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From Gas to Solid / You Are My Friend
Lovetune for Vacuum
Soap&Skin with Jungstötter at Schloßbergbühne Kasematten (June 19, 2019)
Venue: Schloßbergbühne Kasematten (Graz, Austria) Find tickets
Summer Nostos Festival Summer Nostos Festival 2019
Venue: Summer Nostos Festival (Athens, Greece) Find tickets
Soap&Skin at Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle Festival (June 25, 2019)
Venue: Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle Festival (Ferrara, Italy) Find tickets
Haldern Pop Festival Haldern Pop Festival 2019
Venue: Haldern Pop Festival (Rees, Germany) Find tickets
Soap&Skin at Elbphilharmonie (August 17, 2019)
Venue: Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Soap&Skin Jun 07, 2019
ps human / stars don't go blind, resist safe earth, yours
Soap&Skin May 12, 2019
2 days ago at the opening for the Wiener Festwochen 🌕
Soap&Skin Apr 21, 2019
empowered by this beautiful female backing 🌹Emily Steward 🌹Mihoko Ikeszawa 🌹Anna Starzinger 🌹Marlene Lacherstorfer 📷 by Lena Knappova at Le Trianon, Paris
Soap&Skin Apr 20, 2019
last soundcheck of this europe tour. last concert tonight at Paradiso Noord I am so grateful. Thank you Ramon Lormans, Emily Stewart, Mihoko Ikezawa, Anna Starzinger, Marlene Lacherstorfer, Martin Eberle, Martin Ptak for being the band I always dreamed of. Thank you Markus Wallner for the best possible sound and all the help. Thank you Daniel Biegger for the light. Thank you Tobias von zur Gathen for being the best tourmanager ever. Thank you Fabian, Jungstötter for your music and being. 🌹 Thanks to everyone who came to our concerts. 🖤
Soap&Skin Apr 12, 2019
I am suffused with your silence, your careful attention, your warmth, every movement, an inspection, embracement. It's halftime I love you for supporting me on this journey of performing within the freedom of sharing, no needless hurting anymore, my story is accessible, pain sits next to peace. I'm growing muscles everywhere 🐽 yours Anja next dates: 13.4. Berlin - Udk (sold out) 14.4. Brussels - Botanique 15.4. London - EartH 17.4. Paris - Le Trianon 18.4. Bourges - L'Auditorium 19.4. Strasbourg - Laiterie 20.4. Amsterdam - Paradiso - 19.6. Graz - Kasematten 25.6. Athens - Summer Nostos Festival 26.6. Ferrara - Castello Estense 9.8. Haldern - Haldern Pop Festival 17.8. Hamburg - Elbphilharmonie 19.8. Helsinki - Helsinki Festival 13.9. Vienna - Arena Open Air - pictures taken by Jasmin Elmi loads of love to my band Emily Stewart Mihoko Ikezawa Anna Starzinger Marlene Lacherstorfer Martin Eberle Martin Ptak Ramon Lormans Markus Wallner and the most precious support: Jungstötter
Soap&Skin Apr 02, 2019
I’m happy to share this remix by highly appreciated PLANNINGTOROCK with you 🖤 Tour 2019:
Soap&Skin Mar 19, 2019
(This is) Solid Creep / taken from Mildewed Earth / new album I have left it forever
Soap&Skin Feb 26, 2019
I made a playlist for Bird On The Wire Have a listen to my favourites 🖤 see you soon
Soap&Skin Feb 19, 2019
Ich wurde diesjährig für den Amadeus Austrian Music Awards in den Kategorien „Album des Jahres“ sowie „Alternative“ nominiert. Mich in derselben Kategorie sowie in derselben Veranstaltung mit einem Möchtegern-Magnaten zu wissen, der sein reaktionäres, nationalistisches, chauvinistisches und sexistisches Lebenskonzept zu kommerzialisieren weiß und hier Anklang findet, entsetzt mich. Ich werde an der Veranstaltung nicht teilnehmen. - I was nominated for this years Amadeus Austrian Music Awards for „Album of the year“ and „Alternative“. To be expected to share one of these categories and this event with a wannabe-tycoon, who commercializes on reactionary, nationalistic, chauvinistic and sexist ideologies and finds his approval appalls me. I will not be part of the event.
Soap&Skin Feb 07, 2019
What song do you wish to hear live? where? 💌 Tour 2019:
Soap&Skin Jan 14, 2019
so happy to share this blessed be the fruit Jungstötter will release his debut 'love is' on feb 1st and also be support on most dates of my upcoming tour in april.
