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The Song Diaries
Back 2 Paradise (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor) [The Remixes]
Only Child (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Wanderlust (Deluxe Wandermix Version)
Make a Scene
Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) [feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor]
Trip the Light Fantastic
Shoot from the Hip (Non EU Version)
Shoot from the Hip
Read My Lips

The Lee Mack Show: Sophie Ellis-Bexter (Episode 4, Series 1)
Chilterns Live Chilterns Live 2019
Venue: Pendley Meadow (Tring, UK) Find tickets
Lytham Festival Lytham Festival 2019
Venue: Proms Arena Lytham Green (Lytham St. Annes, UK) Find tickets
Bristol Pride Bristol Pride 2019
Venue: Bristol Pride Festival (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Car Fest Car Fest 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Cheshire, UK) Find tickets
Statfold Barn Festival Statfold Barn Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Tamworth, UK) Find tickets
Razorlight and Sophie Ellis-Bextor with Happy Mondays at Taunton Racecourse (August 17, 2019)
Venue: Taunton Racecourse (Taunton, UK) Find tickets
Watchet Festival Watchet Festival 2019
Venue: Parsonage Farm (Watchet, UK) Find tickets
Pub In The Park Pub In The Park 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Chiswick, UK) Find tickets
Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Cliffs Pavilion (November 19, 2019)
Venue: Cliffs Pavilion (Southend On Sea, UK) Find tickets
Sophie Ellis-Bextor at London Palladium (November 20, 2019)
Venue: London Palladium (London, UK) Find tickets
Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Leeds Town Hall (November 24, 2019)
Venue: Leeds Town Hall (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Sage Gateshead (November 25, 2019)
Venue: Sage Gateshead (Gateshead, UK) Find tickets
Sophie Ellis-Bextor at Anvil Arts Centre (November 27, 2019)
Venue: Anvil Arts Centre (Basingstoke, UK) Find tickets
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 25, 2019
❤️❤️14 years ❤️❤️
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 24, 2019
Yesterday @blenheimpalace warming up the crowd for @kylieminogue 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎤🎼 ❤️ If you were there, thank you for your singing and dancing and wasn’t kylie fab??! ⚡️🔥(sorry @ptato for nicking both your photos!)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 16, 2019
And here’s to my own Daddy Cool @robinbextor Here we are rocking the oversize tee and bum bag look back in 1990. Still got it, haven’t we Dad? 🤟🏻❤️happy Father’s Day ❤️
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 14, 2019
Aw it’s all over! Well, for now anyway.. I have LOVED doing this tour. The crowds have been gorgeous and and the musicians and crew have been a total dream. I’ve been lucky enough to have been singing and performing since I was 16, but it’s even luckier that I still get butterflies. Keeps the romance alive! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Dublin for a fitting end to this leg of #thesongdiariestour xxxxx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 12, 2019
EDINBURGH! you were so gorgeous... come to Ireland with me?! Xx thanks to @hardlymarty for the 📸 and for truly capturing the disco spirit 👌🏻
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 10, 2019
☀️ Sunshine ☀️ on ☀️ Leith ☀️ what a gorgeous day off! #songdiariestour
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 10, 2019
MANCHESTER! We entered the mirror ball together. I knew you’d be great. ❤️❤️
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 09, 2019
Not trying to be all cheesy, but I do ❤️my fans. The people who’ve been coming to see me are so sweet. It makes my heart happy. X
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 09, 2019
BIRMINGHAM! What an amazing crowd in an amazing venue. I could have danced all night... ❤️🧡💛💚💙Thank you to @tomskinator for the 📸
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 08, 2019
BRIGHTON! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 06, 2019
BRISTOL! Small but mighty. You were the perfect date. X
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 05, 2019
I went to the Light Damage is Real popup last week on Portobello Rd and found out just why indoor light protection is important and how Noluma certified packaging can protect the essential nutrients in our milk #lightdamageisreal #ad
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 05, 2019
Nottingham! I think I ❤️ you. X
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 05, 2019
NOTTINGHAM! I think I ❤️ you. Xxx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 04, 2019
Look, Mickey! A beautiful venue for your mama to sing and your papa to play bass in tonight! 🎼👶🎤🍼 #thesongdiariestour #babyonthetourbus
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 03, 2019
Thanks again for last night Cambridge - that was such a great way to start the orchestral greatest hits tour. Onwards to Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall tomorrow night! Final tickets for that one at xx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 03, 2019
CAMBRIDGE! Thank you. You started off all polite and then got your groove on. I liked it. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 the #songdiariestour has begun and @cambridgecornex you have set the bar high. 👏🏻
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 02, 2019
My greatest hits tour kicks off tonight in Cambridge! So excited to play for you with my band and a full orchestra. This tour really is a dream come true. Final tickets at xx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 02, 2019
Do you like my trainers? I got them in Sicily so they are fancy Italian lady trainers. Or a midlife crisis. But I’m happy either way. #killingtimeinthedressingroom #fancy #thesongdiariestour @ Cambridge Corn Exchange
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jun 01, 2019
Mickey giving the thumbs up to being the 7th baby in this cardigan (uncle jack, auntie Martha and big bros sonny, kit, ray, Jesse) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Sophie Ellis-Bextor May 30, 2019
Nuts in May time again! @richardjonesface and I love our British half term holidays and we’ve just had the most lovely time @chewtonglen with the kids. The Littles get a bit grumpy sometimes about our insistence on walks and running about, but then they get into it and remember there’s always ice creams and rock climbing and fun. 🍦👶👦👦👦👦Of course there’s also fighting with your brothers, spilling coffee all over your mum and arguing about who gets to play on my phone after supper but hey, that’s family life. X
Sophie Ellis-Bextor May 29, 2019
Sequins in a field at dusk! Had such a great time jumping barefoot (my shoes and the grass didn’t mix 🤦🏻‍♀️), singing for the great folk who came to #dineanddisco and raised tons of cash for @bbccin 👏🏻 #chrisevans and his crew made the night magical 🥳🥳🥳
Sophie Ellis-Bextor May 29, 2019
Sophie Ellis-Bextor May 25, 2019
Not sure what you’ve been up to but I’ve made thanos’ gauntlet using a washing up glove and some ribbons so, you know, a successful day. #heresoneimadeearlier #bluepeterkid
Sophie Ellis-Bextor May 24, 2019
I have lost count of how many times I have read The Tiger Who Came To Tea.. I’ve also lost count of how many times it was read to me when I was little. As the little girl was called Sophie too, I always felt it was a special story for me and the day a tiger came to my house, ate all the food and drank all the drink. I also adored all the Mog books. Proper family favourites. Goodbye Mog can make me teary from a standing start. A few years ago when sonny and kit were small we went to see the boat race at a friend of my mum’s house and Judith Kerr was there. I was so excited to be in the same room as someone whose words and pictures had been such a big part of my life. Kit was 3 at the time and had no idea who she was. Unexpectedly, when she said hello to him, he spontaneously gave her a massive cuddle. It was really quite magical. I wonder if somehow he got the feeling she was a special lady. She really was, wasn’t she? Xxxx rip judith Kerr