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Smashing Satellites Dec 04, 2018
'You're The Killer' available on iTunes and Spotify! Share it if you love it!
Smashing Satellites Nov 27, 2018
To My Fans and Friends: As promised - here is another Unreleased Studio Track. This one is called 'Gravity'. This was a track that has been sitting in the vault for a long time and I couldn't sit on it any longer. Enjoy and share if you love it. - Sal
Smashing Satellites Nov 23, 2018
The reaction on 'Lover Of A Lost Cause' has been amazing. I've decided to release another unheard song... Wednesday at 7pm EST.
Smashing Satellites Nov 21, 2018
To All My Fans and Friends, today I have decided to share a new song for all of you. This is one of the first songs I recorded when I first left My Darkest Days. For many circumstances it was unreleased until today. It is one of my favourite songs ever that I recorded with my dear friends Cody Hanson and Marshal Dutton during those magical sessions. I love those guys so much and I love this song and it needs to be heard. Share it and enjoy. Much love, - Sal
Smashing Satellites Apr 12, 2018
Auctioning off these two guitars for the victims and families of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to their Go Fund Me account: 1. Black Kramer Flying V: This guitar was also known as 'Betty #3'. It is the featured guitar and the guitar I played during the live performances of My Darkest Days Top 20 Hit 'Every Lie'. *Option to have it signed. Minimum Opening Bid: $500 CDN plus shipping 2. Godin Seagull: This was one of my guitars used for writing. It also appeared on many tours and radio performances. *Option to have it signed. Minimum Opening Bid: $500 CDN plus shipping Private Message Sal Costa (his private account) your bid and someone will get back to you if you have the highest offer. Bid ends FRIDAY, APRIL 13th @ 5pm! Please SHARE as this is for a great cause!!!
Smashing Satellites Apr 05, 2018
Juno Nominated, Platinum selling and #1 Billboard USA recording artist and musician Sal Costa will be opening more spots for private lessons for Guitar, Vocal, Songwriting and also Production, Artist Development and Coaching. If you'd like to be one of Sal's students inquire by sending an e-mail to - [email protected] Visit for more information.
Smashing Satellites Mar 23, 2018
Check out one of the bands I've been helping out, Eleven North! - Sal
Smashing Satellites Mar 23, 2018
Hey all! Sal Costa is opening a few extra slots for music training (voice, guitar, songwriting, coaching and music business). PM his account if interested and someone will get back to you. Only a few spots so it will go to whoever reaches out first. Add his personal account and send a PM!
Smashing Satellites Mar 02, 2018
I guess I'm proud to have been in one of the most "hated" bands in the world! Can't believe My Darkest Days made it in this clip! Kinda made me smile :) People just always hate on main stream success and legit careers! On a side note - I love Chad, he's a good buddy and he's none of the things they portray him to be. Of all the high profile "rock stars" I have toured with and are in my circle - he is by far the most down to earth and I love him!
Smashing Satellites Feb 01, 2018
Studio rule: You are only allowed to be in the control room if you have a dog on your lap. I like this rule.
Smashing Satellites Jan 29, 2018
And we're here producing the next generation... Zack & Mara! Lots of talent in this room! Good to see my brothers in Hinder
Smashing Satellites Jan 04, 2018
Super proud of my students (lead singer and also the guitarist) in Mental Friction!!! Been working with them teaching them vocals and guitar over the past year and they have come so far! So happy to be able to work with artists at this stage in their career!
Smashing Satellites Dec 11, 2017
Thought Of The Day: Monday Challenge! It's important to remove the mask and bullet proof vest so people can see us for who we really are and for us to see how great we are just the way we are and to embrace it. We sometimes have tendencies to protect ourselves too much, whether it be putting on a smile when maybe we need to cry, or proudly pushing people off when maybe we need to be letting them in. I'm guilty of this for sure. But in time I'm learning that there is nothing I can't handle and that there is more goodness, miracle and joy in my day and everyone's day than sometimes we like to give it credit for. So, with this new week starting, I offer you to take off the gear and padding and see what it's like to be socially and psychologically naked. Put yourself out there without anticipating anything more than a new experience. Be free. Be wild, but be free. SHARE.
Smashing Satellites Dec 07, 2017
To all my LA and Santa Barbara fans, tune into AM 1290 KZSB tomorrow at 11am PST and 9pm PST for my interview with The Jeremiah Show!
Smashing Satellites Dec 06, 2017
Crazy. This anime someone made of 'You're The Killer' got over 20k views in under 24hrs. Thanks.
Smashing Satellites Dec 05, 2017
Do me a favour and listen to this one. One of my favs off the EP. Can you relate? 'You're The Killer'.
Smashing Satellites Dec 05, 2017
Check it! Thanks Spaceuntravel for posting this new Smashing Satellites tune, 'Better Days'.
Smashing Satellites Dec 02, 2017
Smashing Satellites Nov 22, 2017
Hey all! Check out Sal's interview with LA/Santa Barbara radio station AM 1290 on The Jeremiah Show!
Smashing Satellites Nov 20, 2017
To my fans! I'll be doing a live interview today on Los Angeles and Santa Barbara radio station AM 1290 KZSB called The Jeremiah Show! Tune in as we'll be talking about a lot of fun stuff! 1pm PST we go live!
