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The Twin: Demonstration Tape
The Twin
Nostalgia for Infinity
Sound of Ceres Feb 13, 2019
We're hiding and building this winter, but materializing for two light magic nights. Heavily influenced by electricity, our music debuts at the Montshire MUSEUM OF SCIENCE. Experience the mechanics of light and sound and the energy existing when paired. This performance is followed by a production in Woodstock New York. Information:
Sound of Ceres Feb 11, 2019
Photo: Keaton Manning
Sound of Ceres Jan 23, 2019
We had the pleasure of speaking with John Waters about our live show... " comparison to The Wizard of Oz..." J spoke backstage. We're in an incubator now and new magic is forming.
Sound of Ceres Oct 24, 2018
Here I am dissolving into nothing. Apparition remains intact for 3 more shows ❤️ 27th - Record Bar - Kansas City MO Oct 28th - Subterranean (Basement) - Chicago IL Oct 29th - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh PA Tickets & Info 📷 @kea.ton
Sound of Ceres Oct 19, 2018
We bring you the third installment of the 2018 Adult Swim Singles Program titled "Star Shroud". The silhouette of the Moonlight Child appears across the stream. A hand of stone, a shadow sword, the entrance in your mind. Filmed by Luca Venter while on tour with Beach House Full Track:
Sound of Ceres Oct 15, 2018
Our FINAL shows of 2018... After a world tour in support of Beach House, we're excited to finish this year with our own headlining shows. ❤️ Oct 27th - Record Bar - Kansas City MO Oct 28th - Subterranean (Basement) - Chicago IL Oct 29th - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh PA Tickets & Info 📷@kea.ton
Sound of Ceres Oct 02, 2018
2018 World Tour - Beach House / Sound of Ceres Installment @riffmagonline 📷 @riannachloe⠀
Sound of Ceres Oct 01, 2018
Wir sind in Deutschland. ❤️ Koln tonight and Berlin tomorrow with our dear Beach House
Sound of Ceres Sep 28, 2018
World tour with Beach House takes us to Barcelona tonight for our very first time. 📷 @kea.ton
Sound of Ceres Sep 25, 2018
PORTUGAL tonight and tomorrow with our bright star Beach House It's our very first time. ❤️ Tickets & info: 📷 Julia Drummond
Sound of Ceres Sep 24, 2018
Hi - flying to Europe ❤️
Sound of Ceres Sep 19, 2018
A NEW SONG FOR YOU.... We bring you the third installment of the 2018 Adult Swim Singles Program titled "Star Shroud". The silhouette of the Moonlight Child appears across the stream. A hand of stone, a shadow sword, the entrance in your mind. ---- "Following their second studio album, The Twin, dubbed by the band as an "immersive audio-visual experience," "Star Shroud" is the perfect balance between hazy vocals and shifting rhythms signature to their sound. The group recently finished a lengthy U.S. tour and are gearing up for their very first European tour alongside Beach House..." - Adult Swim
Sound of Ceres Sep 17, 2018
Before we leave to tour Europe, we have a brand new song to show you. Tune back Wednesday ❤️ Photography By: Nikolai Puc' Photography
Sound of Ceres Sep 13, 2018
A step inside... See you tomorrow at Alphaville with Dondadi (Connor Hanwick) and somewhere else this fall with Beach House... SEP 14 @ Alphaville, Brooklyn, NY SEP 21 @ Alphaville, Brooklyn, NY SEP 25 @ Colisseum, Lisbon, Portugal SEP 26 @ Teatro sa da Bandeira, Porto, Portugal SEP 27 @ Sala Riviera, Madrid, Spain SEP 28 @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain SEP 30 @ L' Epicerie Moderne Feyzin, Feyzin, France OCT 01 @ Gloria, Köln, Germany OCT 02 @ Huxleys, Berlin, Germany OCT 04 @ Mejeriet Centrala, Staden, Sweden OCT 07 @ ROW DTLA, Los Angeles, CA (Adult Swim Fest) OCT 27 @ Outer Reaches Fest, Kansas City, MO OCT 28 @ Downstairs (at Subterranean), Chicago, IL OCT 29 @ Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA Tickets & Info:
Sound of Ceres Sep 10, 2018
EUROPE. Our very first time <3 So charmed to finally visit our fans across the ocean. Another tour with our twin Beach House begins. What should we see and do? Which show will you attend? Tickets & Info
Sound of Ceres Sep 06, 2018
