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Solid State Logic Aug 31, 2016
Anyone interested in some live solid state logic shows?
Solid State Logic Jun 27, 2015
So we've started a music promotion site and production company called World Noise. You can visit us at We're looking for bands to feature, but we're picky. Send submissions to [email protected]
Solid State Logic Feb 21, 2014
Been working with Bassex on new tracks for the Audio Alpha project! Sick Rock/EDM coming soon!
Solid State Logic Jul 22, 2013
Time to actually say something... We are about to release a track under Solid State Logic, that we recorded with Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, WERM, Limp Bizkit, Emphatic) a bit ago. More details on that shortly. We are also working on a new project called "Audio Alpha" which combines the sound of Solid State Logic with electronic/EDM/Dubstep elements... Stay tuned here for more information on that project, as well as, our current label under Jeff Blue.
Solid State Logic Jul 21, 2013
Solid State Logic Jun 20, 2012
In the studio for the next couple of days with Josh from Helicopter Showdown and Jeff Blue to work on tracks for Damn the Sky!
Solid State Logic Jun 09, 2012
Just posted a new track called "Rain" at
Solid State Logic Jun 09, 2012
Working on booking some Solid State logic shows and will be debuting some Damn the Sky tracks written with Jeff Blue.
Solid State Logic May 25, 2012
A little late, but was turned onto this YouTube vid of one of our songs. Awesome and funny:
Solid State Logic May 19, 2012
Awesome metal band called deleterious in Amsterdam at the cave!
Solid State Logic May 10, 2012
It won't stop raining in Amsterdam....
Solid State Logic Apr 13, 2012
The members of Solid State Logic have just signed a production deal with Jeff Blue and Rock Shop Music Group. We just finalized it this past weekend in LA. Jeff is an amazing songwriter, producer, and A&R who signed Linkin Park, Emphatic, and many other great bands. Thanks also to our lawyer Dean Serwin. Much more news to follow.... We've been hard at work.
Solid State Logic Feb 27, 2012
Dubstep Pro wanted for some remixing... Send e-mails to [email protected] or post here...
Solid State Logic Jan 18, 2012
Just got back from LA... Tracked another song with Jeff Blue and Mike Gonsolin at Trend Def Studios and met with some reality show producers.
Solid State Logic Jan 06, 2012
Headed to LA next Fri the 13th of Jan... Meeting with lawyer, A&R, sponsors, blah blah blah... Check out Damn the Sky, our second project. Just posted the first song, "Put Me Away."
Solid State Logic Nov 05, 2011
Songs are finishing up being mixed by Jason Elgin! Clips and info coming soon. Off to Sydney, AU on Wednesday...
Solid State Logic Sep 18, 2011
Back from LA! We need to get an apartment down there... Up tracking till 2AM last night with Mike Gonsolin at Trend Def Studios and Jeff Blue from Atlantic Records. Big news coming soon... Off to Las Vegas in 10 hours.
Solid State Logic Sep 11, 2011
Driving to LA Tuesday morning to continue tracking... Gonna check out Kittie at the Whiskey on Wednesday!
Solid State Logic Sep 09, 2011
Solid State Logic Sep 05, 2011
Solid State Logic Sep 02, 2011
Working on a 4th song with Jeff Blue to be recorded around the 14th-17th of this month down in LA LA Land.... Crazy times.!.!!.
Solid State Logic Sep 01, 2011
Heading back to LA................................. :)
Solid State Logic Aug 22, 2011
Mixes almost done. Auditioning drummers and second guitarists for major label showcases. Send inquiry to [email protected] if you think you have what it takes... Send photos and links to music. Steve.
Solid State Logic Aug 18, 2011
With jeff from Atlantic Records...
Solid State Logic Aug 17, 2011
At the rainbow in W. Hollywood... Dubstep...