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Laminate Pet Animal
Snowmine Feb 20, 2017
Snowmine Jan 18, 2017
We can see light best from the darkness.
Snowmine May 20, 2016
Hey everyone!! In case you hadn't heard, Snowmine guitarist Austin worked on a solo project during our time off. It's a super beautiful instrumental guitar EP called Roses. Listen to it on his YouTube or FB page: (
Snowmine Apr 19, 2016
After a much needed break, we have new songs in the pipeline!!!!! <3
Snowmine Dec 29, 2015
Thanks so much to everyone who filled this room and sold out our show last week (and then some). You made us glow!!!
Snowmine Dec 29, 2015
Catch some gold, release some gold
Snowmine Dec 19, 2015
Snowmine Dec 16, 2015
Hey guys THIS SATURDAY we're playing with Salt Cathedral and Bellows at Rough Trade NYC. Doors are 8PM. Can't wait to see you all again!
Snowmine Dec 03, 2015
Snowmine Oct 27, 2015
Hi everybody, we're very excited to announce we're playing a New York show in December at Rough Trade NYC. It's been awhile and we look forward to seeing all your faces. Pre-sale starts in two days and space is limited so git ready to snatch em.
Snowmine Sep 23, 2015
Have you heard our drummer Alex's solo project MMBLR? It's darn beautiful. His new EP "We Are One" is on Spotify.
Snowmine Sep 10, 2015
Hey guys! We know we haven't posted in awhile but we're not dead, very much not dead. And to celebrate being alive, and summer also still being alive, we're doing a summer sale on everything in our whole store. 15% from TODAY until MONDAY on every item you see. Except for the people in the photos, no people for sale. Just use discount code: SUMMERFUNISNOTDONE We're recording a special album independently again so all of this goes to support us doing so. Thanks so much for your love as always. -SNOWMINE VISIT OUR STORE:
Snowmine Jul 05, 2015
Snowmine Mar 31, 2015
MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER !! SMOKE SIGNALS What if the person who's marooned isn't the one needing rescue? She's left on the misty shores of her mind, lost but not afraid. Her rescuer while physically safe, is panicked in the fog. He's drowning in the memory of her words but only she can reel him into safety. He's lost in the labyrinth of bed sheets and forgotten wishes and still only she can untangle the knots. We wonder who's beacon is needed most. --- Hey guys, hope you like our new video. Huge special thanks to Director Ian Perlman (and friends) for the visual work. [WATCH ON YOUTUBE @] [LISTEN ON Spotify @] [CHECKOUT OUR NEW MERCH STORE @ Snowmine.Com]
Snowmine Mar 30, 2015
Dang. thank you guys!! Our shipment inbox is full. Looks like we have our work cut out for us ;)
Snowmine Mar 29, 2015
Hey friends! Super excited to say we have our new merch store at Snowmine.Com back up and running! And by popular demand for those who couldn't grab a copy originally, we've done a Limited Edition White Vinyl pressing of Laminate Pet Animal!!
Snowmine Mar 17, 2015
Snowmine's cover photo
Snowmine Feb 25, 2015
sun rain snow clouds warm cold. sound. forecast.
Snowmine Feb 17, 2015
this upside down world
Snowmine Feb 08, 2015
Can't believe Dialects is one year old
Snowmine Feb 03, 2015
Grayson recently composed the film score for a Sundance short film by Loki Films. The endearing piece is now playing on UpWorthy so check it out!
Snowmine Nov 25, 2014
Our new single Smoke Signals is now available on Spotify!! You can also now purchase it on iTunes along with our recent LP Dialects. BUY NOW:
Snowmine Nov 21, 2014
Thanks so much to Interview Magazine for premiering our new single Smoke Signals. Listen here: Available for purchase Tuesday, Nov. 25
Snowmine Nov 17, 2014
New Single Shortly. Video Editing/PostFX: Ian Perlman
Snowmine Nov 14, 2014
200k plays of Tidal Wave on Spotify since this amazing foggy homecoming show in Brooklyn. Thank you!! photo: Sam Buksbaum