Smashing Satellites Nov 19, 2017
Hit up Spotfy, iTunes or Apple Music to check out the final Smashing Satellites EP 'White Elephant! Links to hear the EP are below... Spotify: iTunes White Elephant - EP by Smashing Satellites…/white-elephant-ep/1308644261 Apple Music…/white-elephant-ep/1308644261
Smashing Satellites Nov 18, 2017
DEAR FANS! VERY proud to say that the Smashing Satellites final EP 'White Elephant' officially released today! Get it on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your music! It features tracks such as 'Benny', 'You're The Killer', 'You're Gone' and 'Better Days'. It's badass! Some of the coolest tracks yet! HERE are all the download and streaming links below... ENJOY. Spotify: iTunes White Elephant - EP by Smashing Satellites Apple Music
Smashing Satellites Oct 30, 2017
To all FANS of Sal Costa! Check out Sal's new Music Mentoring/Teaching Website! Here is your chance to learn from someone who has LIVED it. Real teaching, real guidance & real advice. Share or tag a friend if you think this is for them! "I'm super excited to pass on years of knowledge to the music community. Valuable information that they don't teach you in music school about how to ACTUALLY be a professional recording/touring artist and how to make it happen. How can you teach what you don't know or haven't experienced? Well - I learned it all the hard way, but also the good way and I'm excited to share it with the world community of aspiring Singers, Songwriters and Guitar Players. I am teaching it all!" - Sal
Smashing Satellites Oct 22, 2017
To My Dear Fans - I am retiring. It's true. After a lifetime of work, after a lifetime of accomplishments I am retiring. There was a time where I went to bed dreaming about being in a successful band and how it would be the epitome of joy and happiness. I dreamed about having a #1 song, having a record deal, touring the world, having Platinum and Gold plaques on my wall and being nominated for a Juno Award. Well, my dream came true. It all came true in a big way. I was in a major signed band with a #1 Billboard USA Hit, reached Platinum sales and got that Platinum plaque, toured the world in the biggest venues you could name with the biggest bands, was nominated for a Juno and more. I even played and guest featured on records with my idols growing up. As a matter of fact, even recently was approached by a few of my idols to work on musical projects and be in bands with them. All of which I turned down or didn't pursue. But how amazing? It truly feels like I won the lottery time and time again. But as we know - the lottery never brings us happiness as that always comes from within. Over the past year I took off from music I spent time living "normal" life. Aside from running into fans here and there, I just sunk into life being a husband, father, family member and friend. These were all things growing up I never dreamed of. These were all the things I saw my parents do and by no means did it seem fulfilling or "special". How could something that everyone in the world do be so special? Well, let me tell you - was I ever so wrong. This past year I took off from touring was the most eye opening experience ever because I truly discovered that what I was really missing in my life is what everyone in the world takes for granted - family, community and friends. I began to get a glimpse at where true happiness lies and it was SO far away from being on the road, living on a bus, not knowing ANYONE, not having any real connection with your loved ones and hustling to make money for an industry that really doesn't care if you live or die, until you die and then they will all blog about you as if you were special. It's all fake. None of it is real. I got into this because what I was doing was pure and real and was full of passion. But most of us who gain popularity in this business soon realize that our passion for music and art becomes 1% of the job and the rest is just cut throat business. It's brutal even when it's GREAT. At the top of success it still sucks because no one actually cares about why the artist is there in the first place. I am BLESSED beyond belief that I had the opportunity to really discover what matters in life. Many of us just keep plugging along for ego or the worry of what other people might think which are really terrible reasons to keep doing something. You could spend a lifetime doing that and get to the point where you are old and grey thinking "I wish I spent more time with my family and friends". I have no regrets, just perspective. I have learned that 100000 more Platinum plaques won't replace 30 minutes playing tag with my daughter, 100000 Juno Awards won't replace a date night with my wife and 100000 #1 songs won't replace a BBQ (a vegan one of course :) ) with a few good friends. That is the truth. For all of you that think I have it all - you are right, but none of it has to do with any fame, money or accolades. For all those asking what I will do next: Well first off - there is an entire Smashing Satellites EP that is amazing that has not been released that I will be putting out as a goodbye gift to my fans. I will make a post when I have a release date for it. It is a very special body of work that I really want to share. I will also continue to make music when I want to and how I want to. Right now though, it's not in my mind at all in the slightest. However, one thing that I truly discovered I love is teaching people. I never thought it could be so gratifying, however, seeing people grow is an amazing thing. I have a ton of knowledge that needs to be shared and I will continue to share it. I will continue to play and grow as an artist however my delivery of my art might be more obscure and passion filled and less corporate crap. Just good old honesty for a change and doing what feels right when it feels right. I also have mega passions for painting, health and wellness, animals and martial arts which you all know, and honestly that has really been driving me before a successful music career and even now. I want to take one last sentence to thank all my fans so much for getting me here, taking me to some amazing places and helping me fulfill something I dreamed up in my head. I will always be indebted to you for all your kindness and loyalty. Now it's time for me to embark on another journey with my family as my bandmates and the universe as my stage. When the EP has an official release date I will make a post so you are all the first to hear it. Much love, peace and happiness, - Sal Costa
Smashing Satellites Aug 19, 2017
Playing some Beethoven last year.