Soap&Skin Dec 19, 2018
I'm very excited to meet you in 2019 🌹 I will be supported by 7 musicians on strings, horns and percussion. 03.04. Vienna (AT), Konzerthaus (sold out) 04.04. Ljubljana (SL), Kino Siska 05.04. Budapest (HU), A38 (sold out) 08.04. Milan (IT), Santeria Social Club 09.04. Zurich (CH), Plaza 10.04. Munich (DE), Muffathalle 11.04. Cologne (DE), Gloria 13.04. Berlin (DE), UdK (sold out) 14.04. Brussels (BE), Botanique 15.04. London (UK), Evolutionary Arts Hackney 17.04. Paris (FR), Le Trianon 18.04. Bourges (FR), L’Auditorium 19.04. Strasbourg (FR), Laiterie 20.04. Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso Noord 19.06. Graz (AT), Kasematten 24.06. Athens (GR), Summer Nostos Festival 25.06. Ferrara (IT), Castello Estense 09.08. Haldern (DE), Haldern Pop Festival 17.08. Hamburg (DE), Elbphilharmonie 19.08. Helsinki (FI), Helsinki Festival 13.09. Vienna (AT), Arena Open Air Tickets: pic by Pierre Veillet for Plugged Magazine
Soap&Skin Dec 06, 2018
looking, waving at almost remembering walking on This day, this grieving land, in a shape hard to place (I‘ve found this old postcard designed by one of my favourite artists in electronic music: Gajek) it’s a perfect portrait, zoomed in landed vice versa walking ruler solitude, mold self-sustaining funghi, keeper of countenance, released. (friend) preparing 2019, no war zone, obliged mother world heading nada in love with two angels of F happy xmas time don‘t buy shit
Soap&Skin Nov 16, 2018
I contributed to a piece for marimba by Anthony Fiumara performed by Ramon Lormans 
yours, A
Soap&Skin Nov 12, 2018
the turtle decided to play some concerts in 2019 for you 03.apr Vienna (AT), Konzerthaus 04.apr Ljubljana (SL), Kino Siska 05.apr Budapest (HU), A38 08.apr Milan (IT), Santeria Social Club 09.apr Zurich (CH), Plaza 10.apr Munich (DE), Muffathalle 11.apr Cologne (DE), Gloria 13.apr Berlin (DE), UdK 14.apr Brussels (BE), Botanique 15.apr London (UK), Evolutionary Arts Hackney 17.apr Paris (FR), Le Trianon 19.apr Strasbourg (FR), Laiterie 20.apr Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso Noord Find ticket info here: 🌹 new video is a collaboration with Timo Schierhorn
Soap&Skin Oct 29, 2018
My new album is out since friday I almost forgot the power of such a day, a longed for jump in at the deep end, throwing a walking cane you walked with for years into the sea (not randomly you know, more like rose's necklace in titanic, or how maude throws harolds gift into the sea) At the moment I am one after-release-lost-weeper. I just hope I can give you something with this record. yours Anja ps.: Good people out there, can you please just try not to give up. news from brazil are so shocking again. ;( pic by Poly Maria
Soap&Skin Oct 24, 2018
I'm playing a special concert in 2 days, this friday, the release day of my new album. (together with the wonderful stargaze at Kaltern Pop Festival, a little festival that takes place in south tyrol / Italy by a sea, surrounded by silence and tremendous mountains) My last own concert was two years ago, and I won't play any other this year. I still need to recollect, I'm not talented in compromising and I have to handle anxiety and blackouts. But I feel obligated to a promise, the promise that I will appreciate this moment of playing live as a peaceful challenge, that I will get it as an act of appreciation for each other, you and me, and perform within the freedom of sharing. If you'd like to get impressions from the rehearsals and from the concert follow me / my stories @ I can't wait to know this album lands in right hands, ears, souls. see you x Anja
Soap&Skin Oct 12, 2018
SURROUNDED my heart, my heavyweight, long-time companion has found its place. only 2 weeks left until my new album 'From Gas to Solid / you are my friend' will be released. 🖤 stream 'Surrounded' here:
Soap&Skin Oct 11, 2018
Dear Everyone, Here is my "new" song 'SURROUNDED' premiering at @theQuietus, releasing on all digital retailers at midnight. ☄️ I remember that moment when I started writing it, always in search for it’s final shape, eventually it took me 12 years. I hit the limit of my voice and my production skills. It is the black heart of my new record 'From Gas to Solid / you are my friend' which will be released in only 2 weeks... #cannotbelieve 🖤
Soap&Skin Sep 15, 2018
with Talisa Lilli Lemke 💛 in the making of 'Italy' shot by Emi Köll
Soap&Skin Sep 13, 2018
'Italy' & '(This is) Water' from my upcoming album 🌎🕳️🍑♀️💧🔬☄️🔭☯🧠 is yours. watch full video here:
Soap&Skin Sep 12, 2018
Here it is: 'Italy' & '(This is) Water' from my upcoming album 'From Gas to Solid / you are my friend' Find 'Italy' in your fav streaming platform here: 🌎🕳️🍑♀️💧🔬☄️🔭☯️🧠 Gratitude and love to Ioan Gavriel for joining me on this journey and realizing this video project Love and respect to my flying star Talisa Lilli Lemke Special thanks and thoughts to wonderful Fabio Grassadonia e Antonio Piazza for sharing the incomparable underwater photography from their feature film "Sicilian Ghost Story" with me
Soap&Skin Sep 09, 2018
I made a mix for BBC Radio 6 Music
Soap&Skin Sep 09, 2018
💦 new single ITALY is coming on september 12th 🕳
Soap&Skin Aug 18, 2018
findings from the path. ♀️