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Life in Surveillance
Antidote for Irony
So They Say Aug 18, 2019
I’m going live when they go live.
So They Say Aug 15, 2019
Old picks...
So They Say Aug 14, 2019
4 more days OK... 3 more days until Saturday....
So They Say Aug 12, 2019
So They Say Aug 12, 2019
This weekend will be our last show as #SoTheySay please come out to hear our music for the last time!
So They Say Aug 09, 2019
Who all is planning to come see us play our last show as #SoTheySay? Everyone please support your local music. Please?
So They Say Jul 02, 2019
So They Say Jun 20, 2019
#SoTheySay. #NuclearSunrise
So They Say May 28, 2019
#SoTheySay last show. As #SoTheySay
So They Say May 07, 2019
So They Say Feb 15, 2019
So They Say Jan 27, 2019
So They Say Jan 10, 2019
Americana Music Society
So They Say Dec 26, 2018
It’s not going to be called #SoTheySay but, David & Joseph has something brewing. When I hear something I’ll pop a link on here where, when and what they they are & have done. Everyone plz. Share. #DaveAndJoseph
So They Say Nov 14, 2018
“Act like you’re listening, till it’s your turn to talk “.
So They Say Sep 18, 2018
“I know that this would never stay between us, and that's alright cause I dont have anything to hide. and my only, desire is to uncover, the truth about me. Well..
So They Say Sep 13, 2018
If your fueling desire, Its the need to, Hit the lights and...
So They Say Aug 16, 2018
So They Say
So They Say Aug 05, 2018
“I put my hands around the only thing that makes sense “
So They Say Jul 24, 2017
Antidote for Irony
So They Say Jul 23, 2017
Tell all your friends we have older pics up. Add some more later. :-)
So They Say Jul 23, 2017
Old pics. ツ
So They Say Jun 20, 2017
Act like you're listening till its your turn to talk. :-)
So They Say Dec 21, 2016
So They Say's cover photo