Here's what we're listening to... "More recently they designed the dusk of episode 62, an elegant and curious opening hour. The guest mix collects rare treasures — Rexy’s synth-pop, Belgium duo Carol’s proto-coldwave, Woo’s warm-blooded new age — with orchestral touches of Tchaikovsky and Liška, barbershop harmonies (The Chordettes) and perception harmonics (Dolores Catherino)." - Dave Sutton Stadiums & Shrines ----------------------------- Annnnnnnnnnnnd..... New shows announced! SEP 07 Brooklyn, NY @ ALPHAVILLE. w/ Sarah Kinlaw SEP 14 Brooklyn, NY @ ALPHAVILLE. w/ Dondadi (Connor Hanwick) SEP 21 Brooklyn, NY @ ALPHAVILLE. w/ Someone special... OCT 07 Adult Swim Festival Los Angeles, CA @ ROW DTLA OCT 27 Outer Reaches FEST Day 2 at recordBar Kansas City, MO @ recordBar OCT 28 Chicago, IL @ Downstairs Subterranean OCT 29 Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe Tickets & RSVP:
Sound of Ceres Sep 03, 2018
Looking beyond North America, where will we travel next? Make a guess where we're heading... Photography By: Nikolai Puc' Photography
Sound of Ceres Aug 28, 2018
Tune your television to Adult Swim the 29th - 31st at 4:00 in the morning. Our very own Eden V soundtracks LOVE, a new Off The Air episode....or watch online here <3 [eden V appearing: second track] Come see us perform Eden V live at the Adult Swim Festival October 7th.
Sound of Ceres Aug 26, 2018
Sound of Ceres Exhibition this September in Brooklyn, NY. Journey through new costumes, holograms, fiber-optics, projections, and sound. An immersive three night experience. Whisper word "FRAGMENT" at the door each night for your collectors card, exclusive to each week. Tickets: 9/7 9/14 9/21 RSVP:
Sound of Ceres Aug 23, 2018
Forever love to our Beach House family. Two tours complete... "The far-left-of-center performance by Sound of Ceres was another surprise of the night. Opening for a band like Beach House gives you some creative freedom, but weirdness isn’t always well-received by a crowd as big and diverse as this. Not the case on Tuesday night ... filled the space with positive energy in response to Sound of Ceres’ eclectic performance which included an incredibly involved laser show and a handful of costume changes." - SLUG Magazine
Sound of Ceres Aug 15, 2018
Snow line / Tree line Alpine show tonight in Denver with our twin Beach House @beaccchhoussse Each tour with them a dream in moonlight... What's to come?
Sound of Ceres Aug 14, 2018
Salt Lake Dream tonight with Beach House See you somewhere?... 📷 @tojofotos
Sound of Ceres Aug 12, 2018
British Columbia awaits. This eve at The Orpheum Theater with our sun beam twin Beach House @beaccchhoussse Light/Magic/Sound -8pm
Sound of Ceres Aug 09, 2018
Our hearts and spirits are filled by YOU. <3 In less than 24 hours we received all the funds needed to recoup our losses and continue our journey north on tour. Your donation money is carrying us forward. The support we received from you is overwhelming and our hearts are completely filled with love from you all. You remind us that there are incredible people in this world with generosity that abounds. Because of you all, we are able to play the rest of these shows, cross the border, and safety get back home at the end. <3 An additional thank you to our entire Beach House family for being so supportive and comforting. We love you. Come and say hi at these upcoming shows. <3 With love to you ALL- Karen / Ryan / Jacob / Derrick.
Sound of Ceres Aug 08, 2018
Hi everyone... Last night after our show in Oakland California our vehicle was broken into and important items such as computers, passports, wallets, some music gear, identifications, clothing, and all other personal items were stolen. Some of us no longer have any form of identification what so ever. Our time right now is being used to quickly figure out how to continue this tour and to ensure that our identities are not stolen. We're in the process of trying to obtain emergency passports to continue this tour but the amount of fees involved in this process is substantial. In addition, we must immediately replace music interfaces and repair our vehicle as well. Anything helps to ensure that we can continue this tour, or even honestly just get back home at the end of it all. We absolutely love each and every one of you for your support each night at shows and for following our journey the last 2 years