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Only Child (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Back 2 Paradise (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor) [The Remixes]
Wanderlust (Deluxe Wandermix Version)
Make a Scene
Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) [feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor]
Trip the Light Fantastic
Shoot from the Hip
Shoot from the Hip (Non EU Version)
Read My Lips

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 22, 2019
My orchestral greatest hits, The Song Diaries, is out three weeks today! Here’s a little preview of Heartbreak, and you can pre-order the album at xx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 21, 2019
It hurts when you tread on it, but I do love Lego and especially Lego people. ❤️(I might steal the Dorothy)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 20, 2019
Finished the final batch of signing. Got a few new doodles. Am a fan of the 🐠but wish I had @clymdraws here to give me some inspiration...! X
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 18, 2019
Been signing copies of my album for all those who preordered a signed one. Taking it very seriously as usual.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 18, 2019
First day back to work today (not that I have a proper job) and I’m recording @jools.holland.official studio for his @bbcradio2 show. Through the glass I can see @richardjonesface with Mickey sleeping on his shoulder. It’s very cute. 😍
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 18, 2019
Mickey Jones is 6 weeks old now and throughout the last month and a half, @richardjonesface has been feeding me and the rest of the family. Just now he made me this delicious avocado, chilli and smoked salmon on sourdough. If it wasn’t for him I’d have missed many a lunch and supper while I feed our new baby. Big shoutout to him for keeping us all happy with good food. 👍🏻❤️🐷👍🏻❤️🐷👍🏻❤️🐷
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 14, 2019
The pre-sale tickets for my new November dates in London, Southend, Leeds, Gateshead, Basingstoke & Guildford are on sale at 10am today - here’s the special link if you’d like to get some... x
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 13, 2019
‪It’s exactly 30 days until my orchestral greatest hits, The Song Diaries, is released! I’m going to be posting a few teaser clips over the next couple of weeks to get you in the mood. (And, should that mood take you, you can pre-order the album at xx‬
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 13, 2019
Actually enjoying signing my album cover (over and over 😬) more than usual today because @daviddownton has down SUCH a gorgeous job of the cover. #ididnotwakeuplikethis #thesongdiaries
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 12, 2019
I have exciting news! We’ve added six November shows to the Song Diaries tour, where I’ll be performing my greatest hits with a full orchestra. Can’t wait! Tickets on sale Friday morning (I’ll share a link for the pre-sale on Thursday too).
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 08, 2019
We’ve made a lyric video for the new orchestral version of Murder on the Dancefloor from The Song Diaries. Enjoy! xx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 08, 2019
The day when Mickey slept in a bed in the middle of a shop 🙄👍🏻
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 08, 2019
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 08, 2019
Happy 10th Birthday, Kit! Double figures = significant stuff. Stay awesome, gorgeous boy. X
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 05, 2019
You are a gorgeous bunch of folk. 🙏🏻
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 04, 2019
My gorgeous, kind, funny, smart and adventurous granny died today. Here she is two weeks ago when she met her latest great-grandbaby. She was a brilliant granny.. stayed sharp, kept active and always had a smile on her face. Loved by many, she will be missed. I hope I can be like her and live a long happy life like she did. R.I.P Sybil Bextor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Feb 01, 2019
After a dry January, @richardjonesface has now officially wet the baby’s head 💦👶(📸 @garyjkemp ) 🍻
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 30, 2019
I feel so lucky.. it’s cold outside but our house is cosy. Tonight auntie Martha came for cuddles with Mickey while R made yet another lovely supper. I’m a grateful grapefruit. ❤️🍊❤️🍊❤️🍊(I know that’s an orange not a grapefruit)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 28, 2019
My new orchestral disco version of Murder On The Dancefloor - taken from The Song Diaries (out March 15th) - is available to download / stream everywhere now, at xx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 26, 2019
‪Listen out for the first play of the new orchestral disco version of Murder On The Dancefloor - from The Song Diaries - on Michael Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show tomorrow, from 11am xx
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 24, 2019
Sonny and Mickey #biggestandsmallest #brothers
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 23, 2019
Afternoon nap time 😴👶🐱
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 23, 2019
Looking forward to playing Pub in the Park at Chiswick House in September... x
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 20, 2019
What a gorgeous wintery day. Took nearly two-week-old Mickey out to see the ducks on the river with his big brothers 🦆(though it took us a while to get out of the house #newborns)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jan 18, 2019
Sums up the cats mood to having yet another baby in the house, thus moving the felines one peg down in the packing order. 😠