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Sonic Syndicate Official Dec 24, 2018
Sonic Syndicate Official's cover photo
Sonic Syndicate Official Dec 23, 2018
Here's a quick update. We're writing songs. We're enjoying the holiday. We miss our fans across the world. We plan to see you again. Update completed. HAVE A WICKED CHRISTMAS! WE LOVE Y'ALL! PARTY HARD! 💪🥳🎄
Sonic Syndicate Official Aug 03, 2018
Thanks Helsinki! On our way to Tampere, YO-TALO TONIGHT! Doors at 20:30 RAAAAAWK
Sonic Syndicate Official Aug 02, 2018
ELMUN BAARI TONIGHT! Hope to see you there!
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 30, 2018
#TAMPERE !! We’re back in your city this FRIDAY AUG 3rd! @yo_talo rocking it out, Hope to see you there! Support @foundingneverland 📸by @caroxskatercore
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 19, 2018
SONIC SYNDICATE The Last Confessions in Finland Aug2 - Helsinki, Elmun Baari Aug3 - Tampere, Yo-Talo Aug4 - Piippurock Festival More info at the Events section on our official FB #SonicSyndicate
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 17, 2018
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 08, 2018
Sonic Syndicate Official's cover photo
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 07, 2018
So... Miche, Robin & Danny cancels the show tonight. If you wanna go and see our English singer being all Happy on stage by himself and our MacBook, it’s on at Midnight. Have fun ⚽️ (Naaah, We’re on at midnight. Let’s do this Luleå Hamnfestival !!)
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 07, 2018
LETS GO SWEDEN! Fuck Nathan and his country
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 07, 2018
Thanks a lot Umeå! Awesome energy! Now on our way to Luleå! We preparing for Swe-Eng in football as well! Yesterday’s soundtrack: Refused Today’s soundtrack: Raised Fist
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 06, 2018
Weeeee are heeeeere! Sonic/Smash live tonight!
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 05, 2018
Soundcheck Done! Getting ready for South Harbor tonight 🤓
Sonic Syndicate Official Jul 04, 2018
Leaving Stockholm tomorrow for this 3-day Party! Check our events-section for details
Sonic Syndicate Official Jun 18, 2018
It's a long way to the top (Luleå) if you wanna Rock n Roll - so we decided to drop by Söderhamn and Umeå on the way! 5/7 Söderhamn, Statt 6/7 Umeå, Oleary's 7/7 Luleå Hamnfestival 2/8 Helsinki, Elmun Baari 3/8 Tampere, Jack the Rooster 4/8 II, Piippurock Festival Hope to see all of you and many new faces on the road!
Sonic Syndicate Official May 23, 2018
We're super excited to let you guys know we're coming to Luleå's Hamnfestival in July! Click on the photo, like it and follow for more info and tickets!
Sonic Syndicate Official May 20, 2018
Sonic Syndicate Official May 14, 2018
10 / 10 from Rockbladet! First show in 5-6 months, felt a little rusty not being on stage for a while but we still pulled it off! Thanks a lot Stockholm!
Sonic Syndicate Official May 13, 2018
Massive thanks to New Direction Tour Services for helping us out this weekend! Comfortable busses and great customer services as always! We always choose them first. If you’re in need of vans/busses - contact them and say hi from us!
Sonic Syndicate Official May 11, 2018
Once again massive thanks to Trumslagaren online for sorting out a new drum head to Danny for our show at Harry B James, Stockholm tonight!
Sonic Syndicate Official May 09, 2018
Sonic Syndicate Live in Stockholm and Linköping this weekend! Some sad news is that Miche won’t be able to perform on Saturday at The Crypt in Linköping. When Sonic’s not touring, Miche serves for the Swedish defense in the military service and have been called in last minute (Nothing serious, just mandatory routine). Miche said “Canceling the show is not an option” and wants us to make sure to deliver a great show even with him not being there - We took orders and shouted in choir “SIR, YES SIR!” Sonic Syndicate This Weekend: May 11th - STOCKHOLM, Harry B James May 12th - LINKÖPING, The Crypt (w/Smash into Pieces, Jay smith)
Sonic Syndicate Official May 07, 2018
Sonic Syndicate Live 2018
Sonic Syndicate Official Apr 16, 2018
Check out the TOUR DATES section for all our upcoming shows we got this summer! A couple of more to be released. Any guesses where?
Sonic Syndicate Official Mar 28, 2018
Sonic Syndicate saapuu Suomeen klubikiertueelle elokuussa
Sonic Syndicate Official Mar 27, 2018
The Last Confessions in Finland! Details in our event-section!