2019
Thanks to everybody who came out to my children’s book readings at Lewiston and Scarborough Bull Moose locations today! And to Kyle Gervais and Jon Roods for helping me play a few songs in the snow
Spose Mar 07, 2019
Love this little analysis of the first track on ‘’We All Got Lost,’’ thx to Andrew for paying such close attention to my music !!
Spose Mar 05, 2019
I was gonna post a video of me reading my children’s book at Bull Moose the other day but the kids asking me questions before I started reading is possibly even better. Little girl Question 1: ‘’AFTER YOU FINISH READING CAN I GIVE YOU A HUG?’’ Second little girl goes: ‘’can I ask you a question?’’ I say ‘’Yes’’ and she goes ‘’My name is Meredith’’ 😂😂 and I feel for the mom who goes ‘’please don’t scream please don’t scream’’ to her kid right before he’s like wahhhhhhhhh once I started reading everybody’s kids were super chill and respectful tho so great job Bangor area parents!!! Doing my next two readings this Sunday 3/10 at Lewiston Bull Moose and Scarborough Bull Moose at noon and 4 pm, respectively. Come thru!!!
Spose Mar 01, 2019
So hey my Bangor show is sold out tomorrow night (!!) but my in store reading, signing, and mini performance at Bull Moose in Bangor is open to the public at 4 pm if you guys wanna roll thru!!
Spose Feb 28, 2019
Spose + The Humans In Portsmouth NH the other night as captured by @mainemountainmedia
Spose Feb 27, 2019
New SPOSE PODCAST out today on Spotify, ITunes and wherever else you get podcasts!! I interviewed New England hip hop legend @Termanologyst and @micstylz episode is 🔥🔥🔥 enjoy! Spotify link:
Spose Feb 25, 2019
Setlist from sold out Portsmouth, NH show last night. Bangor next Saturday gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 as well!!! Any requests?
Spose Feb 24, 2019
If me and J Spin made an album this would be the cover 😂👍🏻 just need album name... oh and songs
Spose Feb 22, 2019
So, I decided it was time to let people hear "The Stolen Album" without having to buy a cassette tape. If you didn't know, these are the demos of the songs I lost when I got robbed in 2014. And as of tonight, for the first time ever, you can now listen or download at for whatever you think it's worth. And no i'm never putting it on Spotify or streaming service because i'm still self-conscious about these unfinished/un-mixed demos. So, this is it. Enjoy!!!
Spose Feb 19, 2019
Stoked to announce I’ll be doing a few in-store readings of my children’s book next month at various Bull Moose locations across Maine!! I’ll also be playing a song or two and signing CDs, books, shirts, babies, grandmas, whatever!!! See you guys there, bring your kids!!
Spose Feb 15, 2019
Portsmouth NH at the Press Room next Saturday!!! Stoked to play with the band again and play some shit we haven’t played before!! j Spin Shang High Cam Groves playing as well 😍😍😍😍
Spose Feb 14, 2019
The kid sitting next to us took this pic he’s like 7 GO CELTICS!!!! (shoutout to Missy for the dope tix!)
Spose Feb 10, 2019
😭😭😭😭😭 When you’re mad at your dad freestyle by J Spin is the best song of 2019
Spose Feb 07, 2019
Spose Feb 03, 2019
A few things on this Super Bowl Sunday. Dropped TWO EPISODES of the Spose Podcast just now. Go Patriots!! Go Celtics!!! And hey you should go follow @pdankfarms on Instagram 😬
Spose Jan 31, 2019
Just a heads up: looks like the Bangor show is nearing a sell out if you're trying to come see me in Bangor in March prob snag tix asap
Spose Jan 31, 2019
Just a reminder that I’m playing in Portsmouth NH on 2/23 and Bangor Maine on 3/2 and that this is what I looked like when I was 14. 😭 Tix at
Spose Jan 26, 2019
Wish there was a better recording of this RATM cover
Spose Jan 24, 2019
OK so i feel like today's as fine a day as any for a new Spose video so: HEre's the video for "Mountaintop" off my new album!! Maybe I never reach the mountaintop but I'll be damned if I don't try DIRECTED BY MIKE SQUIRES YouTube: