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Autumn X Sweetune Special Ghost
SPICA Dec 21, 2017 Dont forget to support the girls on their solo careers!
SPICA Apr 12, 2017
SPICA Apr 28, 2015
#JIWON appears in the korean TV drama Divorce Lawyer in Love on SBS. watch below!!!!
SPICA Feb 22, 2015
Happy Birthday to Narae !! Congratz !!!
SPICA Feb 22, 2015
SPICA - I DID IT MV Over 1,000,000 views !!!! Every one !! Support more than now please !!!!!
SPICA Jan 14, 2015
To BOA ☆★☆★HAPPY BIRTHDAY★☆★☆ 우리는 항상 당신을 응원합니다!! 私たちはいつもあなたの事を応援しています!! We always wish your sucess and happiness!! 我们总是坚持你!! From A.S.A Group
SPICA Nov 07, 2014
SPICA Oct 30, 2014
#SPICA Talk Fashion And Music On ISAtv's 'East Meets Morgan' Filmed in Los Angeles at the DimePiece Designs office! Morgan Lynzi
SPICA Oct 23, 2014
We hit over 700,000 views for the Spica " I Did It" video Thanks for all the support ! Keep passing it along and lets hit 1 million!
SPICA Oct 09, 2014
Spica interviewed at the DimePiece Designs HQ in downtown Los Angeles KpopStarz
SPICA Sep 24, 2014
Crowd shot from our live concert at KCON in Los Angeles!
SPICA Sep 08, 2014
We hit 500,000 views on the #SPICA " I DID IT" video !! We want to thank all of our Spica fans & supporters! Lets get it to 1 million views now! and dont forget to download it on itunes ! or but it on AMAZON
SPICA Sep 01, 2014
Lets get the #SPICA " I DID IT " video up to 500,000 Fans please watch it,pass it around & post it!! Thanks so much for the support!! xoxo SPICA
SPICA Aug 22, 2014
Buy our ringtone for "I DID IT" now on iTunes! Fans please support ! :) Use this link only on your mobile to download.
SPICA Aug 22, 2014
SPICA Aug 21, 2014
MTV IGGY - SPICA Launches US Debut With “I Did It” :
SPICA Aug 19, 2014
SPICA Aug 16, 2014
We are over 300k views on YouTube now! Let's keep those views rolling in!
SPICA Aug 16, 2014
SPICA KCON interview(subbed) with DramaFever!
SPICA Aug 16, 2014
SPICA "I Did It" featured on!
SPICA Aug 16, 2014
BUY now on itunes! SPICA fans please repost this link & get your friends to download ! Support SPICA's U.S. invasion ! DOWNLOAD NOW!
SPICA Aug 16, 2014
SPICA featured in Dark beauty magazine Go to page 112 to read the interview... or click below on the pic