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Mirror's Edge Catalyst (EA Games Soundtrack)
Origin # 02
Random Friday
Until We Meet the Sky
Altered - Second Movements
Origin # 01
Mirror's Edge (Original Videogame Score)
Leaving Home
Blue Moon Station
Reflective Frequencies
Anthropos Festival Anthropos Festival 2019
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Ozora Festival Ozora Festival 2019
Venue: Ozora Festival (Dádpuszta, Hungary) Find tickets
Solar Fields Apr 17, 2019
To sum things up about my Russia tour. Totally awesomeness!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Thank you all who came to my shows in St Petersburg and Moscow. Outstanding vibe✌🏻 Thank you Forest Booking for your professionalism and for bringing me over and made this tour possible. Big Respect 🙏 Photos by: @eugene_lazin @greenwordlive @aleksandrpakhmutov @nesnels @manukhina_irina @forestbooking
Solar Fields Apr 13, 2019
Thank you St Petersburg and all who came for 2 stunning evenings🙏 Now off to Moscow for my gig there tonight 😎✌🏻. photos by @kostyasell #forestbooking #solarfields
Solar Fields Apr 07, 2019
Getting ready for Russia gigs. 11 & 12/4 Saint Petersburg, 13/4 Moscow. See you soon 🇷🇺 and get ready for lots of new music from my upcoming album Origin 03 😎 Forest Booking #origin03
Solar Fields Mar 05, 2019
One more show added to my Russia mini tour. Will now do 2 shows in St. Petersburg. #forestbooking
Solar Fields Feb 26, 2019
Happy to come back to perform in Russia 🇷🇺 🎵 SOLAR FIELDS LIVE IN St. Petersburg 12 April & Moscow 13 April. #forestbooking
Solar Fields Feb 24, 2019
SOLAR FIELDS - Extended and Leaving home remastered reissue Vinyl and Cd has arrived @ sidereal headquartets 😎👍🏻
Solar Fields Feb 16, 2019
Krister Linder's long awaited album Across the Never is finally released. This is a masterpiece of depth and beauty. Check it out.
Solar Fields Jan 14, 2019
Solar Fields 'Extended' and 'Leaving Home' Remastered editions and for the first time on vinyl. DigiCD's release date February 2019.02.12 (retail preorders will be shipped rather earlier) Gatefold 2 LP's release date 2019.02.22 Die-hard fanbase can preorder these for one week with a % off discount (all infos will be in the store products) activated on Saturday 2019.01.12 at 1 pm (CET) After one week the given discount code will expiry and preorders will remain active at full price. Preorders: Stores and distros inquiries to
Solar Fields Jan 05, 2019
Solar Fields Jan 01, 2019
Happy New Year Everyone!!! Wishing you all a healthy and wonderful 2019. Origin # 03 next 😎👍🏻
Solar Fields Dec 24, 2018
Hohoho, Happy Holidays everyone 🎄❄️🎅🏻❄️🎄
Solar Fields Dec 10, 2018
Come and join me on my upcoming Russia tour with Forest Booking in April! Tickets available here-->
Solar Fields Nov 22, 2018
At studio cloud99 and working with musical genius @robertelster on our project. #boatbrothers #album #fresh
Solar Fields Nov 06, 2018
I am extremely happy and proud to announce that i am a part of A Strangely Isolated Place ten year anniversary compilation titled, Full Circle. All profits will go to a charity called The Harmony Project. ( Thank you Ryan Griffin for making it happen and letting me a part of it, you have put tons of work into this one. This is a stunning release.
Solar Fields Oct 29, 2018
All my time and focus is now going to the mixning and finalizing the tracks for Origin # 03 #origin03 #solarfields
Solar Fields Oct 28, 2018
Solar Fields Oct 27, 2018
Solar Fields bandcamp page updated with Until we meet the sky, Origin # 02, Random Friday and Movements (remastered)
Solar Fields Oct 26, 2018
Ourdom and RGB CD´s back in stock.
Solar Fields Oct 08, 2018
Solar Fields Sep 27, 2018
#origin03 #solarfields #solarfieldsofficial
Solar Fields Sep 24, 2018
Sync24 has released a fantastic new album, check it out :)
Solar Fields Sep 17, 2018
Solar Fields Sep 10, 2018
SOLAR FIELDS - Movements - Remastered - Reissue Originally released in 2009, but out of print since a few years, Movements was the sixth full-length studio album by Magnus Birgersson as Solar Fields. This 2018 version comes completely remastered (with a specific mastering for the vinyl) in digipack CD and, for the first time ever, in a double vinyl version (with the run split into a sea-blue and traditional black wax vinyl colors options). Last but not least, given the circumstance of the new edition, Magnus is giving it all, adding one BONUS track on the Vinyl, (“The Return") that was composed and recorded at the times of the 'Movements' recording session. The vastness of Solar Fields lush soundscapes is nothing new: along his almost-twenty-year career Magnus Birgersson developed some of the most remarkable examples of psybient music, mixing ambient and IDM in the most natural way. Movements is no exception, actually, it’s one of Birgersson’s work where the studious listener is most challenged: eleven tracks not linked one to the other, where sounds flow naturally, intensely. Almost ten years after its release, this masterwork of emotive, synthetic music is about to be available once again. 
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Solar Fields Aug 22, 2018
Thank you @solastafestival and all who came for my set, fantastic time 🙏Next up is Genesis daytime festival (made in sweden) see you there ✌🏻
Solar Fields Aug 17, 2018