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Sonoio Mar 13, 2019
fun Times with the Reverb family.
Sonoio Nov 07, 2018
here's where to keep track of what i'm up to!
Sonoio Jul 27, 2018
SONOIO - FINE out everywhere today.
Sonoio Jun 08, 2018
Dais Records
Sonoio May 29, 2018
Sonoio May 29, 2018
's cover photo
Sonoio May 29, 2018
Sonoio Mar 16, 2018
Sonoio Jan 25, 2018
Sonoio Dec 04, 2017
have a question? post it as a comment to this post and i'll (try to) reply to all of them
Sonoio Nov 30, 2017
Thank you for including Avanti in your 10 Best Albums of the Year 2017. Limited edition vinyl, cassette and CD available for preorder!
Sonoio Oct 06, 2017
AVANTI out now.
Sonoio Sep 20, 2017
New piece and video from AVANTI. Record out October 6th.
Sonoio Aug 23, 2017
AVANTI. out October 6. preorder at the end of the article.
Sonoio Aug 17, 2017
Sonoio Aug 10, 2017
"This title is taken from Alessandro Cortini’s AVANTI show, performed at Berlin Atonal 2016. For this show, Alessandro Cortini acquaints music with memory, embracing the panorama of his family’s vintage Super 8 films. Captured by his grandfather, these snapshots of family life create a visual basis for him to further develop the melancholy of remembrance through his instruments. The project began as a simple improvisation utilising a Synthi AKS and evolved into a meditation on living memory through sound. The music links a visually remembered past with an expressively interpreted present, pointing forward and moving ahead – avanti, in Italian. Archival visual compilation, content curation and arrangement by Sean Curtis Patrick. AVANTI continues on from Cortini’s previous Sonno and Risveglio projects."
Sonoio Jun 07, 2017
Sonoio Dec 18, 2016
Sonoio Dec 18, 2016
's cover photo
Sonoio Dec 11, 2016
Timeline Photos
Sonoio Nov 08, 2016
Fellow US citizens: please GO VOTE today! It's never been so important!
Sonoio Sep 07, 2016
Alessandro Cortini @ Berlin Atonal
Sonoio Jul 18, 2016
I will be on RBMA Radio today playing some unreleased music (including some Sonoio). tune in!
Sonoio May 21, 2016
SONNO set livestream from Moogfest coming up!