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Spinning Coin Nov 21, 2018
coins à paris, november '18, photo by peter hendrikson
Spinning Coin Nov 19, 2018
We played a session earlier this year in Bristol at Coach House Studios. Here is one of the songs, 'The Long Heights'.
Spinning Coin Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween! 👽
Spinning Coin Oct 17, 2018
Tour starts today! Surf on over to for more details :)
Spinning Coin Oct 17, 2018
Hey, Tomorrow we play the first date of our tour with Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks in Manchester at the Albert Hall. Also playing are our friends, the magnificent Girl Ray!
Spinning Coin Sep 09, 2018
Hi! Pia Fraus from Tallin are on tour this autumn and we are looking forward to playing with them in Glasgow, London and Liverpool.
Spinning Coin Aug 27, 2018
Hello. Unfortunately, due to illness we've had to pull out of todays gig in Leeds . Cancelling feels really bad! Sorry if you were planning to see us. We'll be back again soon, bigger and stronger x
Spinning Coin Aug 26, 2018
Hi People of Leeds! Looking forward to playing at the Belgrave music hall tomorrow with lots of other bands for the "This Must Be The Place' weekend festival.
Spinning Coin Aug 13, 2018
Hi! really happy to be playing at Leith Theatre tomorrow night. Tickets are sold out. If you already have one and want to see us, we will be on first x
Spinning Coin Aug 11, 2018
Hiya, unfortunately the gig tonight is not happening. Some of the bands pulled out and it got cancelled. We were looking forward to it. Sorry if you were planning to come x
Spinning Coin Jul 26, 2018
hello hello! we are looking forward to Indietracks festival in derby this weekend. we are playing at 6 on saturday on the indoor stage.
Spinning Coin Jul 13, 2018
this weekend we will play Latitude Festival in suffolk! we will be on at 1.45 on sunday at the alcove stage.
Spinning Coin Jul 10, 2018
hello, tickets tickets tickets for tonight's gig at Leith Depot can be bought here! x
Spinning Coin Jul 05, 2018
edinburgh! we are playing on tuesday at leith depot as part of the love live music week, which is raising funds for save leith walk and other musical charities. please come down! thanks x
Spinning Coin Jun 27, 2018
thanks to skewed quiff for the nice words and for taking photos of our recent gig at loophole in berlin!
Spinning Coin Jun 07, 2018
Hello, we've added some new tour dates to our website. Looking forward to bringing our noise to the people X
Spinning Coin May 23, 2018
Hello, we're really happy to be supporting Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks on their UK and European tour dates in October! Come and see us if you can. Thanks! x
Spinning Coin May 21, 2018
tour is over! it's been really special. huge thanks to everyone who helped to make it possible. we met so many kind and wonderful people along the way. until next time, we will continue to work on new recordings and hope to see you soon x o x o
Spinning Coin May 19, 2018
tonight we are back in glasgow and playing at savage mansion's southside all dayer at the glad cafe with a load of great bands. doors are at 3. we are on at 10! x
Spinning Coin May 09, 2018
stones in chiaravalle 8/5/2018
Spinning Coin May 09, 2018
Ciao and grazie mille italy, switzerland, poland and germany! Heading to france to play and record! x
Spinning Coin Apr 19, 2018
Hey, really happy to be going on tour again. Setting sail for mainland Europe where we always feel welcome. So many places we've never been to before, and so many questions... answers on the back of a setlist. Thanks to Ferah Or for letting us use this picture!
Spinning Coin Apr 11, 2018
We're going to Germany for some gigs in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to being back there! Heading to Bielefeld, Köln, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden... come down if you can! Thanks to Future Sailor Concerts. Extended european tour dates can be found at
Spinning Coin Apr 01, 2018
tonight...we're playing at the old hairdressers with order of the toad, heir of the cursed and the avocados! hope you can make it! x
Spinning Coin Mar 27, 2018
Hello! We are really happy to be on this compilation with some tremendous artists. It's raising funds for Money Advice Scotland, which is an anti-poverty charity. Thanks for your support.